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2002 July-August

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Fishing Stories by Ned Kehde


August 25, 2002 - Cheney - Well, today was a day at the lake with my school, which was a lot of fun. Although a day at the lake without a cookout just isn't the same, so I strolled over to Cheney to get some grilling supplies. I could have got some more, but I used up all the meat I bought so I guess it turned out really good. That went on from 1-5 and after that I decided to try some shore fishing and it isn't very easy. I have been to Cheney a few times and so I know how the lake can be shallow for over a hundred yards out. So after driving around much of the lake, I go back to the marina. I choose the rocky strip that is the entrance to the marina. My dad used to tell me of how Crappie used to be good there long ago. Well I can say I at least caught something. Two of the same species and then one of another. They seemed like white bass or wipers. I'm not too good with the younger fish. And I had numerous bites in there, although I'm sure it was just more little ones. I used some mepps, a black grub with fire red markings with a spinner, until the tail got torn off. I even got desperate and tried a grasshopper with no luck. It was getting late and the sun was down so I decided to try the most common shore fishing spot.. the dam. I tried a rattling rapala with no luck, then I tried a heavy grub with two tails and a bunch of rubber legs with no luck. I called it a day. I know it was a bit warm as well, but shore fishing has always been tough for me with big lakes and reservoirs. Better luck next time.

One final thing, does anyone know how much it costs to rent out a stall for a boat at the marina. The cheapest one if possible. My dad has a pontoon boat, but none of the family has a truck to take it to and from everytime, but we could get someone with a truck to haul it out there and then I will have a boat to fish from. Thanks,

August 24, 2002 - Cheney - Sat Aug 24th started out fishing about 1:30pm. Fishing was very slow for awhile, we caught a few nice Wipers, and some nice size White bass off the Refuge, Trolled Wichita and M&M with not much luck. The day was beautiful! No wind, and not very many boats. Finally about 6:30pm, started catching fish off M&M point trolling my 3 way system. Caught several nice Wipers and 7 Stripers from 6 lbs to 13 lbs. Beautuful fish. Water temp is 78, and still alot of green algae on the water. The next month or 2 should prove to be exciting if the water temp stays in the 70's. Good fishing all! MIKE E.


August 20, 2002 - Cheney - Here is just one of the many beautiful Sunsets I got to enjoy this summer! ONLY ON CHENEY!!!!

Click on photo for larger view.



August 19, 2002 - Wilson - With the rains and last few cool fronts the fishing on Wilson is rapidly improving. If the temperatures continues to stay below the norm I would anticipate the fish starting into a fall pattern very soon. I fished the Lucas park area yesterday downrigging yellow and white one oz. bucktails at 24 feet. The afternoon bite was slow but starting a 6 pm the stripers put on the feed bag, fishing by myself I was catching them 2 at a time nothing over 8 lbs. but lots of fun. I found several huge schools, if I would loose one school I would keep on moving and find another. Downrigging is certainly not my favorite fishing method but when the schools are moving fast it is an easier way to stay on them. The whites and stripers are beginning to surface pretty much lake wide early and late in the day. Good Luck Jack Hoskinson Madd Jack Striper Guide

August 18, 2002 - Wilson and Woodson - I have been fishing both lakes hard for the last week and with little sucess. both are slow right now with only a few being caught on dough bait near the feeders. worms have worked with only a little sucess too. thanks

August 13, 2002 - Wilson - With the rains and cooler weather of the last few days the stripers, whites and catfish have fired up. Early mornings have been best with evenings producing too. The whites have been surfacing from Lucas to the dam with school stripers feeding under and with them. Crankbaits, jigs and rattletraps thrown into the action will produce. I have been having better luck with bait in the evenings especially when the schools are not on top. The bigger stripers don't seem to be active with 7 lbs. being the largest we can catch. Good Luck. Jack Hoskinson Madd Jack Striper Guide

August 12, 2002 - Wilson - First time at Wilson Lake (Aug. 9-10), got on the water at 6:30pm went out and tried the 3 way swivel rig...Trolled north of Minooka in about 36' of water and just north of the island caught a 4.6 pound Stripper after trolling about 100 yards on a Risto #9. Got started again and caught a 2 pound catfish on the pearl white SASSY SHAD...and then produced 3 more, which weighted about 3 pounds...Became dark and went east under the bridge to do some night fishin with lights....After about 45 mins of waiting shad came and did they come...Must of been a THOUSAND...Fishin with a CRAWLER caught a 18 inch Walleye and soon as i got the bait back in the water caught another 16 incher, and again, and again. Couldn't believe it. Then started catchin those White Perch about 20 of them and caught 7 White Bass...Then we ran into a problem and the lights went out....Done fishin for the nightat 3 am..ON Aug 10 ran back to Salina for NEW LIGHTS....Started fishin again around 5 pm back to trolling for Strippers north of Minooka and north of the island out there produced some more Strippers in the 4 pound range....Back to the night fishin with NEW LIGHTS...Caught a few Walleyes in the 13 inch range and slow for a while...Then BAM a 10.6 pound BLUE CAT and 3 small channels about 2-3 pounds...Then an OLD CARP and some more white Perch....The lights didn't bring much Shad in that night....That's how it goes thou, run and get new and your all ready for a good nite and things just don't work very well....But it was Pretty Good Fishin for our first down there....I'll be back again before the end of the year....LATER!!!

