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 Anglers Sharing Stories

Send in your photographs and stories to be included in The Kansas Angler Online.

We are always looking for stories to share with others. If you have one to tell, even though it may not be about a successful trip, send it to us. Share it with others. You may send jpeg images and the story by email. If you'd rather mail it, send it to the address below. If you live in Wichita, you may drop it off by Zeiner's Bass Shop at 737 S. Washington. You can also drop it off in Cottonwood Falls at Cottonwood Mercantile at 328 Broadway. If you want the photo back, please include an addressed envelop with postage affixed.

To Catch A Catfish

Submitted by: William Valitus

The lake I live on has the biggest, smartest Catfish that exist in any body
of water on the face of the earth. There have been sightings of these
gargantuan monsters erupting from the surface of the water to snatch aquatic
birds in flight. The local canine population will not venture within ten
feet of the lake. The Catfish have been seen devouring ducks, pelicans, and
any other living thing that ventured into their domain. They even chased
swimmers out of the beach areas, showing a definite preference for the
female of the species. These Catfish evolved to the point where they have
acquired the smarts to shun any bait that had a hook in it. Read complete story

Read a poem
about a flathead caught at Harlan County Dam in Nebraska

Submitted February 18, 2001
From a catfisherman
Thanks for the great site. I am solely a channel cat fisherman. I have been for the past 3 summers. I had great fishing on Ninnescah river north of Cheney Res. near Fred's bait shop in early June with all the rains we had. I have yet to go to Cheney Res. to do any catfishing yet. I also go to Harvey County East lake quite often and usually manage 5 or 6 stocker size channels. Lake Afton is also an excellent catfishing lake. In May of 2000 I caught 3 blue cats there. 5-7lbs. each. I haven't gone there for at least a month now though. I finally gained access to a private pond near Kingman and it is incredible. Largest channel was 12lbs. with average catch 3-4 lbs. I solely use Sonny's Super Sticky blood formula dip bait. Zeiner's sells it. I do switch to nightcrawlers if conditions call for that.

Submitted February 18, 2001
A Weekend at Cedar Bluff
C. A. "Ms Bellyboater" Riley

As with most of their fishin'/campin' outings, Larry, Cheryl and John looked forward to their first trip to Cedar Bluff reservoir with much anticipation. Word around here was that that was the place to go for great black bass fishing. The "3-F Club"-- Float (tube) Fishin' Fanatics--had enjoyed a few years of floating around together chasing big black bass and they just had to get up there and check it out. About that same time, business demands suddenly forced John to relocate to Kentucky. The 3-F'ers decided the only thing to do was to spend their last outing together at fabled Cedar Bluff lake. Read Complete Story

Submitted Febrary 19, 2001
Trip to Wilson helps a bit
Made a trip to Lake Wilson yesterday in hopes of curing my spring fever. The lake had iced back up from the last time I was there, with more ice than open water. The lucas park area appeared to be open so I ventured to that side of the lake soon finding a large snow drift blocking my path, it didn't look so large until I became stuck in it. With several attempts I managed to get free and proceeded with more caution than before. I did find a place off lucus point to fish. With the sun in my face and the slight wind at my back I fished for several hours only to get two small bites. Fishless days are certainly not my favorite but while I was fishing I enjoyed the company of a flock of mallards, several gulls looking for an easy meal, the quail whistling there tune all around me, and a family of coyotes singing there song in the distance! Other than the wildlife I had the whole lake to myself, I enjoyed the solitude, the warm spring day, and just being alive! Who says fishing is just about catching fish? Jack Hoskinson Madd Jack Striper Guide

Follow Madd Jack's Fishing Reports in Reports from Kansas Anglers

Submitted by Ned Kehde - June 21, 2000
The Bivin's Touch

Even the first ghost light of the morning was exceedingly bright.
In the midst of this unearthly radiance, the volume of the songbirds'
choruses sounded crisper and more intense than ever before

By the time the sun lifted off the eastern horizon, the beauty of its hot
apricot glow was beyond most mortals' descriptive abilities. Then at 10
a.m. it turned brighter and shinier than a new dime. And from horizon to
horizon, the sky cast a spellbinding ultramarine hue. Read Complete Story

Read More of Ned Kehde's Stories

Tuesday, July 6, 1999 - Submitted By Jim Zeiner- It's no big one by any means, but I had a lot of fun catching it. My wife Deb and I spent the holiday weekend fishing and relaxing. I had been catching small bass and crappie on a chartreuse Swim Tail as we worked the grass along the banks. When this cat took the lure, I got exc ited thinking maybe my luck had changed. Even though it wasn't a whopper, I had Deb take a photo of it since we hadn't been catching anything any larger. She and a friend of hers from Ohio had been casting into the grass with plastic worms and working them back to the boat. I stuck with the Swim Tail because I figured it's better to catch fish, even small ones, than it is to not catch any.

The evening before I caught a number of crappie with a smoke glitter Swim Tail. That color always produces for me when the sun goes down and after dark. It will work while a brighter color fails to in the low light conditions.

Catching fish on unconventional baits
By Sue Tigard
Last year on Mother's Day I received a gift I had wanted for three years. It was a new rod and reel with 15-pound test line. I could not wait to try it out. Read The Story (Published in Spring 1996 Kansas Angler)

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