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 Texas Fishing Report

Submitted by Anglers Like You

The Angler keep others informed by emailing fishing reports to us. Include your name in the message part of your report if you'd like to receive credit for the report.

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March 17, 2015 - Sam Rayburn - The spawn is on. It began yesterday when the fish suddenly appeared in the shallow grass and brush. Not sure about other areas of the lake but this is what happened mid-lake.

Seen some In the 8 lb range on or close to beds and roaming. We caught several 4.s and 5's lost one over 6 at the boat and had a massive big bass on for just a second. Just didn't get a hook in her.

The fish are in the flooded timber, grass, vines and brush. All are holding fish just as long as it is shallow, real shallow. The bait, that is working best for us is a Strike King Shadalicious weightless using a #5 wide gap screw lock hook or a white spinner bait or chatter baits. When the fish are in or close to a nest that you can see, flip a tube, fluke or senko in there. Some will become aggressive some will just swim off. Typical.

February 24, 2015 - Sam Rayburn - Fishing Report Sam Rayburn Lake, Jasper, TX 3/20

It has been a cold and very wet winter. Lake temperatures would get to 60 degrees then a cold front would come in and the water temperature drop to 51 degrees. It has been a tough winter to fish here in Texas.

Up until last Sunday the buck bass were on the flats in coves and could be caught on lipless crank baits. Rat-L-Traps were working well but the X-Caliber lipless was better. Fish were between 2 to 10 feet in the hydrila grass. Have not caught large fish but the fish are in the 2 to 3 pound range. Buck bass, the ladies haven't arrived yet

Sunday between the rains I went out for a couple of hours and caught seven. The pattern had changed. All around the banks of Rayburn is this yellow grass, looks much like wheat straw. When I arrive on Rayburn, the water was not to this grass, now it is past it and up in the buck brush. The bass were in front of this grass and caught them on a Zoom Ol' Monster 10' watermelon worm. The next pattern, the fish will be in this grass and in the buck brush. A swim bait fished over the top of this grass or flipping the buck brush will be the pattern. Just need some constant warm weather.

The forecast is for the weather to change for the better beginning next week. Seventy degree temperatures will once again raise the lake temperature and the fish will return to the shallows. If the weather will cooperate and stay warm for a few days the fish will lock on and spring time fishing will be at its best!

Have not fished Toledo Bend for a few weeks, but understand the fish are bedding.

A little helpful hint here. I have once again gained weight this winter. I have been leaving my Hydrowave on while moving from one location to another. Having "Feeding Frenzy" selected and the trolling motor out of the water I suspect the reason. For the rest of the month, when I pull the trolling motor and If I am using my Hydrowave, I am going to put it in the Standby Mode. Will report my findings.

Lake Fork BassFebruary 2, 2015 - Lake Fork - Submitted by David Vance - Lake Fork is about 7 feet low but still in great shape going into the per-spawn period for the 2015 spawn. For me patterning per-spawn bass will be the primary focus for February and even into early March. This is the time of year that the lake will produce some of the bigger Bass of the year. Big females will be staging in key areas to feed up for their annual migration to the shallows. Finding main lake and secondary points or pockets that are closest to spawning flats, that have good grass or heavy cover on them is ideal. Bass will concentrate in these areas ranging from 3-8 foot. a lip less Crank bait is my bait of choice during this time. Best colors are a variety of reds and oranges, chrome and blues and craw fish colors with a little chartreuse. Different sizes and colors will produce better than others depending on weather conditions, depth of the grass, and the water clarity. I throw 1/2 oz sizes in the shallower grass and opt for a bigger 3/4 oz. for the deeper grass, vary the retrieve of these baits and keep in contact with the top of the grass, letting the bait dip down in it then ripping it free is what will trigger a bite.

Water temperature is important during this time of year. Finding areas that have warmer water than others will give you the best opportunity at catching fish even if it is just a degree or two. I rely on my temp gauge to give me a accurate surface temperature. Right now the water temps have been coming up a little with the last few days of warm weather, and this will trigger more bass to move into staging areas. February and early March we can have some major cold fronts move through and drop the water temperature and fishing will get tough. A go to bait for me at this time is a suspending jerk bait. Jerking the bait down, and then just letting it sit for several seconds then twitching it again can be deadly for a big bite on these cold front days. Right now concentrating on creek channels leading back to the spawning flats is a very productive pattern for these big per-spawn bass. Good places that have been producing some nice bass and always do this time of year, Bell Branch, Little Caney, Wolf Creek, Birch Creek, Long Branch. Running Creek. February is not the time of year to catch numbers but if you are looking to catch a Trophy Bass this is the time the bigger bass start to make there move to the shallows, and you get the jump on the crowd of fisherman that will be here in March..

If you would like to book a spring Guide Trip book now for best available dates February, March, April, May, are prime time and book up very fast, also try to book your trip during the week to avoid the weekend crowd and all the tournaments that are held here on Saturdays and Sundays you will have a much better trip on weekdays!!! If I am booked on the day you would like to go I can book you with one of the full time professional guides that work with me, don’t trust your trip with a part time guide. To get in on some great per-spawn and spawning action, contact me at 903-629-5085 cell or 903-629-7699. Check out my Web Site At http://www.lakeforktexasbigbass.com

Good Fishing,
David Vance

Source: Texas Anglers like you. Send us a report.

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