August 11, 2002 - Farm Pond - Well this is my first time sending in a report, but I have been stuck to this site ever since I strolled across it. Being Sunday and having the day off I decided to give myself a break and do some fishing. My dad and I went to a private farm pond around 3:30 pm. We stayed until a bit after 8:00. The bites were spread out. More bites were going on when we got there and then around 7:00. I lost the lure of choice twice while there. I just bought them and they were brownish yellow grubs. They were catching after a cast or two. The other lure of choice was the plastic worm. I am a beginner with the worms, but I am catching bass with them. No lurkers today, but the largest I caught was 2lb. Next week maybe I will try Cheney... although I don't have a boat so I will start learning the spots to fish from the shore... hopefully I will have some luck. Dominic Irwin

August 11, 2002 - Cheney - Got on water around 4:00 pm and due to gusty south winds decided to go along dam. We found a nice school suspended above a depression in 20 foot of water just west of the spillway. We could not get them to bite! We trolled thru there many times and even stopped and tried jigs of every color. On one of the passes when I was turning around David got a 10 lb striper. Just as we got him in the boat and back to fishing Pat got a big one on. It was running line out fast when a ski boat came by us too close and cut his line! We did not even get to see it. I wish skiers would show more respect for the fisherman.

August 10, 2002 - Cheney - Arrived on the water 3pm, immediately upon arriving at THE spot, started catching Nice Nice Fish! My buddy Scott and I both hooked into nice size Stripers within the first 10 minutes! It was the first Kansas Striper he has ever caught and weighed in at 15lbs! WOW! Mine was a little smaller 11 lbs. Shortly thereafter another double. Once again he landed yet another 15lb Striper and I a 12 lb fish! That was fun! He said its about time!!! We fished for a couple of hours with great success then the fish just QUIT! I searched high and low, and couldnt find them. Such is life on the lake. We ended up catching 8 Stripers, and 22 Wipers, several White bass and White Perch. He even caught a 1 lb Crappie! that was different! One Wiper he caught was 11 lbs. We had a fun day. The most amazing thing was... We had M&M Point all to ourselves! I was the only boat on the water fishing in the area!!! AMAZING!!! I was able to zig and zag, and have lots of fun. (haha) Dont know where you all were, but It was nice fishing the area alone today. See ya, MIKE E.

August 8, 2002 - Milford - Went to Milford Wed. evening. White bass were surfacing late in evening just east of Farnum creek. We kept 5 in the 1.25lb. range. caught lots of small ones and a couple smallmouth bass in same area. Thurs. morning got on water about 6:30 and caught fish till 7:00. Should have been there sooner. Caught them on Shadraps, Real image, Kastmasters, and Chug bug. Action is fast and furious when they are surfacing. Vance Stirn

August 7, 2002 - Cheney - Tonight was another great evening on Cheney! Started off at M&M, caught several nice wipers, white bass and white perch, but the boat traffic was just a little much. Everyone fished M&M and no where else! Oh well, I moved! Went on up the lake a ways to my next best hump. It was awesome. Guys, ITS SPOONING SEASON! Trolling was ok, but when we started using the 1/2 oz castmasters, WOW! I caught a beautiful 10lb 12oz Wiper, and on light tackle, THAT WAS GRRREEEAAATTT!!! What a fight I had on my hands! I hooked the fish in 12' of water, and ended up in 28' and about 1/4 mile away from where I hooked it when I finally ended up landing it! We caught several nice Wipers this evening. They really like the silver Kast Masters with the white hair tail. I was throwing it out as far as I could throw and boncing it off the bottom to the boat. They hit it almost everytime. By the way, my last report I suggested a tournament on Cheney, I said White bass, but I meant WHITE PERCH! There are so many of these fish in the lake, we all need to start thinning them out! Everytime I go out, I see numerous schools submerged and I mean they are there by the thousands! They are fun to catch on light spinning tackle, and are a great eating fish! So email me and tell me what you think! Once again my email add is RattleTRAP61@cox.net I love to hear from you all, and If I can help you in anyway, please ask! See ya on the water, MIKE E.

