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Kids' Cove
Showing off Kids' Catches

Fishing Photographs

Send in your photographs to be included in The Kansas Angler Kids' Photo Gallery. You may email them or drop them off or send hard copy to
Kansas Angler / 737 S. Washington #6 / Wichita KS 67211

If you are in Wichita, you may drop them off at
Zeiner's Bass Shop at 737 S. Washington #6.

Click on photos for larger image

Missouri Angler 1Missouri Angler 2May 9, 2015 -Fortuna, Missouri - Rhippyn age 9 caught these last month in Fortuna, Missouri. His goal is to become a professional fisherman.


Callie Seber Fish PictureJune 26, 2014 -Leavenworth Area Farm Pond - My name is Callie Seber, I will be 8 years old on July 1.    I live in Leavenworth, KS.  I fish with my dad.   I use minnows and worms.  I like fishing because I’m with my dad. 

I collect rocks and shells.  My pole is purple and I have one that is green.  Sometimes I stick my feet in the water.  We look for crawldads,  That’s what we do.  We catch crappie and catfish.

This is my fish story, attached is my photo of a crappie I caught at a farm pond.

walnut river striperMay 18, 2011 - Walnut River near Winfield - My son Caiden age 7 cought this striper on may 3rd in the walnut river in Winfield Ks. This was his first catch for 2011 and his biggest catch ever. He faught the fish for roughly 10+ minutes with a zebco combo using 10lb berkley trilene. So far he is ahead of me this year and says he plans on staying that way but needs a better rod and reel to do it with since he is so big now. I enjoy to see kids getting out and showing their pictures of there catches on kansasangler.com good to see our future is in good angler hands! Sincerely.

Wayne Wilson

December 6, 2010 - Fort Scott Pond - Garret Murphy with his four pound Largemouth Bass caught from a Fort Scott, KS pond December 4, 2010 using a Black and yellow Beetle Spin lure.



November 23, 2010 - Corcoran, California - I took my son Steve II (age5) out fishing in Corcoran CA ,Tulare Lake and he caught this 28inch catfish that almost pulled him in. He has an uglystick with 25lb test a #2 octopus hook and he used chicken liver.


October 24, 2010 - Farm Pond - This is Clayce Roland Dow of Shawnee Ks and his "keeper" large mouth caught on a farm pond on 10/22/2010.  Submitted by John V. Dow of Leawood, Ks(grandfather)


October 8, 2010 -Walnut River - Cale Cheney (age 9)  of Wichita, KS with the catfish him and his dad both caught in the Walnut River in Winfield Kansas. They forgot to weigh it but we are sure it weighed at least 35 pounds.



July 26, 2010 - Kansas Fish - These are some fish my kids caught in Kansas



June 6, 2009 - Butler SFL - Blaze wanted to go fishing for his birthday so we went to butler sfl with our crappie poles 4# test gotta luv the fight




September 25, 2008 - Bismark Lake - Tiara, Madisen & Chance Barrett out at Bismark Lake in Lawrence Kansas! 2008




July 23, 2008 - Farm Pond west of Hutchinson - This 5# Largemouth Bass was caught by my son, Connor Ogburn. Connor caught this Bass at a farm pond west of Hutchinson , Ks, on 07192008, which happened to be the day of his 7th birthday party. Connor caught this fish using a 3'' mister twister. We both caught numerous Bass in the 2-3 pound range, but the one pictured was the biggest of the day.



July 19, 2008 - Private Pond in Jefferson County - This is fishing report "part one" for a Private Pond in Jefferson County for the week following July 4th. The photos attached show some bass that my daughters and father caught with grandpa's "magic" worm. The secret to their success is the weedless Bass Stopper Magnum, natural color. We found that the bass were taking the lure two and three hooks deep on these pre-rigged worms, so we removed the trailing hooks.


This is fishing report "part two" for a Private Pond in Jefferson County for the week following July 4th. Attached are photos of fish caught using a fly under a casting bubble. We had great success with adult damsel flies (dragon fly) and my wife caught her first bass ever on a foam frog fly.

Dean B.


November 5, 2007 - Pictures from Lake McConaughy -

Alex shows off a catfish along with a number of other fish.

Thank you,


September 6, 2007 - Big Bass - this bass was 5 lbs and was 15 inch this bass was caught in a back yard of a house in a little pond there was a carp about 10 lbs but we couldn't catch it we used a salamander to catch this bass







September 6, 2006 - Pond Fishing - 9-1-06 - After an exceptional day of dove hunting, we wound up the day by some catfishing. Frogs usually are the ticket on this pond but they just couldn't resist the Sonny's dip bait.Caught 2 in just 10 minutes! Something they hadn't had before I suspect. This was my son's favorite part of the trip!
Denny G.



