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Fishing Photo Gallery


Send in your photographs and success stories to be included in The Kansas Angler Photo Gallery and the Bragging Corner. You may email them or send hard copy to
The Kansas Angler / 737 S. Washington #6 / Wichita, KS 67211

If you are in Wichita, you may drop them off at
Zeiner's Bass Shop at 737 S. Washington #6.

Newest photographs are added at the top. Click on photo for larger view.

See a photo and read a poem about fighting a 61# flathead caught at Harlan County Dam in Nebraska

Hints for taking better photos of your catch

Louisanna Catfish caught by Jake Russell My 65-pound Louisiana catfish. I caught him on a small sun purch, gave a great fight! Using 80lbs test line #8 hook doing some tight lining. Just have to be patient and understanding catfish habitats, spawning times, pre  spawning, knowing where there's a good source of food for big cats. 

Jake Russell 

Iowa River FlatheadJanuary 25, 2014 - Iowa River Crappie Flathead


Wellington CatfishJune 3, 2013 - Wellington - Caught 24 pounder Friday night.

Meade Kansas FlatheadDecember 17, 2012 - Meade Lake State Park - My flathead caught in may of 2012 at meade lake state park by dam. Weigh was 55lb and 43" long


Herington FlatheadHerington Kansas flatheadSeptember 3, 2012 -Herington City Lake - September 3, 2012, Herington Reservoir-8:30am we were trolling in the middle of the reservoir I was using an Ugly Stik Ultra Light using 6lb test line and stink bait. I hooked a 40lb, 38" long flathead. It took me 45 minutes to land it and it pulled us halfway across the lake.

Shannon Harris
Hope, Ks

Marion catfishMarion county lake catfishMarion County Lake FlatheadJuly 18, 2012 -Marion - Fished Marion over night, caught 6 channels 4-10 pounds and a bunch of 20-24in whipers. Around 3:30 am caught a nice flat didn't have a scale on me but i guess in between 30-35. Then at 4:15 caught a big one. Didn't have a scale on me so i waited for some boats to show up some nice guy from the Northshore let me borrow his read 49 even on his 50 pound scale the fish was 48 inches long. Flatheads should still be spawning. Fish rear rocks 4-11 feet.
Ian Mattson

21July 7, 2012 - Cottonwood River - these are fish that mike and larry flores caught in june 2012 the biggest weighing 52lbs...


June 24, 2011 - Ninnescah River - Caught this 15LB Flat head in mid March on the Ninnescah River near Belle Plaine. Was using 3 inch live shad.


Justin Booker

June 24, 2011 - Lake Afton - Caught this 35LB flat head out of Lake Afton near Wichita on April 2


Justin Booker

February 6, 2011 - Milford Lake - Here is a blue catfish that i caught at milford lake on Oct. 21, 2010.  The weight is 45lbs.  My name is Jared smith  and i was fishing  with my grandpa.


November 23, 2010 - Corcoran, California - I took my son Steve II (age5) out fishing in Corcoran CA ,Tulare Lake and he caught this 28inch catfish that almost pulled him in. He has an uglystick with 25lb test a #2 octopus hook and he used chicken liver.

October 8, 2010 -Walnut River - Cale Cheney (age 9)  of Wichita, KS with the catfish him and his dad both caught in the Walnut River in Winfield Kansas. They forgot to weigh it but we are sure it weighed at least 35 pounds.



Cheney Reservoir CatfishMay 6, 2010 - Cheney Catfish from April - 4/5/10 cheney lake. Cut bait on bottom at about 8 feet of water, after sunset. 13.5lbs



June 6, 2009 - Butler SFL - Blaze wanted to go fishing for his birthday so we went to butler sfl with our crappie poles 4# test gotta luv the fight




June 4, 2009 - Fall River - Caught these May 23rd in a creek off of Fall River on green perch. 35# and 17#. We caught 5 other smaller ones, good night of fishing.

Jim Harshfield



May 25, 2009 - Kaw River - The flathead (29 lbs)I caught on the Kaw River, just downstream from the weir dam at 435 highway, on live goldfish. It was Fri. May 15th.

The blue (27 lbs) I caught downstream of the same weir dam on a flat above a sand dredge hole on cut asian carp on Fri. May 22nd.

Keith Anderson


April 27, 2009 - Cheney - I caught this flathead at cheney lake on 4-21-09 using 10lb line on a shad swim bait. It weighed 30lb. Thanks.