August 6, 2002 - Wilson -
I haven't posted a report the last few weeks as the fishing has been so unpredictable it's really hard to report. One day the stripers are surfacing early in the morning then the next day they are feeding in 50 feet of water. There just hasn't been any pattern to there feeding. We are still catching small stripers and a few large ones 15 to 20 lbs. at times in the Lucas park area to the dam but then there are days that they are at Minooka. This time of year certainly keeps you guessing. The Dog Days of Summer as it is called is certainly not my favorite time to fish or guide. So here's my report for what it's worth. The stripers are in the dam area feeding in 40 to 60 feet of water, live shad, perch, and carp seem to be the preferred bait. Early in the morning and late in the evening is best. Lots of catfish are being taken in Hell Creek using live or cut bait. That's about it for now. Good Luck and I don't know about you but I am ready for fall. Jack Hoskinson Madd Jack Striper Guide

August 5, 2002 - Wilson - Thanks for the imfo on the 3 way swivel rig. I tried it this past weekend at Wilson. Caught several doubles of different species the first doubles was a pair of walleye after only about 10 minutes of trolling. Caught whites, walleye, perch, small mouth and even a channel cat on the rig. Thanks again and love the website. D.D.

August 5, 2002 - Cheney - Saturday morning I caught two short walleyes in 3feet of water off of Wichita point. MAC

August 2, 2002 - Cheney - Aug 1st was a spectacular evening on the lake! Started fishing around 6:30, water was a little choppie, very nice out, Diane caught 2 nice wipers right off the get go, then she caught 2 more, I hadnt even had a bite, She was doing all the catching, I was doing all the driving! Oh well this lasted for about 20 min, then I started in. The fish were in large schools off my 17' hump and the wind completely quit, leaving a very large glassy lake! It was beautiful! I decided to try spooning, and the first time I put the spoon on the bottom, wham! a very nice channel cat. Then another, and again another! 3 cats in 10 minutes. It was great! then they went away. So we moved to another choice location and found massive schools of Wipers and White perch. I mean as soon as the spoon got half way to the bottom, I had a fish. She has never spooned before, so she decided to watch. What a great night. Storms were off to the east and west, Lightning was flashing up on land, no wind, very still, sun setting behind the clouds, Man what a gorgeous evening we had. Fish after fish after fish. I think some of us need to have a white bass tourney on Cheney! Like they did at Wilson! I know we could catch as many or more as they did on Wilson NO PROBLEM! They are really fun to catch on spoons. White bass too! Good Luck all, MIKE E.

August 2, 2002 - Cedar Bluff - Went to Ceder Bluff Thursday night. Didn't get on water till 7:45 but still managed to get into some whites and small wipers even with a north wind. Friday morning was a disapointment as we only found one bunch surfacing. Later in the morning my buddy caught a 3.5lb. largemouth on a spinnerbait. As we were coming into lunch at 2:00 we took a route through the trees and ran into a bunch of whites and wipers surfacing and managed to catch 11 keepers. that night we got into some more on the main lake. The wind never died down like we wanted but we still caught 32 keepers, average 1.5 on whites and 2lbs on the wipers. Popers and Kastmasters worked best. Vance Stirn

August 2, 2002 - Cheney -
Sometimes you're the bug, and sometimes you're the windshield. Tonight my son Sam and I were the bug hitting the windshield. We trolled deep and deeper, slow and fast and then faster. We zigged and then we zagged, but no walleye tonight. It seemed like the perfect night. Friday night where we could stay later, light south wind but no action. We did get about 4 small whites before we started to see some lightning around 8:30 so we headed in to the boat
ramp. Oh well maybe next time. Randy and Sam.

August 1, 2002 - Kanopolis answer to Pete - I have not tried it this year,but in years past I have used a 1/4 ounce deep diving hotntot with a sassy shad trailing about three feet behind. I have caught walleye, saugeye, wipers and crappie on this type of rigging at Kanopolis. Tim

July 31, 2002 - Cheney - My 14 year old son, Sam and I got to Cheney about 5pm on Tuesday. We put in on the East ramp. As I was driving down the ramp I saw a large tow truck. When we got closer we could see that it was hooked on to a truck, that was out in the water, and had a boat behind it upside down. From what people said on the dock his breaks gave out and his entire truck was under water. I
really don't know what happened, but I do know he wasent having the best of
days. Off we went fishing after getting thru all that. We trolled around M
and M for some walleye action. Sam had 2 keepers in the first hour. Then we
went about an hour without any action. We then got 4 more keepers. Sam
outifished dad 5 walleye to 1. Most of the fish came out of about 20 to 22
feet. We got 3 on the sassy shads and 3 on the risto raps. Sam told me that
maybe the next time we go, if he is not too busy landing fish, and I am not
too busy netting them, he might give me some pointers. Randy and Sam.

