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Kids' Cove
Helping You Catch Fish

Fishing Tips

Meat stock cube chemical lure
This started off by being an applied science project in school linked to fishing for predatory species. I am happy for anyone to try it out. It takes some preparation but is worth the experiment. You can use it for river, lake or sea fishing from a bank, beach, pier or boat. Use the strongest line you have for dragging. Have a camera to get evidence of your catch. Read the complete tip.

A fishing tip for kids from Sebastian T. Bobber
In the winter, when the water is real cold, fish like to conserve energy so they don't move very fast. Anglers need to slow down, too. The pros tell me they like to cast out a worm and let it sink to the bottom. They just leave it there on the bottom for two or three minutes. And guess what? Sometimes a fish comes by and picks up the worm in its mouth and swims away. When they see the line move and feel the tug of the fish, they start reeling. I've got more fishing tips for you at my special place on the Internet. Visit me at Sebastian's Corner at www.kids- fishing.com.

A fishing tip for kids from Sebastian T. Bobber
Quick movements and high-pitched sounds scare fish. That's why it's very
important when you're fishing to be stay still and to speak softly. I know,
it's not easy to keep still and quiet when you have a fish on the line. But
it could help you catch another fish. Good luck and come visit me at
Sebastian's Corner at www.kids-fishing.com. I've got more fishing tips for


Secrets from the Wal-Mart Kids All-American Fishing Derby

April 12, 2004 - KETCHUM, Okla. Young, beginning anglers have been heard to ask, "Don,t we
need to fish from a boat to catch fish?

Parents and guardians, take note. The correct answer is, of course, "no.

The proof? Tell your young fishing partners about the fish-catching
success of the Wal-Mart Kids All-American Fishing Derby, the national
program that hosts more than 300,000 bank anglers at fun fishing events
held in every state. By the way, they're free and all kids from 6 to 16 are
invited. Read Complete Story

Kids - Share this with your parents
Checklist for young angler safety

KETCHUM, Okla. When you go fishing with kids, you need more than fishing tackle. For safety's sake, you,ve got to bring the right attitude Safety Comes First as well as the right stuff.

That's the advice from Hooked on Fishing International (HOFI), producers of the Wal-Mart Kids All-American Fishing Derby. This year, its seventeenth, the Wal-Mart Kids All-American Fishing Derby program, along with the help of thousands of local volunteers, will take 300,000 kids fishing on lakes and ponds in all 50 states.

Here's the Safety-Comes-First checklist that HOFI has developed to guide the adult volunteers who supervise all those children (some as young as 5) in more than 1,800 fishing events held at the water's edge.

Establish rules. No running. Keep your shoes on, and look around before you cast.

Set up a buddy system. The youngest anglers need an adult "buddy and constant supervision.

Make sure each angler, swimmers and non-swimmers alike, wears a personal flotation device at all times -- on the boat, on the dock, or on the shore.

Bring a long-handled fish net, not just for netting fish, but in case you need to reach out to someone in the water. It will also retrieve trash or valuables from the water.

First Aid Kit. You should have a kit with medical supplies to deal with all manner of cuts and scrapes, bruises and bumps, bites and boo-boos. You're likely to be some distance away from professional medical assistance so remember, in the meantime, you're the "doctor. Johnson & Johnson First Aid Pocket Pals are a smart addition to the tackle box.

Cold drink breaks. Summer temperatures can get pretty warm, so bring lots of cool water and other healthy drinks and make sure the young anglers drink fluids often to prevent dehydration or even heat stroke.

Sunscreen. The ultraviolet (UV) light of the sun can do a lot of damage to skin, eyes and lips. Outfit young anglers with proper sunglasses, a billed cap, and clothing appropriate to the climate and sun conditions. Avoid fishing in the middle of the day. Cover face, neck, ears, the back of hands and all exposed skin with sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 15 or higher. Apply chap protection wax on lips.

Insect repellent. Mosquitoes, ticks, bees and other insects not only sting, they can carry diseases of one kind or another. Apply insect repellent. Follow the directions on the container. If your insect repellent contains Deet, it may be better to apply it to the clothing instead of the skin.

Safety comes first. All the checklists in the world can,t anticipate all of the safety problems you or your young anglers might encounter on a fishing trip. So the best advice is think safety at all times. Look for trouble before it finds you. If it finds you anyway, know how to deal with it.

HOFI teaches Safety Comes First to the organizations and adult volunteers that do the hard work of staging 1,800 fishing events every year. Organizations interested in hosting a youth fishing event can learn more about the program and even register on the web site, www.kids-fishing.com. Qualifying groups receive a free kit with the items needed to put on a local derby, including event promotion tools, a how-to handbook, name badges, prizes and goodies for each derby participant.