Caley Ediger



January 23, 2009 - Augusta Lake Rod & Reel last May - feeding the ducks caused a perch feeding frenzie and then threw one of those same perch on bottom on a 1/0 Eagle Claw about 20-25 feet out and wham. Caught him on an uglystick catfish rod and guide series baitcast reel, with big game 25lb test fishing line. 36 pounds

September 3, 2008 - Milford - Last Tuesday Dad (Martin Merrill of Waterville) took me out to Milford to fish. It had been 2 yrs since I'd gone out with him; before I got busy painting houses he took me out every week. The biggest I had caught up until then was an 8 lb channel cat at Tuttle Creek. The weather changed continuously throughout the day but we hung in there. It was well worth the wait!! The first Blue Cat weighed 24.5 lbs and the other 36 lbs. We got photos and released them. I lost another that had to have been big.

This is nothing compared to what Dad and his friend caught last Friday, though. They caught 10 BIG ONES!!! They ranged from 32 lb to more than 50 since that's all Dad's scale goes to. They were trying to get them recorded and weighed on certifiable scales but didn't know who to contact. His friend took one to the Blue Rapids Co-op that weighed right at 50 lbs.

Dad said I'd earned my bragging rites so I'm making the most of it.
Kim Anderson

June 14, 2008 - Cottonwood Falls - This flathead was caught on worms at the bridge in Cottonwood Falls last weekend. Other people have been catching flatheads also from the bridge and below the dam during this past week.




September 22, 2007 - Cheney - Here a pic of a 37# flathead caught at Cheney Lake on Sept. 1 2007. It was caught on a shad rap while trolling with a bass rod with 12# test line.

Jim Lair

June 30, 2007 - Shawnee State Fishing Lake - Here's the pic of the 35 pound flathead I caught at the shawnee state fishing lake using a live perch as bait.

Jason Porter

p.s. the fish was caught in the first week of october 2006



June 8, 2007 - Kansas Kaw River - these 4 cats were caught in kansas kaw river using our special bait.  these cats were caught between eleven and one o'clock. there weights were between 70lbs. and 58lbs. they were caught by song bausri and carson peugh on may 6 2007....





October 19, 2006 - Keystone - Submitted by Tiny's Keystone Lake Catfish Guide Service -

Roy Richardson holding up an 18 lb 14oz

on sept 25, caught 45 fish on this day.

320 lbs total weight



September 6, 2006 - Pond Fishing - 9-1-06 - After an exceptional day of dove hunting, we wound up the day by some catfishing. Frogs usually are the ticket on this pond but they just couldn't resist the Sonny's dip bait.Caught 2 in just 10 minutes! Something they hadn't had before I suspect. This was my son's favorite part of the trip!

Denny G.


August 11, 2006 - Missouri River - August 3rd, 2006 - I had been bank cat fishing all afternoon on the Missouri River and could hardly catch enough fish for bait. I had 4 poles baited with fresh drum. There was an old guy fishing not far from me in what he called his favorite spot. After 4 1/2 hours without a bite, we exchanged phone numbers and he went home. I moved over into his spot. My pole went down! Without a doubt it was the biggest fish I would ever catch! With 80 lb braided line, I fought the fish for more than 15 minutes, getting him to the bank at least 6 times. In a final attempt to bring the fish in, my friend got half of him in the net and with a sweep of his tail; he broke the net in two! At that point, I was not going to lose my fish - I dove head first into the water, right on top of him. With one hand in the gill and one in the mouth, I pulled him onto shore. It was a blue cat, 81 lb, 52" long. I called my friend the next day and told him what I had done and what I had caught and he said, "You son of a @#$@#, if I had stayed 15 minutes, that fish would have been mine!"

May 25, 2006 - Wakarusa River - One Sunday in late April 2006 we caught these fish on the Wakarusa River off
of Clinton Lake near Lawrence, Kansas.



May 19, 2006 - Cheney - Mike Cook - Four Lake Guides - Great fish, wish I had taken my sunglasses off. Linh Lenszuk fought this big ol' girl to the boat on Mother's day, May 14th ,06 while fishing with me and her husband Steve. We quickly weighed her and released her back into Cheney.


April 25, 2006 - Walnut River - Hi, my name is Chris Morgan and me and a friend went on the Walnut this past weekend and this is one of the Flatheads we caught, I caught this 15 LBS around bout 8:30 pm, hope you enjoy,
chris morgan
douglass, ks



July 16, 2005 - Cheney Reservoir - Submitted by Four Lake Guides - Catfish guide Mike Cook and one of his clients show off a nice fish caught at Cheney Reservoir. Read the story about this trip.

