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2002 September

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December 23, 2002 - Toronto - Sunday My son Matt and I spent the evening with Tom pulling in some Crappie. We got several that were over a lb in size and the grand total was very close to 100! I have not had so much fun in a long time. Chris


December 20, 2002 - Winter Crappie - (12-14 and 12-15) With the nice weather lately I've been able to get out and enjoy a few extra days of fishing. Just because it's winter time doesn't mean the fish aren't feeding!  The colder water bunches them up so you might have to look around for the fish a little longer than normal, but once you find them its well worth it! Here are a couple of pictures from last weekend, I caught them on my jigs at 20' deep.  I'll see you at the lake! Mike Simpson <mailto:mike@crappiemagic.com>

December 20, 2002 - About the closing of Rusty's Outdoor Sports - As I am sure you know, Rusty's Outdoor Sports is going out of business. As much as you guys probably will not loose any sleep over one of the competitors going under, it would be nice to share the fact that they are having a huge sale on top quality fishing/hunting/sporting equipment. CJ

Editor's note: Thanks for the note about Rusty's. I'm sure everyone knows about them closing their stores. We've known and competed with them for years. We were competing with them during the days they were at Davids and then during the long run of Rusty's. Unlike the suggestion that we (Zeiner's Bass Shop) won't lose much sleep over it, their closing hits close to home. It shows how difficult it is to make it in the outdoors business. They have very capable management, but found it necessary to close. Even though we were competitors, we sent people to them when we didn't have something and they did the same when they didn't have an item and thought we might have. Wichita is losing a home grown asset. It is a shame. We wish all of them the best. We encourage everyone to check out what they have left on their closeout. Jim Zeiner

December 18, 2002 - West Mineral area strip pit - I caught these bass on a fishing trip with my grandson. One was about a pound and a half and the other one was about two pounds. They were caught in some strip pitts near West Mineral, Kansas. The strip pitts in southeast kansas haven't been very good this summer but we found our favorite fishing hole. we call it our "Bass Hole". We have pulled out many nice bass here but this was the only time we had a camera handy. I have my grandson fillet them and we eat them. We love fish. We caught them on Eagle Claw hooks about a size 6 and some large minnows and perch. Usually we catch perch the first hour we are there and then we use them for bait with a large bobber. We have found that it is also great bait for Catfish. This summer we caught two nice flathead catfish. One we barely caught a glance at before it broke our line. The second one we caught was about 20 pounds. It was too big for me too handle so I let my grandson (which is 15) try to work it in. He managed to get it to the bank and get it out of the water but as he was lifting this huge catfish (the largest i have ever seen in person) it snapped my line and then we tried to fight it to shore buy with one quick flick of its tail it spashed back in to the was. I was a huge dissapointment.

December 17, 2002 - Wilson - Jack Hoskinson Madd Jack Striper Guide - The fishing has been on and off with good numbers of walleye, white perch, and stripers being caught but as far as any pattern to the fishing, if there is any I can't find it. The bait fish are moving to the river end of the lake with the bigger fish following. The deep water points have been hot early and late in the day. We caught this 11 lber at sunset off a point in the rocktown area. Good luck and Merry Christmas

December 16, 2002 - Scammon area strip pit - I caught these two bass at a local strip pitt close to Scammon KS on a large minnow.





December 15, 2002 - Toronto -I talked to an angler, Jim I believe, that said he caught 49 crappie Saturday. The three of us (Chris Steve & Chris, with some help from Jim) brought home about 20 on Sunday. In addition to ours, Francis had close to a dozen with several of them in the jumbo size, while another angler had 29 mostly caught early that day on minnows! Chris

December 12, 2002 - Cheney - I was in attendence at the wildlife and parks public meeting earlier this week. The pearch problem is quite a problem. It sounds to me what they plan on doing is stocking the lake with 8 inch wipers, which should be big enough to take a 4 inch white pearch and encrease the stocking of walleye fry. In addition, there will probably be a 21 inch minimum length limit on wipers
and walleye and a creel limit of 2 a day per person. Let's all keep our
fingers crossed and hope this puts a serious dent in the population of these
little varmints. Mike Cook - Four Lake Guides

December 10, 2002 - Clinton - Yesterday, my brother and I took advantage of the calm winds and mid-forties temp. We got on the water around 9:30 Monday the 9th. Only a few other boats on the lake. We started just north and west of the " ISLAND" along the main channel. We fished the tops of brush 20 ft. deep. We caught a few small crappie. Each pile of brush gave up one or two small crappie.
After noon things picked up. While easing along the 35 foot deep channel, we
saw balls of shad 10 to 15 foot deep.
We droped our 3\8 oz. jigs just below the shad at 20 foot deep. We started
catching some nice crappie. In the next two and a half hours we caught 29 keepers all over 10 inches with six, twelve inches. Had a good day, life is gooood.......Lew

December 6, 2002 - Melvern - Dec. 1 Sunday. 10;00AM Fishing the Turkey point area. Crappie 22' of water just off the creek channel.

