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High tech comes to catfishing

We all know high tech innovations are an important part of the fishing tackle industry. While most of the focus is on bass and other other fish people normally think of as glamor fish, someone is working to improve the chances for catfish anglers also.

That development is in limb line fishing. Paul Bella has created a product based on his experiences as a child growing up in New York. He made many a trip to the local river to trout-line fish with his dad.

He saw many of the anglers using milk jugs to help them in their fishing. Kansans might relate to it as jug-fishing (which is illegal in Kansas, but legal in Oklahoma). It is legal in Kansas as long as it is anchored to something,which is the main purpose of the Floating LimbLine. It can also be used as a straight jug fishing device in states that allow it.

Bella's idea was to create a better way to achieve the same or better results. His "Original Floating Limb Line" is billed as an all-season, all-hour fishing product proven to catch fish in a variety of ways... floating limbline, floating troutline, jug fishing, drift-fishing, still-fishing. What ever your fishing preference may be.

According to company officials, "It's simple and easy for beginners to use, yet durable enough for experts to bring in the big one. River or stream, pond or lake, day or night, the Floating Limb Line is so effective at catching fish it's almost unfair."

The manufacturer, Bella Secrets, knows that bringing in a fish isn't always just "hook and go." Thanks to a lifetime of experience, the Floating Limb Line has been designed to be tangle-free and handles a variety of fishing problems with ease.

The Floating Limb Line consists of three working sections - the limb line, the base and the bait line.

Limb Line
consists of a high-strength fishing line and a heavy-duty clamp. Just attach the limb line to a secure structure, and the limb line provides a reliable anchor, no matter how big the fish.
The limb line connects to...

The Base
a high impact Polystyrene float that is waterproof, environmentally friendly and virtually indestructible. Its beveled edges allow it to float smoothly and effortlessly at the surface of the water. Extending from the bottom of the base is...

The Bait Line
also uses a high-strength fishing line, and comes standard with large 5/O size hooks that allow you to use the big bait that your even bigger targets will want.

he secret of the Floating Limb Line is a small cylinder inset in the base where the bait line connects. Inside this cylinder is a high-quality, extremely responsive spring that makes setting the hook automatic. Once a fish grabs hold of the Sea Guard Lazer Sharp Hook and starts to run with it, the embedded spring will snap back, ensuring he doesn't get away.

Barrel swivels at three crucial points: where the limb line connects to the clamp and where the limb line and the bait line connect to the base. No matter how active the fish, these swivels will keep your line tangle-free, with no twisting and breaking.
The product solves a number of problems for the angler with its tangle-proof features and a custom kit ready for use. The angler doesn't have to worry about making some generic jug or limbline out of bottles. The high flourescent colors help it be found on the water.

Beginners find it easy to use because they can just clamp it and toss it out. It's also billed as being great for kids because it's colorful, easy to use and they don't have to get close to the water. Parents won't have to worry about the little one falling in. No more lost poles from the kids getting bored and leaving them unattended. The device can also be used attached to a rod and reel and used as an oversize bobber. The spring loaded cylinder does the work and helps increase the number of fish caught.

Other uses include drift fishing or multiple units used as a troutline.
The "Caught Ya" Floating Limb Line is available in four colors: orange, yellow, green and blue.

The Original Floating Limb Line Kit includes 25 ft. limb line, 48lb line @ 415 lb breaking strength; 27 in. bottom line, 36lb line @ 305lb breaking strength; 5/0 hook, Sea Guard Lazer Sharp; two-5/0 barrel swivels freshwater and saltwater; one coastal lock snap, 250lb test; one swivel clamp, 110lb test; one duro lock snap, 150lb test; one glow stick, 4 inch.

Instructions from the company are simple, "Just clamp the limb line...add your bait...and toss it in the water. Check back every one to three hours, and the fish fry is on."

It is currently available at Cabela's and on their web store. It can also be found at Kimple's ABC Bait Shop in Haysville, Cottonwood Mercantile in Cottonwood Falls and Zeiner's Bass Shop in Wichita and on their website at www.zeiners.safeshopper.com. You can also order online at www.bellasecrets.com.

If your local bait shop or tackle store doesn't stock the Caught Ya, suggest that they contact the company:

Bella Secrets, LLC.
137 South Pirner Drive, Suite 1
Haysville, Kansas 67060
Toll free: 877-855-0754
Phone: 316-522-6800
Fax: 316-522-6878
Email: lucas@bellasecrets.com



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