June 21, 2005 - Woodson County SFL - I caught this 27 pound 3 oz channel cat at Woodson County State Fishing Lake on 6-13-05 at 1:30 in the morning. It was pouring rain and lightning was getting closer. We were getting ready to call it a night when it hit. It took about 20 minutes to land.
Jeremy Rogers




June 19, 2005 - Lakewood Pond Salina - Hi my name is Austin Taylor and would like to share my story on your site if at all possible... This little guy was caught at a near by city pond called Lakewood which is about 3-4 acres (if I had to guess) located in Salina KS. I thought it would be fun to take a younger guy out fishing today and really didn't think that anything like this would be in the pond especially hearing before hand that the pond nearly dried up a few years ago. So anyways around 8:00 this morning i received a big tug and after 15 min. this is what i had on the other end of my line. Using only a worm (bubbler rig) and 10 lb test line i was ecstatic when I got this guy on the bank.

I didn't want to keep him out of the water too long since it took a while to get my camera from my uncle at home and let someone else have the joy of catching him one day, I unfortunately didn't get to weigh the Lil guy. I was wondering if you could tell me what you think maybe how much it would weigh out to be i was thinking 30+ by the way he felt when i picked him up.... And also I wasn't completely sure what type of catfish it is exactly, could you help shed some lite on that as well.

Happy as can be,
Austin Taylor Salina Kansas

June 10, 2005 - Cheney - Jerry "Roamer" catch.....
Vic's Lake, Sedgwick County Park,
June 6, 2005
10 lb. Flathead -and- 6 lb. Channel

June 4, 2005 - Kansas River - I caught this 21pound flathead may 28 at the Kansas River.I had two catfish poles with 20 lb. big game line out with bullheads on them and my med action bass pole with a piece of cut bluegill on it.Well I caught the flathead on my bass pole that had 10lb. line on it.I fought it for about 20 min.



March 13, 2005 - Falcon - Submitted by Larry Bridgeman - Photo is of George Benitez's 52.97 lb catfish caught and weighed on Falcon Lake Tackle's scales 3-12-05. It measured 41 inches long. If submitted and approved, it will be a new lake record. Larger fish have been caught, but most have not been submitted for TPW record purposes and this fish exceeds the current lake record by over 14 lbs..


Jan. 18, 2005 - Rochester, Illinois - My name is Mark Blough, from Rochester Illinois. My friends and I catch giant Flatheads at Lake Sangchris here in Illinois. Here is a picture of the biggest one, 64lbs was fun to reel in. We've caught about 25 of these giants in the last two years. This one was caught October 29, 2004. We won't be able to catch anymore until April. Oh yes, we do practice catch & release. I believe this is where the next state record will come from. Enjoy

September 27, 2004 - Michigan - Michael Jasso caught this 20" channel on April 2, 2004 at a private pond.




September 27, 2004 - Ohio -
Caught this 47 pound Ohio flathead Labor Day before dawn. Penn 209 reel loaded with 36# test line and Catfish Special rod.

After weighing and photos this girl was released to frow, spawn, and maybe thrill another catman.



September 7, 2004 - Kirwin - This is my largest Channel to date , Weighed 30 lbs on the nose. Caught and released on Rod n Reel using live Perch. Between my Brother and I , this makes 3 - 30 lb plus Channels caught out of Kirwin this year.
Doug Huber , Concordia , KS



August 17, 2004 - I caught this fish on Saturday. I'm not sure on itss length or weight but I would guess around 12 pounds. It's a pretty nice fish. I think it is worthy to be on the page with the other catfish since there is no channel cat fish on there. Put this one first. I'm 13 and caught this out in grand plain (privte pound) it put up a good 5 min fight please put it on there i realy don't want to reveal my face but please put it on there!!

July 8, 2004 - tiara barrett (age 9) at the time of picture. poses with her catfish caught on the Kansas river this past spring.




April 15, 2004 - Winfield City Lake - Here's a fish story for ya. Fished Winfield City Lake Wednesday afternoon. Waded the coves flipping a rapala floating minnow, catching the occasional white bass. About 6 I was almost ready to go home and I decided to try one point one last time. The minute the fish hit I knew it was a flathead. Heavy, nearly impossible to move, and slow steady drag rolling off my reel. The next 30 minutes were probably the most fun I've had in 40 years of fishing. I was using only a 4 foot ugly stick with 6 pound test, so all I could do when he turned to swim was hold on and pray he didn't take it to the knot. After half hour of back and forth, I finally drug him up to the bank, and as I reached to get the lure out it fell. Was hanging by a thread. One more turn of the head he was gone. Brought him home and weighed him: 52 pounds. Gave him to a friend who said he thought he got nearly 30 pounds of steak off the fish. Randy

March 27, 2004 - Lake Tawakoni - The people pictured are, from right to left, Stephen Glover, Jose Vargas, Brian Lewis, and Sean Kinkel. As you can see we actually paid someone to take us fishing. But after the days end we found that it was well worth the money invested. The four of us are from Mineral Wells and, as of the closing of Squaw Creek, had ran out of good fishing holes and were on the lookout for potential hot spots. That's when Stephen saw a small piece on the news about a catfish service working out of Lake Tawakoni. Well when he saw the guys on the tube catching 30+ pound blue cats that perked his ears a bit. He called Little D and got the run down about his service and immediately started in on me and his cousin Sean about going. I told him the only way I'd pay anyone to take me fishing is if I'd try the lake first and see if it was the journey.

