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Mar 31, 2001 - Fall River - Started fishing in the river at Fall River around 330 this afternoon, caught 22 fish weighing 2 to 3 lbs each 2 fish under 1 lb. caught on chartreuse and white twister tails. Lots of gar also. Saw several White Bass caught this afternoon. all seem to run between 2 to 3 lbs all females. all around
the first set of riffles to where fall river and otter creek meet.

Mar 28, 2001 - Kingman - Fished on the 24th 25th and the 27th. Each day caught between 10-15 one to two pounders. All were caught on either Black and Blue jig-n-pig, or suspending green shad jerk baits. One three pouner on jig-n-pig. All
were along rip rap and brush along the jetties. Erik Carlson

Mar 22, 2001 - Cheney - Fished Cheney Lake at the dam 3/27 for about 2 1/2 hrs. Caught 9, 4 were keepers. Both males and females are up and this cloudy, dreary weather has made it even better! Have seen quite a few fish caught over the past
few days. A few are being caught down below the spillway although not as
many as off the face of the dam. Double check those fishing permits as
the fish and game have been showing up regularly checking those and the
18 inch length limits. Have fun and good luck. Shawn

Mar 26, 2001 - Harvey County East - Fished March 25 & 26 at dusk. Small channel cat hitting on worms in deep water, not big enough to keep. Not much happening.

Mar 25, 2001 - Wilson - Fished Wilson this evening caught 5 stripers up to 5 lbs. and missed at least that many more fishing live shad in the Lew's point area. Water temp. in the river end is 46 degrees. Jack Hoskinson Madd Jack Striper Guide

Mar 23, 2001 - LaCygne - Friday 3/23/2001 water temp 58 to 72 depending on proximity to outlet. White bass - fair Large mouth OK. Couldn't find the crappie. Joe Freed

Mar 22, 2001 - Wilson - Lake Wilson is producing a few stripers for wade fisherman throwing jigs in Hell creek and the points near the dam. I have been on the water 2 times this week and had very little success. In my opinion the stripers are feeding shallow and hard to approach by boat. I have located stripers in the Lucas park area and the Duvall cove area but the bites have been hard to come by. This incoming cold front should push them out to feeding deeper and I'm looking forward to putting a few in the boat this week. Good Luck! Jack Hoskinson Madd Jack Striper Guide

Mar 22, 2001 - Cheney - Tried dip bait fishing for 2 hours Wensday without a nibble. Drifted jigs and cast medium divers along east shore at dam without a hit. Water temp. was 44 degrees along dam and 48 in coves. Mike Hood

Mar 21, 2001 - Pomona - Pomona has been nice to us here latly. Shows what a few nice days can do for fishing, time to put away the shotguns and get out those rods. catfish are few and far between but cut chad sides and shad intrails work will early in the year like this. crappie will be commin soon, i wouldnt waste your time on crappie just yet, give it another 2 weeks and start deep and work your way
in. spawning is just around the corner, be sure to get the kids in the spring
crappie action. thats what got me hooked.on another note,for those you out
there clinton lake has some of the best white bass action around.all the
major rivers are filled by the thousands.good time to go would be around mid
april, using white jigs with spinners, black and white works well too. hope
all you out there have safe and fun fishing trips this season. and remeber
get the kids in to it too......thanks, Joshua Trapp (LOCAL ANGLER)

Mar 21, 2001 - Clinton - Water level high,  Water muddy, nothing at all biting, Joe Freed

Mar 16, 2001 - Cheney - What a difference a few days, a falling lake level, a falling barometer can make. Sunday, March 18th at Cheney lake could produce not a single channel cat. Fished the river, the flats and a cormorant roost. A lot of fishing going on out there but not much catching. It was nice being on the water and
enjoying Davy's company, we haven't seen each other in a pretty good while.
The lake is up with water temps 45-46 and releasing water. Hopefully all the
walleye fisherman out there did better than we did. talk to you soon. Mike Cook - Four Lake Guides