Locate brush and you find crappie. Not all 10" but we boated 22 keepers in about 5 hours of fishing. Thank you Jeff Logan Facilities Supervisor jmlogan@opkansas.org 913-327-6984

December 5, 2002 - Fort Scott City Lake - 12-3-02 - 10 A.M. - 3 P.M.
Cloudy & Cold-28 degrees with Wind from NE at 15 MPH
Water Temp. 43 degrees and clear

Fishing was brutal on the body and equipment but what a day! The fish were responding to the oncoming winter and hitting jerkbaits with abandon. Total catch for the day was 32 large and spotted bass with sizes from 16"-18 1/2". Most if not all the fish were caught in 4-6' of water on the windy banks. If you love to fish like I do don't wrap up the boat quite yet. Bob Schwalboski

December 3, 2002 - Vic's Lake - In the afternoon Sunday Dec 1 Brad got this 5.5 lb Blue catfish on a night crawler using a vertical jigging technique of the south dock. Several small crappie were also caught and released. Chris
Click on photo for larger view

December 1, 2002 - Kingman County State Lake - Today, Sunday dec 1st, with being sunny and all felt like getting out to do some fishing. Of course I'm a bass fisherman at heart. I always read about winter doesn't stop fishing, just makes it a bit more difficult. So I headed out to Kingman county fishing lake. Fished from around one to five thirty, but had no luck. The day wasn't wasted though. I got to enjoy another day in the outdoors and I finally started to get some new fishing techniques down. Now I just need to get my hands on a fishing boat. I also had one pole for catfish, but had no luck with that either. Used stink bait for that. For bass I was trying mainly grubs and worms and other rubber items. Didn't try too much of deep diving items due to the shallowness and leftover lilypad stems and the other water grass that seems to keep on growing even in the cold. So no bites, but not a day wasted at all. Dominic Irwin


November 24, 2002 - Fall River -I managed to get out between the fronts and enjoy a day on Fall River Reservoir.

Most of the fish I caught today were in 12' to 14' on the
top side of brush piles. Caught and released around 30 crappie, and brought a few home for dinner.

Here's a picture of the nicer ones.

I'll see you at the lake,

Mike Simpson


November 18, 2002 - Cheney - Here's a picture of my fishing buddy Bob with a 25# striper he caught at cheney back in september on a spoon. thanks Mike E.



November 17, 2002 - Vic's Lake - Wichita - (Left) My friend David finally got his first trout Sat afternoon. We got 5 fish in the basket before it got too dark to fish. Chris

November 17, 2002 - Vic's Lake - Wichita - (Right) Friday evening about 5 PM this nice trout hit orange power bait Chris


November 9, 2002 - Wilson - Jack Hoskinson Madd Jack Striper Guide - The cold front that hit us last week has certainly scattered the stripers. Fishing has been on and off since then with the stripers being scattered and suspended lake wide! However there have been times when they have really turned on last Saturday evening at sunset was one of those times. After several hours of fishing with only a couple of bites the stripers started feeding on top, I caught them on bait, bucktails and planer boards fishing the dam area in 42 feet of water, it was fun while it lasted. Outdoorcentral has released the story from our fishing trip in Oct. it can be viewed at http://www.outdoorcentral.com/prostaff/jhord/seeinstripes.asp with a video soon to be released. Fish-On Gotta Go

November 9, 2002 - LaCygne Power Plant Lake - Alan Jefferies and I with another guest went fishing on the river that feeds the reservoir and got a few crappie. The tempature of the water was 46 deg. but was awful windy, the big lake was white capped so we didn't venture out on it. had to work hard to get what we got. Carl Gregg

November 8, 2002 - Vic's Lake Wichita - Friday late afternoon produced some nice fish. I almost had two. The first one to hit my minnow broke my line in just a matter of seconds. I retied a new hook and within 30 min the second one was striping line. With Brad's help I got her landed. She started squirting eggs as soon as she was on the dock. The WHOPPER fish was caught before I got there (4:00 pm). Brad weighed him in at 4.8 lbs! Chris

November 6, 2002 - Hillsdale - As of Nov.6th the fishing at hillsdale was very poor the water temp was 49deg. lots of fish in the locaters but none was biting. was using minnows.and jigs but to no avail. Carl Gregg

November 4, 2002 - Vic's Lake Wichita - Brad caught another nice one on Sunday! Click on photo for larger view.