July 31, 2002 - More on Risto Raps - Hi, I looked at the Rusty's in Topeka and the only Risto Raps were #7 and they were marked at $5.99. I have a few Risto Raps in the #9 anyway, so I'll try these first. Anyone out there try this technique at other lakes in the area besides Cheney? Pete

July 30, 2002 - Salina Area Risto Rap Source - Hi, I would like to let everyone know that the rustys here in salina also has lots and lots of risto raps left so if they don't want to drive to topeka it would be alittle closer! thanks, T.S.

July 29, 2002 - Cheney - Started fishing around 1:30, it was slow for a little while, a couple of guys already had my hole marked with a couple of bouys so the hard part was already done! THANKS GUYS! They caught lots of fish too! They are avid readers of the angler, and recognized me and said thanks! YOUR ALL WELCOME! Just keep catching fish! Some friends from Oklahoma came up and fished with me, and we had a ball! caught 6 stripers from 6 to 9 lbs, several Nice Wipers, and a 15 lb Channel cat all Trolling the 3 way with the Risto Rap Sassy shad combo. My friends had a ball, and Lots of filets to take home. I had to make a special trip to Topeka to Rustys outdoor sports Saturday, to stock up on the Ristoraps! They have a boat load of them up there, and have all my favorite colors! $2.99 each, I spent $185, but should be set for awhile! ( I hope) So if you want to buy some, take a drive! Because once they are gone, they are gone FOREVER! I just dont understand why Rapala quit making them. Good luck all! MIKE E.

July 25, 2002 - Cheney - My 14 year old son Sam, and I got to Cheney about 5 pm. (July 24) After a much needed swim it was time to get out the Risto Raps for some trolling.We stayed in 18 to 24 feet around M and M. When we left at 8:30 we had 8 Walleye in the live well. We also caught 2 short walleye, a bunch of white bass and Sam got a hold of his first Wiper. It didnt pull him out of the boat but it sure tryed. We had a first for us and if I hadent been there to net the fish I might have believed it never happened. Sam got a hit and right away he tell me he has a
lunker on. I give him the business a little and get my line in the boat. For
about 5 minutes he is trying to get this fish in and not having much luck. As
he is gaining some ground I told him I thought it might be a big catfish or
he might have foul hooked something. It wasent running like a wiper or
striper. Finally he gets to where we can see the three way swivel and sure
enough he has a nice walleye on the sassy shad. As he is lifting that up so I
can net it I see another walleye on his risto rap. I got the first in the net
and went to get the second and the first one got out of the net. After having
him back up a little we got them both in the net and had two 20 inch walleye
on one pole. I told him he might fish the rest of his life and never do that
again. What a good night we had on the lake. Randy and Sam.

July 25, 2002 - Wilson -We all went to Wilson Lake on July 13 and 14 for our 1st anual white perch tourney. We had 7 boats with 4 people in each boat.
We fished 4 hours on Sat, morn. 4hours on Sat eve and 4 hours on Sun morn. Total perch caught was 824 with the winning boat
total of 320. Wilson lake has some pretty nice sized perch compared to Cheney, and the eating is fantastic, so get to Wilson ,
take the kids and have some fun. Louie from Dodge City

July 22, 2002 - Cheney - Here are some more fish caught last weekend, My niece Megan could hardly hold up her little Wiper, and friend Jeremy was thrilled with his 11lb channel which he caught when we stopped trolling for a minute to spoon a large school of fish on a submerged hump. Click on photographs for larger view. MIKE E.

July 22, 2002 - Cheney - July 22nd was again an awesome evening on Cheney. Arrived on the lake around 7pm, fished till dark. The two of us caught 9 Stripers from 7 to 15 lbs, 6 Wipers, 3 White bass and 1 short Walleye. What a beautiful evening! The wind totally quit, the water slicked off, and the sun went down through the clouds to create yet another Glorious Sunset on Cheney! I really intended to try to catch Walleye tonight, Because of the North wind. However, Straight out from the Marina, to the tip of M&M, turned right went over my first Hump, Landed 2 Nice Stripers! turned left, and went over my 2nd Hump and landed a 7 lb Wiper, and a 9 lb Striper. From there it just got better. You all dont know what you are missing if you cant find the time to fish the lake on a weekday evening! ITS GREAT!!! See ya, MIKE E.

July 22, 2002 - Cheney - Here's a nice mixture of walleye, whites, striper, and wiper caught Friday AM, 7/19 off M&M Point, mostly on a white wally diver. Caught by a friend of mine who waited until I wasn't there to catch fish! Click on photo for larger view.