Mar 18, 2001 - Kanopolis & Wilson - Got on the water Mar. 17 at Kanopolis looking for shad, ended up throwing the net for hours with only a few shad to show for it. Lots of dead shad on the banks everywhere. I did see several nice walleye being caught in the dam area and found a lot of fish on sonar hanging on the breaks at 18 to 22 feet. Here's a report from Wilson from one of my email buddies " Thanks CC" I saw a 8-1/2 lb and a 5 lb Walleye plus some smaller ones , Some of which were taken from the Bank. I saw a 26 in striper and heard of more taken along with 42 nice White Bass in the 14-16 inch range. Some Crappie taken 8 to 13 inches.Water temp was about 42 deg near the dam.There were quite a few boats out Sat. Jack Hoskinson Madd Jack Striper Guide

Mar 16, 2001 - Cheney - The first dumping of rain found Judy and I struggling with bent poles out at Cheney on March 15th. This is a favorite pattern I fish, targeting channel cats as they dine on the smorgasbord coming in with the fresh water. We found lots of hungry forktails still fat from the last shad kill. Although the weather was miserable, we hauled in and released 13 in 45 minutes at the first creek. 17 in an hour at the second creek and that was all the cold wet weather we could take.

Didn't make it up on the river, although I'll bet the fishing was just as good up there. We were worried about the roads icing up and it kept getting colder and colder.
Mike Cook - Four Lake Guides

Mar 15, 2001 - Cheney and Wilson & Kanopolis - With the last few days of nice weather my phone has been ringing with people wanting to know if the fish are biting? Well to be honest I went to Wilson last Saturday with the intention of fishing for walleye but as soon as I arrived so did a cold front with lots of rain, wind, and cold. I have been getting a few reports thru the grapevine of walleye being caught at Cheney by wader fishermen in the dam area. Kanopolis is producing a few white bass and walleye in the Loaders point and dam area. The wader fishermen at Wilson have caught a few nice walleye and whites fishing the points near the dam and in the Lucas park area. My boat's been in the shop the last few weeks and it should be done today. I plan on being on the water a lot next week and should have a more complete report then. Good Luck!! Jack Hoskinson Madd Jack Striper Guide

Mar 10, 2001 - Harvey County East - Water temp 39, walleye poor and bass very poor. Main lake deep water all species poor.

Mar 7, 2001 - Augusta City Fishing Lake - There are no fish biting at Augusta City Fishing Lake in Kansas.

Feb 27, 2001 - Cheney and Wilson - Fished Cheney Feb. 25 it was a nice warm day, the lake was ice free with the river running and very muddy. I had three bites on shad and saw one nice catfish caught. There were dead shad all over on the banks and shad still dieing in the lake. With these shad weak and dieing the fish have plenty of easy meals, which will probably make the fishing a little tough for awhile. Went to Wilson Feb. 26 I had been hearing of fish still being caught thru the ice on the upper end. Drove to the Minooka Park area and for the most part it was open water, looking west towards Duvall there appeared to still be ice, with new ice on the north shore and old ice along the south. The last time I remember Wilson having ice on it this long and late was back in the 80's. The dam area was all open and the big sow walleye should be moving up to this area soon. I sure hope this is the last winter storm of the year and we can start the season with some fantastic fishing! Jack Hoskinson Madd Jack Striper Guide

Feb 23, 2001 - Lacygne Res. - Hello everyone, it was a fairly rainy day today so I got the time to put the pole down and give a fishing report. For the past 3-4 week I have been going to Lacygne Res. I have been very pleased. The hot water outlet there is a miracle for fishing in the cold weather. All three times I have went to the lake it has not been warmer than 30 degrees. I am pleased to say that everytime I have went I have caught fish. A lot of white bass have been biting in the 1-2 pound range. They are biting at times and then they lay off for a while then they start again. The first trip we caught 40 largemouth bass about 10-14 inches long. Nothing big enough to keep, just enought to have a fun day. The next time we went 2 weeks ago we caught 150 white bass followed by this last weekened when we caught 40. The fish are biting. You just have to bear the cold to catch them. The jigs that work best are green crappie jigs and tubes. good luck.