November 3, 2002 - Cheney - I was trolling off the rock pile on cheney on oct. 25th. it was cold overcast and in 3 hours i had a 22 inch walley a 4 pound channel and 4 good size whites in the boat and headed home. Saturday afternoon when the sun was out just one white. i haven't been since but plan to go tues am. to cheney.
ron - October 15, 2002 - Cheney - Things have been so hectic around the house I've forgotten which day it was last week. I was headed to the rock pile to do some drifting for walleye. and the winds were pretty strong from the south. lo and behold my engine quites a mile out of the marina. Luckily there were others on the lake and I want to thank the 2 fisherman who gave me a tow back.
If your curious, Nothing seriously wrong with the motor. Just my brain. I forgot the "kill" switch. (it apparently was bumped to off by my leg) the dealer didn't and the motor started right up and i was on the lake the following day.
It would be nice if you other fisherman would join in the procession when you see a couple of boats trolling north to south and back. don't start slow jigging and trolling east to west across their path. thanks.
Haven't caught a wallie since june but i've caught plenty of whites stripes and wipes.
Have fun and Hey. . . . . .Let's be safe out there. ron k.

October 29, 2002 - Vic's Lake Wichita - Unfortunately I didn't get to spend the day fishing for trout, but it is my second attempt to fish there. But my main intent was to try and catch someone there that I have been wanting to meet up with and the only open time I had was my lunch break. Does that give everyone an idea about me and fishing. Well to my luck I did meet up with him and introduced myself. I didn't catch anything, but he caught one off a minnow and someone else gave him two more. He gave me the trout since I have never had it before and I am just now learning how to prepare them. But Thursday I plan to get out and fish some more out there and hopefully will be able to give a better report. Dominic

October 28, 2002 - Vic's Lake Wichita - Another nice trout was taken on Sunday! Chris




October 27, 2002 - Vic's Lake Wichita -Fished Vic's Lake at the county park Saturday afternoon. We caught several small Trout and one nice one! Chris

October 26, 2002 - El Dorado - Fished 4-6pm along the dam where the bird were working. We ended up with 9
big whites and 1 crappie. Hope the weather holds out for a few more trips. Mike it's not hard to re-winterize that boat!!!!! Snag

October 22, 2002 - Fall River - Fished below the dam Monday from about 2:00 to dark. We got two channels (~5 lbs) and a flathead (~4 lbs) along with almost a dozen crappie. Just a couple of the crappie hit minnows, and all the rest of the fish were taken on curly tail jigs or crappie jigs. We used green, yellow, and white with the latter maybe being the best. Chris

October 20, 2002 - Wilson - Jack Hoskinson Madd Jack Striper Guide - Despite the erratic winds and weather the last few days the stripers are on the feed bag, with the evening bite being the best. The last 2 days we have caught 33 stripers up to 5.5 lbs. with the larger fish just starting to feed, the largest I have seen caught this week was 10 lbs. We are fishing the Lucas park area with live shad in 42 feet of water, live perch have also been working good. The stripers are beginning to surface early and late but tough to approach. We did pull one 5 lb. striper surfacing with a 1 oz. bucktail. keep you eyes on the birds and they will let you know where the action is. The last 2 mornings I had the www.outdoorcentral.com <http://www.outdoorcentral.com> extreme team camera crew out, they took allot of pictures and video. We had a great time, caught a few fish on bait and bucktails. Jeff Hord and crew were a blast, thanks Jeff. I will let you know when the story is released. Good Luck

October 18, 2002 - Cheney - Hi all,
Well, its come to the end of a great fishing year on Cheney! I have caught perhaps more and larger fish this year than any other on this lake, and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute I have spent on these very productive waters. I just wish all of you could have enjoyed success like I have. I was just going through my photo album, looking at all the great pictures I have taken of my friends, and family holding up the super fish we have taken, and I am thankful! Thankful God has given me time to spend with great people catching TONS of fish. I have met alot of you this year, and thank all of you for your comments and emails to me. I love helping fellow fishermen catch fish, and If I can ever be of assistance please dont hesitate to email me. My boat is now winterized, and put away for the rest of this year. Time to think about shore fishing now, like down in Oklahoma. There are lots of great winter fisheries, just have to hunt them down. Hope to see you all next season, and hope the fish are more numerous and larger yet! Earlier this season I put in a picture of my brother Floyd, holding up his nice sized stripers! Well he is at it again with a MAGNIFICENT ELK he just killed a couple of days ago out in Colorado where he lives. THIS THING IS MASSIVE!!!
See ya all next year, MIKE E.