July 22, 2002 - Northeast Kansas Catfish - A red hot sunrise along with the sweet pungent odor of field corn tousled is a delight of the catfishers throughout Northeast Kansas. These are the traditional signs that prompt the annual souring of various grains, which draw large numbers of catfish to specific structural spots.
Our "Chumming for Cats" has began in earnest.
A Tuesday morning trip with an 16 and 10 year old yielded over 85 cats. Wednesday evening at Pomona Lake with 2 Kansas City clients, ended with them catching and releasing over 170 cats....
If you did not know, as of July 1 2002 I retired form SBC after nearly 34 years of service to become a full time guide.....Thank you..
As always weekdays have been good, now the are great..
Whatever I can do to accommodate you and your friends

Best, "Clyde the Guide" Holscher

July 20, 2002 - Photographs from Cheney taken about a week ago by Mike E - Click on photographs to see larger view.


July 19, 2002 - Cheney - I went to Cheney on the 18th for some trolling action. I started down in the west corner of the dam. I hooked into what turned out to be a 7 pound channel cat. What a fighter that was. Went over to the M and M area about 6 and started trolling with Mike's 3 way set up. Yes it paid off big time. I got a limit of walleye by 8pm. I caught 2 on the risto raps and the other 3 came on white sassy shads. I seemed to do best in 18 to 23 feet on the fast troll. Once again, thanks for the information on that set up Mike. Randy.

July 19, 2002 - Cheney - I want to thank Mike E. for the 3-way rig detailed information he posted a few days ago, in response to our (my) questions. I went out to Cheney last night from 7:30 p.m. to dark and caught 3 keeper walleyes. Two hit the jig trailer and the biggest one (4lbs,12oz) hit the #9 RistoRap. What a fun
time! Those were the only 3 fish I caught, but it was worth it. Thanks, again!!! Tony

July 17, 2002 - Cheney - Weds July 17th, left the office 5pm, started fishing 6pm, didnt catch a whole lot of fish, but caught some nice ones! 2 Stripers 11 & 12 lbs, 6 Wipers, average 5 lb size, 1 Walleye 4 1/2 lbs, 1 Channel Cat 11 lbs, and a White Bass. It was a beautiful evening, and all you fishermen, if you want to really enjoy a Sunset? Do it on Cheney! They are absolutely fantastic! By the way guys, Thanks for the Comments! I dont mind sharing tips about fishing or fishing holes! I love to see everyone catching fish! Somedays I dont have a fishin partner, and wouldnt mind at all taking someone, Just email me @ RattleTRAP61@cox.net MIKE E.

July 16, 2002 - Comment - Thanks again for all of your help, this page on Kansas Angler is great, is like just of few of us good fishing buddys getting togeather and helping out friends so they to can catch fish and have a great day on the water fishing. I feel that Mike is a friend that I would like to meet some day on the water. I fish Chenny alot myself and enjoy sharing info to true fellow
fisherman, not story tellers. Have a great day. Greg

July 16, 2002 - Cheney - Monday July 15th Took my Folks to the lake again for a last trip of Striper fishing. We arrived around 7pm, and fishing was slow for an hour, then we landed a 6 lb Walleye, 10 min later a 5 1/2 lb Walleye, then a 5 lb Walleye. The weather was absolutely beautiful, about 20 min before sunset my Mother let out a yell, " IM HUNG UP!" I hit the brakes, and started reeling in my Dads pole for him, and about half way in I Hung into another BIG Walleye! 5 1/2 lbs, got it in, and Mom hollered again! ITS MOVING! I watched as line peeled off her reel, The Walleye was still tangled in my net, so I dropped it on the front deck of my boat, and hit reverse. I backed up, and Mom handed me the rod, and up came the Striper. A really nice one! My net was full of Walleye, so I just eased the fish up to the edge of my boat, grabbed my Large Pliars and grabbed the fish by the lower Lip. It was a beauty! 12.5 lbs. Mom and Dad were thrilled! Once again Mom caught the biggest fish of the day! GOOD JOB MOM!

Now, To answer a question. I use the 3 way swivel rig, My reel line is 12 lb Trilene big game. Off the swivel I use clear mono line 17 lb leader. the sassy shad leader is aprox 2 1/2' long, the Lure line is 3 1/2 ' long. I use the #9 Ristorap Rapala because it goes DEEP! It is very very important to bounce the lure off the bottom! It sends the sassy shad into a sporadic movement which fish just cant stand! When the lure hits the bottom, it jets off one way and the Sassy shad jets off the other way! This resembles shad being chased by game fish. Other lures work just fine! I use the ristorap because it is the CHEAPEST lure out there right now. $2.99 @ rustys, Color is not important, because 99% of the time, the fish eat the Sassy Shad! For bigger fish use Larger Sassy Shad. I love the 4" pearl White. It has proven to be awesome this year. And yes, FAST is the key word to Trolling. 10 mph is just fine! The 2 boats you saw cruising that fast were myself in my 17 1/2' RayCraft Bass Boat, and My Brother In Law in his 21' Skeeter Bass Boat. The red bone like Marker Bouy was mine, that seemed to be a boat attractor as well as a fish marker! I love to see everyone catching fish! Believe me, there are more than enough fish in that lake for all of us! Another Great lure is the bill Norman Deep Diving Crankbait. Try a white body with Dark green top, Or purple top with green body! BIG STRIPERS LOVE THAT LURE! Wal Mart sells them, and are having a hard time keeping them in stock. Just remember, Big lure to go DEEP. Must hit bottom! Another problem with the sassy shad, is the hook! Anyone having a bad time with bent out hooks? I decided since its almost impossible to buy a 3/8 oz weighted Jig hook, that is durable, I started Making my own. The ONLY place I have found sturdy enough hooks for molding my own is Zeiners Bass Shop. I use the #3 Silver Eagle Claw. They are thick, and can handle any size fish! No more bent out hooks! I had to invest about $75 for the Melting pot, and mold, but believe me.. ITS WORTH IT! Good luck guys, MIKE E