Feb 19, 2001 - Wilson - Made a trip to Lake Wilson yesterday in hopes of curing my spring fever. The lake had iced back up from the last time I was there, with more ice than open water. The lucas park area appeared to be open so I ventured to that side of the lake soon finding a large snow drift blocking my path, it didn't look so large until I became stuck in it. With several attempts I managed to get free and proceeded with more caution than before. I did find a place off lucus point to fish. With the sun in my face and the slight wind at my back I fished for several hours only to get two small bites. Fishless days are certainly not my favorite but while I was fishing I enjoyed the company of a flock of mallards, several gulls looking for an easy meal, the quail whistling there tune all around me, and a family of coyotes singing there song in the distance! Other than the wildlife I had the whole lake to myself, I enjoyed the solitude, the warm spring day, and just being alive! Who says fishing is just about catching fish? Jack Hoskinson Madd Jack Striper Guide

Feb. 14, 2001 - Strip Pits North of Oswego - Submitted by Robert Williamson - I had the day off for my birthday. Yes, I'm a Valentines baby. The day was cool, damp, and dreary. Me and a buddy of mine decided it would be a good day just to go fishing. After loading my boat, we headed out. We was on the water at noon, caught our first bass about fifteen minutes later and was ready for a great day. Then the weather changed. It went from 60 to 40 degrees in about five minutes and it started to sprinkle. Not giving up we
switched to spinnerbaits and went on. At 1:00 we was about to give up. ONE
MORE CAST. A fallen tree, it looked good. My buddy casted on one side, I
casted to the other. The next five minutes was pure heaven. We had a
double. Two 6 1/2 pound largemouths. The biggest I've ever caught in the
pits. 23 inches long, 18 inch girth, it looked like a big football. What a

Feb 10, 2001 - Wilson - Just as I was thinking that winter was over here it comes again. The weatherman says we got 3 inches of snow here in Hutch, but he hasn't looked in my yard. Reports of 8 to 12 inches in the Lake Wilson area are a blessing, we need the water, but on the down side it slows the water temperature warming process way down! Here are a few things I do to get ready for spring, I go thru ALL my tackle, oiling reels, replacing line, sharpening and replacing hooks, if a hook won't scratch your finger nail it will have a hard time penetrating. One thing allot of people overlook are the guides on there rods, the smallest nick will cause line abrasion, which can mean the lose of that BIG fish. I either replace the guides or the entire rod. Early spring is a time when the boat traffic is lite and no time for a breakdown. Make sure all your batteries are fully charged, I even carry a spare battery just in case, make sure your fuel is in good condition, your lower unit is full and free of moisture. Now is the time to pack those trailer bearings, it's a job I hate but there's nothing worse than being broke down on the way to the lake. Check your safety equipment, life jackets, throw cushion, fire extinguisher, sound producing device, if you don't check it someone else may do it for you, these items are much less expensive than the ticket you get if there not in good working order. Spring fever has certainly hit and from the numbers of people I have spoken with everyone is ready to get on the water, ME TOO!!! But since the weather isn't ready to cooperate now's the time to get prepared for a trouble free spring fishing trip!! Jack Hoskinson Madd Jack Striper Guide

Feb 5, 2001 - Wilson - Made a trip to Wilson yesterday mostly for business but did manage to fish for an hour. Dunked a few shad with no succes. The areas I wanted to fish were still iced in. The east minooka boat ramp is now open and state park should be opened up in a few days. So it won't be long now. No good reports so far from Wilson but did hear of a few small crappie being caught at Webster thru the ice. The boat ramps are still iced in there. Jack Hoskinson Madd Jack Striper Guide

Jan 27, 2001 - Wilson - Went to Wilson to try the striper fishing on Saturday and the three of us caught 5 stripers,1 white bass,1 keeper walleye. The stripers ranged from 4.5 lbs.to 5.5 lbs. There was open water in places but in the Elm creek area where we fished there was 7 inches of solid ice. Only fished from 3:00 til 6:00. Vance Stirn, Tescott