October 17, 2002 - Kingman County - Got to the lake around 11:00 AM. Bright and sunny so that made it rather nice on the lake. I have type of boat at all so it was slim pickings of where to fish that I could. I started on the side of the lake that can be driven to by going to the river entrance. That's where I caught my first and largest bass. After doing some research on the internet not long ago I found out there are other fishing lakes in the area so I tried to find them, but only found one that I caught my second bass at. It was a small lake, but had a consistent flow of water entering in it. I finally went back to the main lake after hours of searching and fished there for a few more hours. Caught one small bass and then finally caught one more while on one of the rocky outlets. I caught all my fish off a silver/white shad as you can see in the picture provided.
I had a lot of fun getting out there and I can't wait till I have a little bass boat to use on the lake there. And maybe I will find more fishing lakes as well one of these days. I did spot two very nice sized deer when walking in the woods. One I was only about thirty feet away until it ran away. Also saw some turkeys, a bunch of snakes, and a little lizard. So it was a nice day to view the surrounded natural wildlife.Dominic

October 16, 2002 - Cheney - Fished Cheney Oct. 16, noon till dark. Very good day. Caught 44 whites and wipers trolling M & M to Wichita. Fish were in very shallow. Caught them mostly on white twist tail rubber jigs and rattletraps. Nothing big, one 3 pound wiper, several 1-2 pound wipers, and lots and lots of white bass, most were 1 to 1.5 pounds. Randy

October 11, 2002 - Cheney - Went to Cheney Sunday afternoon and guess who I found on the hump .... The striper master himself Mike E. The proof is in the picture. BTW we only cought two fish between all four of us. I believe the cold front the night before shut them down. Chris

October 11, 2002 - Pamona - My wife and I caught these Thursday and Friday morning. We fished Pamona near the channel in the 110 ten mile creek arm. We used jigs fished near the bottom in 16 foot of water. We had 100 crappie up to 14 inches, most were right at 11 inches. One 20 inch Hybred and some whites. We caught the Hybred and whitebass on Rattletrap lures.

October 11, 2002 - Cheney -Fished Oct 10 from 2:30 till dark. Landed about a dozen wipers. The four we kept ranged from 4.5 lbs to 5.5 lbs. We took them of the humps in about 18 to 20 feet using Mike's three way rig. At one time we had two fish on each of our poles! One of mine was just a white bass but it was still fun to see both lines moving as they came up to the surface. Chris

October 8, 2002 - Cheney and Winfield City Lake - fished cheney on the 7th. trolled most of the day, without success, but toward evening loaded the boat, put on waders, and waded the points on the east side. last hour of daylight caught 28 nice white bass and small wipers and a 22 inch walleye. tossing 3 inch white sassy shads and 3 inch white twister tail jigs. caught most of these fish under the gulls in only knee deep water!

have also been having limited success at winfield city lake on the very windy days, fishing the north side shoreline and points wading and fishing the waves as they roll in. have caught dozens of white bass and wipers up to 3 pounds, same way, white jigs.

when it's windy, don't find the calm sides, fish the windy sides. baitfish are trapped there and there's usually predators feasting.

happy fishing. randy

October 6, 2002 - Wilson - Jack Hoskinson Madd Jack Striper Guide - Fall fishing is finally here with lots of stripers being caught in the dam to Lucas point area. Live shad, perch, and downrigging have been producing numbers of stripers up to 6 lbs. with the larger fish still hard to come by. The water temp. is in the mid 60's and the stripers are schooling and hungry. A few of the schools I have marked in the last few days have been huge, 40 feet thick and under the boat for several minutes. When they are schooled like this almost any method should catch you a few stripers. Good Luck

October 4, 2002 - Coffey County State Lake - F.Y.I.- Roxie @ Coffey county shack called this morning informing me that as of today, Sept 30 2002 the lake is closed to all boats traffic. This came down from her boss, Kenny Roney, undersheriff of Coffey county...This is of course due to a low water situation at the ramp due to lack of rain...Pray for cooler temps and some much needed moisture..Best to you, Clyde

September 29, 2002 - Pamona - I fished Pamona , Reservoir Thursday 9\26\02. I tossed chrome colored Rattle Trap's into the rocky shore line. The wind was blowing into the shore. I fished main lake points. I caught a dozen Wiper. The smallest was about 14 inches long. Most of the wiper were about 16 to 17 inches.
It's a lot of fun to have a Wiper try to jerk the pole out of your hand!..........Lew Click on photo for larger view.