July 16, 2002 - Another question - I'm interested in your 3-way rig and its detailed rigging. I know it's been in your Reports before but I've missed it. I will let you know if it helps my success. Thank's for all the tips. J. Bush

July 14, 2002 - A question for Mike E -
I was out on Cheney last Saturday, July 13, in the evening from 5:30 p.m. to dark. I would have been there earlier, but the starter in my truck decided it was time to quit working. I tried the 3-way rig for about an hour off of M&M around 7:30 p.m. You were probably in the mix of several other boats that were fast trolling near a red, dog bone style marker bouy. I saw several boats land nice fish, but was unable to even get a bite, so I went
to another spot to try for some walleyes with jig and nightcrawlers. No
luck either, just a few small white perch. What type and weight of standing
trolling line are you using? Are you using anything special or different
for line on the 3-way rig? What is the approximate length of each of the
two leaders on the rig? I was running between 4-5 mph ground speed,
according to my GPS. Is that still too slow? I saw a few boats that looked
like they were running over 10 mph. I'm guessing the big crank bait is used
just to get the lures down to the proper depth, so exact size and color may
not make that much difference. Your trolling depth is going to be dictated
by what weight (or more importantly, diameter) of line you use and the speed
you troll. Just looking for a little more information so that next time I
am out there I might be able to hook into a nice walleye, wiper, or striper
too. Tony

July 14, 2002 - Thanks - I want to thank all of you on your help with the ristoraps, I did go over to the east Rusty's and got a few different ones. Good luck with the fishing. Thanks again....GREGG H

July 14, 2002 - An answer to question below -
to gregg h....... risto raps are a large crank bait......rusty's outdoor sports out on webb and east kellog in wichita has a bunch on clearance for 2.99 a piece........i think they normally run atleast 6-7 bucks....not a great selection on colors though..... shawn

July 14, 2002 - A question - Mike, this is for you, I have checked all the area's, catalogs, and Rapala online, I did not find any Rapala ristoraps any where. What is it anyway? Could it have a different name, is their a possible or a special name for this lure that you keep talking about. I have found Shad Raps RS styles.
Gregg H.of Wichita

Editor's note-The lure in question is one that has been discontinued by Rapala. They were closed out by most stores this spring. Finding them will be difficult, at best, in the future.

July 14, 2002 - Cheney - July 13 on Cheney was a whole different story than the 12th! We had an awesome day.Weather was perfect, Fish were biting, we caught lots and lots of Stripers and Wipers, White bass and Nice size White Perch. My Folks went with me (they live in Colorado), and My Mom is like 75 and dad will be 80 in nov. My Mother caught a 15 lb Striper, and lots of other nice fish! I was the Guide, They caught the fish! My Sister and Brother and 2 kids joined us in their boat, and we ended up cleaning 10 Stripers from 6 to 15 lbs, 4 Wipers all around 6 to 8 lbs, Several Nice White bass and white perch. We had a ball! Of course I used MY famous Marker bouy, the red one, and no i havent tagged it yet... oh well. but when we started catching fish, the other fishermen swarmed us! they zigged and zagged all around us, even ran over my bouy, One knucklehead, parked his 21' lund right next to my bouy, and made it almost impossible to troll by it! People are downright RUDE! Of course noone else could catch any fish, because they werent using the 3 way swivel rig, and were trolling way toooooooooo S L O W ! They would creep in front of us, behind us, beside us, IT was AGGRAVATING, but we survived and had a great time anyhow! MIKE!