Parents who would like to bring their children to one of the events can find the nearest derby, and the dates, by checking the Derby Locator, also on the web site. The Derby Locator section even supplies the phone number of the local derby person to call for more information. In addition to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., the Kids All-American Fishing Derby program benefits from its partnerships with Bar-S Foods Company, Berkley PowerBait, Berkley Trilene, ConAgra Foods, Dubble Bubble Bubble Gum, Eagle Claw, EverStart Batteries, FishingWorld.com, Fujifilm, Johnson & Johnson First Aid Pocket Pals, Kellogg,s, Kraft Foods, Laker Fishing Tackle and Zebco.

Kids - Share this with your parents
Take Us Fishing!

While it seems like a blatantly obvious statement, many kids are missing out on ample fishing opportunities. Parents take note! If your son or daughter takes an interest in fishing, feel free to exploit it to your heart’s content. If I could get my dad to take me fishing whenever I wanted, I don’t think I’d ever leave the lake.

There are plenty of opportunities to get kids out on the water. For starters, if your city has a 4-H Club, Boys & Girls Club, or any other youth outreach program, sign up! Chances are good that these programs not only offer plenty of prime fishing outings, but also an overwhelming abundance of other outdoor fun.

Aside from youth programs, there are many websites and organizations that offer “experiences” and one-of-a-kind trips. For example, there are plenty of IfOnly experiences geared towards fishing. That site in particular actually donates to a variety of charities including the Boys & Girls Club of South Central Kansas.

Ultimately, getting a line in the water is what it’s all about, right? Even if you’re only able to take your son or daughter fishing on your rare day off from work, every little bit matters.


Here's a question from a young angler
in the United Kingdom

please could you send me a method for catching perch.

hugh smith. age 9.

Our answer
The perch we catch in Kansas are usually caught on live worms. Many people like to fish for them with a cane (bamboo) pole and a small float. A small float makes it easier to know when you have a bite. Other people use a rod and reel so they can cast their bait a greater distance away. It's best not to try to catch the fish when it first makes the bobber move. Wait a little bit. You will see the bobber move a little at first and then go under the water. That's when you want to set the hook.

Many other people use flies and other small insect imitations. They may use a fly rod and reel, or they may use a cane pole. If you fish that way, cast the fly out and let it set a little while if the perch doesnt strike it as soon as it hits the surface of the water. When the ripples it caused are gone, move the tip of your pole a little to make it seem like the fly is moving or getting ready to fly away. That's when the perch will hit it a lot of times.

Some people enjoy using an ultra lite rod and spinning reel and small spinners like a Mepps or a Rooster tail. If you're not familiar with those, they are an inline spinner with a hook covered with squire tail or some other kind of hair. With the spinners, you cast them out and then retrieve them. Vary the rate of retrieve until you find out what the fish best react to.

I assume you are in the United Kingdom, so I'm not sure of what would work best for you there. I hope I've helped a little. Send us a report and let us know how you do. If you have a way to email a photo of you and some fish you catch, I'll put it on our web site for other people to see if you would like for me too. Be sure it's alright with your parents if you do that.

Would you mind letting us know how you found our site? We have a Kids Corner and I'm curious to know if you saw it.

Good luck in your fishing.

Jim Zeiner
Kansas Angler Online

Are you always hungry and eating all the time?
July 30, 1999 - By Jim Zeiner, Zeiner's Bass Shop -
I bet you had to answer no to the above question didn't you? That's the way fish are. That's why some days you may have really good luck and other days not even get a bite. If you're lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, you will catch fish. If you don't catch any, don't be disappointed. The next time you go may be the time you catch your share.

Even on the same day, fish will turn on and bite for a while and then quit hitting as fast as they started. Of course it helps to be where the fish are. Try to think like a fish and then fish in those spots.

As an example, during hot weather you probably try to stay in cool spots. Most fish will head for cooler water also. That usually means they are in deeper water or close to a spring if there's one in the area you're fishing. Often times you will find them in the shade also.

Fishing is fun whether you catch any or not. It's just more fun when you catch them. When you're not getting any bites, experiment. Try different baits. Try different colors. If you're fishing with a lure, try different methods of retrieving.

If you are fishing late in the day and keep fishing after the sun goes down, switch your lure to a darker color. That may sound a little strange, but usually a darker color will work better. It does for me any way.

Visit Zeiner's Bass Shop. | Tips From Zeiner's Bass Shop

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