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Take better photos of your lunker!

We're no experts by any stretch of the imagination, but through trial and ERROR we've found a couple of ways to improve our fish portraits:

For maximum color reproduction and clarity, be sure your film or disposable camera is FRESH-pay attention to expiration dates.
Develop exposed film promptly. (If it has a lunker on it, this shouldn't be a concern!)

Be aware of composition-
clutter or busy backgrounds will detract from your subject and can ruin an otherwise good photo.

If you're photographing a trophy fish, fill the frame with your subject (angler's face and upper body and the fish). BE CAREFUL not to cut off anyone's head or the fish's tail. Filling the frame also softens the background, emphasizing the subject.

Look for natural "enhancements" for your composition-branches, rods, line or other equipment, windows, piers, etc. either as a full or partial frame, or as a diagonal line leading the eye to the subject.

We've found the "throwaway" cameras are perfect for most of our outdoor activities. We use the waterproof ones. They are extremely portable and produce excellent results, unless dropped overboard.

Taking photos is a great way to pass time when the bite's off, it's good practice for when they're ON, and you'll treasure your photos more as time goes by.

Happy fishing, great memories!
Larry Ranich & c.a. riley of Wichita....

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