July 14, 2002 - Cheney - My wife and I went out to Cheney on Friday night. We got started about 5 trolling around M and M. We got 2 walleye about 21 inches trolling and 1 walleye 24 inches drifting. I think all three fish came out of about 16 feet of water. It was kind of strange having the wind from the North in July.
July the 14th I went back to Cheney and got started about 7:30 am, once
again trolling around M and M point. I ended up with 2 Walleye about 19
inches. I had another one on and got it up to the boat and got my line
broken. I went diwn to Wichita Point and caught 7 or 8 white bass. For the
second time this year I caught a nice size Channel cat trolling. It must have
been about 4 pounds. It hit a hot and tot like a run away train. Of course I
thought I had a new state record Walleye. Randy.

July 14, 2002 - Cheney - Friday morning my 8 year old son and I went fishing from 6-8am. We took Mikes advice and fished with a 3 way rig trolling fast and had the time of our lives. We wern't even fishing ten minutes when both poles about broke in half. Mine broke off but my boy caught a 5lb wiper. For the next hour and a half we caught a load of whites and two 8lb channel cat. They hit the big crank bait trolling FAST. Mike if I see ya on the water I'll thank you in
person but thanks for posting your tips. On the way home my son said "That
was the best fishing trip ever". I think the reason you didn't catch
anything that evening was because they all had sore lips!!!!! Thanks again!

July 13, 2002 - Cheney - July 12th. Well it finally happened! I GOT SKUNKED! The first and I really mean, THE VERY FIRST TIME THIS YEAR,fishing at Cheney, I GOT SKUNKED! Didnt catch even a BITE! Fish had very very closed mouths this evening. I found several nice size schools, but they wouldnt bite! IT was bound to happen sooner or later. But it was a fantastically beautiful evening anyhow! My folks came in from Colorado today, and wanted to go back to the lake. Can you believe it? Colorado people got COLD??? hahaha.. Had to leave the water by 8 cause they were cold! oh well, Better luck tomorrow! MIKE E

July 12, 2002 - Tip from visitor - If you are having little success fishing the bigger reservoirs try fishing some of the small local ponds. My brother I and caught a 3 and 4 pound bass in one. We had only been fishing for ten min. After 6:30 P.M. is the best time to fish. Try to stay away from plastic worms and things you think thy see all the time. I think one of the best is a SMALLER spinnerbait in either white or green. Don't spend three days fishing the same lake. If you don't have any luck the first time you go move to a different lake, but if you find one stay with it!!! GOOD LUCK.

July 12, 2002 - Cheney - July 11th We started trolling off of Heimmerman and M&M Points about 6:00. Whites were busting the surface everywhere. On one pass through we had six fish on all at the same time, using Sassy Shad and an assortment of different lures underneath. We had four poles out and caught six fish on eight hooks all at once it was amazing. All where good sized whites with one 4-5lb. wiper. Ryan

July 11, 2002 - Cheney - Left work 5pm, got to the lake 6:30 pm, started fishing 6:45pm, caught LOTS of White bass and Wipers. Caught another 12lb Wiper! What a fish! and What a beautiful evening! We drew quite a crowd. 5 other boats were constantly moving in on us, and couldnt quite figure out how to catch any fish. They would cut in front of us, come up beside us, go behind us, and just couldnt catch fish. I stopped a couple of the boats and told them the secret. Hope they listened and will start catching fish. If you guys see me catching fish and want to know how to do it just come up and ASK. I will be glad to help you out. But please be curteous, and don't push me out of my spot. Thanks!
I have heard that my reports from MIKE, Have been mistaken to be from Mike Cook. NOPE! I am MIKE E. Just a guy who loves to catch fish! Good luck, MIKE E.

July 10, 2002 - Wilson - Striper fishing has been on and off the last week or so but we are still pulling a few nice fish in the deep water in the Lucas park area. I saw a 21 pounder weigh in 3 days ago. We have been fishing live shad just above the thermocline in 50 to 70 feet of water. Good Luck Jack Hoskinson Madd Jack Striper Guide Click on photo to see larger view

July 8, 2002 - Clinton - Went to Clinton lake on July 7th this year and had very good luck with white bass. Caught them off spoon jigs, average 1-2 lbs with a total of 46 for the day. Once it got warm at like 10am they stopped biting. Hope this helps.....John from Leavenworth

July 7, 2002 - Cheney - Sunday proved to be a Great day on the lake also, caught four Wipers. Smallest 7 lbs, 2 of them weight in at 10 lbs and larges 12.5 lbs. Threw back lots of smaller fish. Caught them trolling the 3 way combo off Wichita point in 19' of water. Click photo for larger view of 12.5 lb Wiper. Mike

July 6, 2002 - Cheney - July 6th was an experience on Cheney to remember. Today was my best ever on this lake fishing for Stripers. They were stacked in 17 to 20' of water, and I mean Stacked! Every time we trolled through them we ended up with at least 2 very very nice Stripers. My buddy and I ended up catching 31 Stripers today, and only 4 or 5 Wipers, and 3 Walleye to 5 lbs. It was an awesome day. We found them around 5:30 pm, and quit fishing at 7:30. All the Stripers were from 6 to 10 lbs, and each of them were very energetic! IT was a blast. Caught them on the 3 way swivel rig, and most of the Stripers hit the ristorap rapala lures #9.