Well, on the first day I ever fished the lake I reeled in a 30 lb. blue. But this was only obtained because of a locals generosity. Martin France, an avid catfisher, was there to donate the shad that was used to catch the 30 pounder. And which at the time was the biggest fish I'd ever caught. Well, that alone would have got me to fork up the money for the trip, but about ten minutes later Martin hooked into a monster. After what seemed an eternity passed and he landed the golaith we got the scales out only to be disappointed.

You see the scales only went up to 50 pounds and this brute pegged it out effortlessly. Well, that was it. I was sold and when I made it back and told my story we got Brian to join in too. Little D took us out around 8 a.m. and had us back on land at 3 p.m. The days catch also included a 45 lb giant that I caught but was asked to release it inorder to help keep the population up and D in service. The entire time we were out on the lake we drifted only one section of the lake and we always used cut gizzard shad for bait. I am sending a picture of the 30lb blue that I caught
prior to this trip. I had sent it when I sent you this one but I'm not sure you got it. Thanks, Jose Vargas

October 9, 2003 - Green River Kentucky - We thought you might enjoy these pictures. Steve caught them both on rod & reel using night crawlers on the Green River at Rochester,Ky. August 2003. The blue catfish weighed 35.5lbs. and the flathead weighed 32.5 pounds. Happy fishing to all! Steve & Laura


Feb. 10, 2003 - Texoma - Submitted by Doc Walker, Guide -Jug lining for monster blue cats is in full swing. On Saturday, Feb. 8 we caught numerous cats up to sixty pounds. Set your jugs in forty to sixty-feet of water. We are using live shad, but, cut shad works almost as well. We are setting our jugs in forty to sixty-feet of water on the main body of the lake.

October 26, 2002 - A big catfish got the battle of its life this month when it swallowed two worms, almost simultaneously, in a fishing pond in Meridian, Miss. The problem for the catfish was that the nighcrawlers were attached to hooks and the hooks led up fishing lines to two young rod and reel anglers competing in the Wal-Mart Kids All-American Fishing Derby. Skylar Moore, 6, left, and Justin Skelton, 9, both of Meridian, successfully fought and landed the catfish, which weighed 15 pounds. The young anglers have been named state co-winners in the 2002 Fujifilm "Big Fish Contest." The derby in Meridian was organized by the Meridian Parks and Recreation Department. Click photo for larger view
# # #
Gordon Holland, Hooked on Fishing International, 918-782-4313,

August 20, 2002 - Cheney

Hi all,
This channel weighed 15 lbs. what a time that fish gave me! Hit the Rapala risto Rap #9 in 18' of water. Mike E.

Click Photo for larger view





July 8, 2002 - Southern Iowa River

I caught these cats in southern Iowa on a river. The bigger one (in photo below) was pulled in on july 4 2002 and the other five were july 6 2002 all of them were caught on
live bullheads.
The larger single flat head weight was 65lbs the other 5 were from 28lbs to
55lbs Click on photo for larger view













April 23, 2001 - Lake in Omaha - This is my first Catfish of the year, I caught it on a ultra-light outfit, while fishing for Crappies, he weight 9 and 3/4 lbs. I was lucky. It took me about 10mins, on very light line to bring it in. It was caught in Omaha, Ne. in one of the area lakes near my home. I was very happy belive me! It was caught on a jig of course, bright green, with sparkle. But lately I've been catching some nice Crappie too, all about 11 inches and up to 14inches. So show this to all the readers. And good luck fishing!!




November 21, 2001 - Lake Texoma - Hey all you fishin' folks, here is a sample of the blue cats at Texoma! We had alot of fun on our 4 day trip.Caught about a 100 stripers too. Most of them were around 15 in. long. Have a great Thanksgiving and go fishing. Roy Posey









May 14, 2001 - McPherson County Lake - My sister, Sandy, and her husband, Jim, and I went fishing at McPherson County Lake on May 6th, 2001. We had caught 3- 16" channels in about 3 hours and I decided to move down the bank a little and try turkey liver on a treble hook and I hooked into this 20 pound channel a short time later. This is the biggest fish I have ever caught and the biggest fish I have seen come out of this lake.



March 25, 2001 - Here's a 23.5 Lb Channel Cat caught on Milford Lake, Length;37.75 Inches, Girth; 23.5 Inches. Caught by Jim Leonard while on board the fishing vessel CatfishFever.
This fish was Released to be caught again.






1999-2000 Catfish Photographs

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