Jan 11, 2001 - This time of year is certainly not my favorite, the ice isn't thick enough to fish and it hasn't thawed enough to get my boat in the water. I did get a report yesterday that Webster had iced back up enough to get on but for how long is anyone's guess. This past week living in Hutchinson certainly has been interesting, I wanted to have a weiner roast but the county sherrif deputies wouldn't let me get close enough to put the burn on them. No sense of humor! Me and the Mrs. will be moving to Lake Wilson in April, we have rented a house up the hill from Bud's Bait and Tackle, which is just before you cross the Hell creek bridge. Mrs. Madd Jack will be working for Bud part time so stop in and say HI, she can most always give as up to date fishing info. as I can. To be honest she usually out fishes Me! We are looking forward to the move and it will give me more time on the water, which certainly should improve my already high catch rate. I may drop guiding on Lake Milford and concetrate on Wilson and Webster, I'm getting tired of living behind a windshield. I'm hoping and praying for an early spring with out all the crazy weather we had last year. By popular demand I will now be offering walleye trips, Lake Wilson has a good population of keepers. Think Spring!!!!
Jack Hoskinson Madd Jack Striper Guide

Jan 11, 2001 - Wilson - I am still getting reports of fish being caught thru the ice on Wilson but I'm also hearing that the ice is going bad. I haven't got to go the last few days, tax time ya know! I don't recommend that cold swim to anyone!

With the last week or so of warmer weather my mind keeps drifting off with thoughts of Spring!! Ice fishing is a blast and I do love it but after awhile pulling those fish thru an 8 inch hole just loses it's glimmer. I long for warmer weather, warmer water in which the fish hit harder and fight like they mean it. Spring time stripers that slam a bait like a freight train, then run you around the boat showing you who's in charge.

In years past as soon as ice off came, my partner and I would dig out our waders still wearing our ice fishing apparel as the water was COLD and brave the icy waters. At times we would have to dodge icebergs but usually we caught fish, whites and stripers.

I recall one year at Lake Cheney we started the day in hopes of good fishing only to find out that our waders both had leaks. Now leaky waders in 38 degree water is NO FUN but the stripers and whites were hitting so whats a man to do? Neither one of us wanted to leave those feeding fish so we would fish as long as we could stand it, it's hard to set a hook when your teeth are chattering, try it some time! We would then exit to the bank where we had a campfire to dry and warm ourselves and start all over. Of course at sunset when we were the coldest the fish really moved in! We paid our dues that day. I don't fish in waders like I used to but there are still those brave souls out there doing it.

The last few springs on Wilson I have witnessed the wadermen catching huge stringers of whites, stripers and walleye. Even a few fly fishermen trying there luck and having some success. I don't know about you but I'm hoping for an early spring. Don't Catch'em ALL. Jack Hoskinson Madd Jack Striper Guide

Jan 8, 2001 - Glen Elder - We went to Glen Elder again today and were surprised to catch crappie in the same spot that we caught whites on friday. They wieghted 1lb.-1.75lb. Three of us caught 7 crappie and 40 whites. The whites were smaller today. Kept 20 in the 1-1.5lb. range. Fishing very slow and sparatic until 4:45, at that time it picked up and we consistantly caught fish till 6:00. Heard of a few more flatheads being caught in the morning, one that weighted 45-50lbs. Vance Stirn

Jan 7, 2001 - Glen Elder - Went to Glen Elder Jan. 5 and stopped about half-way out to the main crowd and tried our luck west of causeway. Got there at 1:00 and caught whites till 5:15. Best run about 4:30. Two of us caught 45-50 in the 1.25lb.-2.25lb. range. Kept 28. Saw one 30-35lb. flathead taken home from the main crowd area. One guy told us he caught and released a 15 pounder and saw many more caught. The ice is 10"plus with soft snowpack on top. Plenty safe yet. Vance Stirn, Tescott

Jan 5, 2001 - Hillsdale - Fished hillsdale Thursday we caught 15 small crappie using jigs the ice was melting below us as we fished, got kind of spooky, was cracking badly and the surface was slushy with puddles forming , I would not trust the safety personally. Good luck KAWKURT

Jan 5, 2001 - Wilson - Fished Wilson Catfish point area. The last two days catfish point has been producing stripers and white bass and a few walleye. The morning's have been best but a few are being caught towards evening. With the last two days of warm weather the ice is starting to honeycomb in spots so BE CAREFUL!!! Jack Hoskinson Madd Jack Striper Guide

Jan 1, 2001 - Hillsdale - Ice is milky around the lake edges and in coves, but crystal clear in the main body of the lake with distinct lines between the two types of ice. 10 to 12" thick even in the center. Crappie fishing very poor. No bites all afternoon. Others reported no activity in other parts of the lake.

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