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Three way rig was big producer on Cheney

Throughout the summer of 2002, anglers followed the adventures of Mike E on Cheney as he used a three-way rig to land fish when others were having no luck. He shared his rig several times on the Reports from kansas Anglers page. Here are the instructions, try it, you'll like it.

September 18, 2002 - Cheney - Three Way Rig Instructions

Hi all,
I have received a lot of emails from a lot of you inquiring about the 3 way rig. I explained it earlier in the summer, and guess I need to explain it again. I wish I would have taken a picture of it, so you could see with your eyes just what it looks like, but it is really simple.
1. You need a 3 way Swivel. HEAVY DUTY. But not TOOOO HEAVY DUTY.
2. 2 leaders I prefer 25 lb test clear mono line, one leader aprox 5' in lengh, the other 2 1/2 to 3 ' in length.
3. 4" pearl white Sassy shad. Put the sassy shad on a HEAVY DUTY JIGHEAD HOOK. Regular mustad hooks will bend out with even a 4 lb fish, so find a HEAVY DUTY WIRE HOOK!
4. A deep diving Crank Bait. like a Bill Norman lure. anything that runs to 20' deep.

ok, that is the recipee, here are the instructions.
Tie the swivel to the line from your reel. Tie the 2 leaders to the swivel. Tie the Deep diving Crank to the longest leader, and the sassy shad to the short leader.

TROLL FAST! If you're trolling at just above idle speed, GO HOME! It won't work! Stripers and Wipers Like FAST MOVING SHAD!!! Shad dont sit and wait for the predator fish to come along and eat them. They SWIM FOR THEIR LIVES!!!! So kick it up abit! Troll about twice as fast as usual, and HANG ON TO YOUR RODS!!! haha It is really a very very fun way to catch lots of LARGE fish! Virtually everything in the lake feeds on shad, and I have caught absolutely everyspecies of fish in the lake on this system. from 30lb buffalo, 22lb carp, 15lb Channel cat, Flathead, White perch, CRAPPIE, largemouth bass, Walleye, and I cant even begin to count the Stripers, Wipers, and White Bass. HUNDREDS!!! I even caught a 2 lb SHAD! ok, i snagged it.. but i still caught it on my system! haha Man, I wish I was selling this rig!
OK, now you all know what the 3 way is. USE IT! and PLEASE be kind and courteous to other boats on the water. If you see someone yankin in fish on a submerged hump, Fish with them not against them! dont just get on top of the fish they are catching and anchor, or troll in front of them!
Fish hang on the underwater humps, there are quite afew of these placed between M&M point and the dam, and also straught out off of Wichita point and between Wichita Point and the Refuge.


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