add this to previous email please.
As we were catching Stripers one after the other on Saturday, I had 2 marker bouys set on each side of a hump marking a very large school of fish. We trolled between the bouys, and as we got about 100 feet from them, we would hang our fish. We both has large fish on, and when we were done and threw them back i turned around and saw someone on a jet ski pulling up one of my bouys! I yelled at him to leave it alone! He motioned me to come over, so i pulled my boat up to him and realized he was in uniform for Fish and game. I said what are you doing with my bouy? He said "YOU DONT HAVE YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS ON THIS!!!" I said HUH? Its a marker bouy! He said its a trot line! I said NO, ITS A MARKER BOUY!!! He argued with me! I have 2 red marker bouys look like dumbells, very small. I said and dude, you work for fish and game and dont even know what a marker bouy is??? I was kind of a smart ass to him, cause he really interupted my fishing. Finally he dropped the bouy and left totally embarrassed. I was thoroughly disgusted, and tired so We pulled up the bouys and left. After i loaded the boat, I saw the guy again at the ramp, with an older game warden, I pulled up to the game warden, and told him the story. He just laughed and said that guy is actually a Hutchinson cop, out here helping us out. Then I felt bad for giving him such a hard time. SO, DUDE, if you read this I APOLOGIZE for being a smart ass! MIKE

July 6, 2002 - Banner Creek-Holton -Last month my wife and I caught an #18 flathead in banner creek. We we're fishing on a point on the SE part of the lake. We we're fishing with minnows for crappie on #6 test. Banner creek is in Holton KS. We've also caught many nice crappie off the tip of that same point. The crappie range anywhere from 9 to 12 inches. David & Michelle Johnson, Topeka, KS

July 5, 2002 - Cheney
- July 3rd was a slow evening. Got on the water around 6pm, and just couldnt find many fish. went from M&M to Wichita, and on south a ways, couldnt find the fish! So, Trolled back to Wichita, caught a 5lb Wiper, then got back to M&M around 8:30pm, and landed a 12lb Striper, and caught 5 nice Wipers, and of all things, a 25lb Buffalo! He hit the Crankbait just like a Striper! That was fun! Just with those things didnt stink so bad! Here is a tip for all you wanna be wiper and Striper Fishermen that dont do so good. I heard several years ago, that when trolling for these fish, you have to "FASTTROLL". and believe me, It is the way to do it! Kick it up a notch or to, till you have a nice bend in your rod, and scoot the boat over the water. Wipers and Stripers like fast moving shad, that are trying to get away from them, and believe me, they really hit with a vengeance! I VERY VERY RARELY EVER catch them when I am slow trolling. Yes, Walleye like it a bit slower, but I have caught my Biggest Walleye fast trolling as well. I get a lot of crazy looks from slow trollers when I zoom by them, and I am catching Large quantities of BIG fish, and they are sort of perplexed. So, TRY IT, YOU'LL LIKE IT! See ya on the water, MIKE

July 4, 2002 - Cheney - My wife and I got on the water about 7 and started trolling around M and M Point. By 10:30 we had 5 keeper Walleye. Everything seemed to come out of about 13 to 16 feet. We were using Hot an Tots, 1 with a Sassy shad and 1 wirthout. Also caught several White Bass but no Wipers today. I hope everyone has a good 4th. After all, what could be more American than fishing
on the 4th of July. Randy.

July 3, 2002 - Elk River - Spent June 29th and 30th on the Elk river, So. of Howard Kansas. On a fishing trip with 3 buddies, we caught 27 Channel Cat and 3 Flathead. Biggest Channel was 12lbs, two others about 10lbs. and 1/2 dozen approx. 6-8lbs. Two small Flathead about 4lbs. and one about 8lbs. Not bad for a
36 hour fishing trip. The Channel had just spawned. Only one had eggs, and
was ready to pop, and all had completly empty stomache, except for the bait.
Caught them all on Chicken liver and Black Perch. Hope all the Catfisher
people can benfit from this information. Eddie Pennington

July 2, 2002 - Cheney - I need to send out a thank you ( since I cant send you a cold one) to Mike for his information on trolling with a three way swivel and a sassy shad. I was out at Cheney on 7-2-02 and ended up with 4 keeper Walleye. The biggest was about 22 inches. I was trolling around M and M in any where from 13 to 20 feet. I also caught 3 wipers and 1 six pound channel cat that just didnt want to come into the boat. That was the first time I had used that rig and it
seemed to work good today. I think this is a great web site that provides a lot of usefull information. Randy.

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