July 24, 2006 - Cheney - . Monday. Had close to a excellent evening, finally. Came up with my first Kansas Striper of the year, finally. Found a few humps holding what looked like shad right on the bottom. Once me and my daughter both reeling in at the same time. All on the Westside of lake. Total catch was one Striper, two Wipers, one catfish, one keeper Walleye, two Walleye throw backs. Nice evening with my 11 year old daughter. Mark.

June 9, 2006 - Cheney - June 09,2006, Friday. Did some P.M. fishing. At first it was slow had to move around. Kept on the Westside do to the wind was high. Found them North a ways from Sailboat Cove and kept at it. Caught around 12 Wipers. Boys had fun. One other boat out with us just catching them left and right. Mark




May 15, 2006 - El Dorado - It had been a few years since fishing Eldorado and we had a good time there again. The wind was out of the north and it really tested my trolling motor and my patience. My partner Paul hooked up with the first fish, a nice keeper walleye. He then added 3 nice whites trolling along the dam.We then began fishing a windy point and picked up some more whites and a tough fighting wiper. I set my boy up with a bobber and minnow and a very nice smallmouth nailed it. After that we all went to minnows and bobbers and had a great time catching everything. I forgot how much fun it was to bobber fish and my son had a blast! He wants to go again real soon.
Denny G.

May 7, 2006 - Anthony area private pond - On April 20th this year my oldest boy (Tanner, 8 years old) and I were doing some after work fishing on a private pond here in Anthony, KS and were just about done for the evening. We were on our way back towards the vehicle and casting in as we were leaving. He was using a 4" long plastic lizard for a lure and cast in one last time. I saw his pole bend and a big ball of moss, so I just assumed he was stuck on it. I had told him to get it unhooked, until I saw all the splashing. I knew he'd caught something other than debris. I cranked in my poll, ran to him, but let him reel it in all by himself. Here's the picture of the proud angler with his catch weighing in at 6 pounds. I was very proud of him, and we've frozen the fish and plan on having it mounted for him.


August 31, 2005 - Lake Champlain - 8Lb sheaphead caught at Lake Champlain


August 22, 2005 - Uncle Courtney Gammon and I went fishing at Lakepoint at Big Daddy Pond one day and I, Christopher Castrisos, was fishing with a plastic minnow lure and I caught a huge bass.  In the water, there are chemicals, so clean fish properly.


July 7, 2005 - This is a white bass Weston Harder caught on a worm at the Wyandotte County Lake in May 2005. It was 13" long and weighed one pound. His pole bent over like a candy cane, it is the biggest fish he has caught. He is 7 and has enjoyed fishing for 4 years.


August 17, 2004 - I caught this fish on Saturday. I'm not sure on itss length or weight but I would guess around 12 pounds. It's a pretty nice fish. I think it is worthy to be on the page with the other catfish since there is no channel cat fish on there. Put this one first. I'm 13 and caught this out in grand plain (privte pound) it put up a good 5 min fight please put it on there i realy don't want to reveal my face but please put it on there!!


July 8, 2004 - tiara barrett (age 9) at the time of picture. poses with her catfish caught on the Kansas river this past spring.




September 19, 2003 -

My Fish
By Bobby Montgomery
My story is short but my fish is not.
I fish in the rain, I fish when it is hot.
I learned how to fish when I was a tot.
Will I ever quit fishing? I assure you, NOT!

Here is my favorite fish to catch!

One big catfish battles two small anglers, Anglers win

October 26, 2002 - A big catfish got the battle of its life this month when it swallowed two worms, almost simultaneously, in a fishing pond in Meridian, Miss. The problem for the catfish was that the nighcrawlers were attached to hooks and the hooks led up fishing lines to two young rod and reel anglers competing in the Wal-Mart Kids All-American Fishing Derby. Skylar Moore, 6, left, and Justin Skelton, 9, both of Meridian, successfully fought and landed the catfish, which weighed 15 pounds. The young anglers have been named state co-winners in the 2002 Fujifilm "Big Fish Contest." The derby in Meridian was organized by the Meridian Parks and Recreation Department. Click photo for larger view
# # #
Gordon Holland, Hooked on Fishing International, 918-782-4313,









Sam Keys, age 8, shows off a 4lb 10oz channel cat he caught on Memorial Day 1999 on a white Swim Tail casting from a dock into weeds. His father Phil is holding the scales. Sam says his two biggest fish have been caught on Swim Tails. The other was a largemouth bass.





This is a picture of Jake Elliott's very first bass he hooked and landed without any help at age 3. He caught it on a spinning rod and reel using a jighead with a white twisty tailed grub at Watson Park (Wichita, KS).

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