September 25, 2002 - Reply to the St. Marys Question - I've fished the Jeffrey Energy Center lakes quite a bit. There are two lakes. A smaller (older) one that is used for the power plant and a larger (newer) one that is an auxiliary lake. The fishing in the smaller lake is pretty slow. There is a chance to catch a trophy walleye, (an 11 pounder was caught last month), but it is rare. There are some wiper and catfish also. The larger lake has better numbers of fish. Quite a few walleye but they're all pretty small. Not a lot of fish over the 15" length limit. When this lake was first opened to fishing in the early 90's you could go there and catch 100 walleye in a day easy. All cigars. I think it was so overpopulated that the fish were stunted and never grew to any size. There are also some largemouth and catfish. The white bass fishing can be pretty good. The best fishing in this lake is around the island and by the dam. There's also some good breaks just east of the dam.

In my opinion, it's not worth driving from K.C. I'd go to Wolf Creek instead. South of Emporia. The fishing there is fantastic. Smallmouth, walleye, and crappie in good numbers and size.

Hope this helps.

September 25, 2002 - Cheney - Fished the 21st and 22nd. The 21st my son and I trolled the 3 way rig all over every point on the north side and only caught 1 white bass. I was starting to doubt Mike's reports until I was pulling my boat out and who do I see? MIKE! And he's heading for the cleaning station. Well I cleaned up my
boat and paid Mike a visit and sure enough he has a whole pile of fish.
Wipers, Walleye, Channel, Whites, you name it. I got so excited I couldn't
sleep Saturday night. Got up Sunday with a friend of mine and headed for
Cheney. We trolled everywhere, North side, South side, the Dam. We trolled
FAST, FASTER, and so FAST I think a guy could have skied! And we got
skunked! I think Mike has that magic touch or magic "spot"! Anyway it was
nice to get out on the water and the weather was wonderful. It won't be long
before the cold sets in so go now before it's too late. Mike it was nice to
meet you and your partner.

September 21, 2002 - Cheney - This was the first day my son took time out from golf to go fishing. We arrived at the lake at 8:00 am and there was only one boat in my spot. On the first pass my dept finder lit up moments before both poles bent double. For the next two hours my son landed approximately 12 fish from four to nine pounds. Most of them were wipers but there were a couple of stripers mixed in. All of them bit on the white grub using Mike's three way system. The speed was accentual; most of the other boats were moving to slow, and as Mike has said if you aren't touching the bottom you're not catching fish.

The best part of the trip was the ride home. My fifteen year old couldn't shut up about the fish that he caught or how his forearms hurt. MAC

September 21, 2002 - Wilson - Jack Hoskinson Madd Jack Striper Guide - As fall approaches it seems the fishing fever has hit once again, myself included. Water temp. is nearing the 70 degree mark and it is time for the stripers to begin schooling in force feeding up for winter. The last week on the water has been producing a few stripers to 5 lbs. with the bigger fish hard to come by. Bait fish are in abundance and easy to locate but the stripers are much tougher to find. Normally by mid-Sept. the stripers are feeding and easy to find, this year has been different. It seems they are just a little slow to start this fall and should really turn-on in the very near future. Most of the stripers we are catching are in the Dam area fishing in 32 to 42 feet of water with live shad, with a few being caught by trolling with downriggers. Good Luck

September 21, 2002 - Cheney - Arrived at Cheney around 3pm, The weatherman said today was supposed to be light southerly winds around 5mph. I always call 838-2222 to listen for the barometer reading before I head to the lake. He said South wind 4mph with a rising barometer! Well in my book that is PERRRFFECCTTT!! And indeed when I arrived, The lake was pretty doggone smooth! Went out to M&M caught a few small Wipers, They just werent stacked up like usual, so I decided to try Wichita Point, The Refuge, and on to the Western side with NO SUCCESS. The time was about 5pm, so I decided M&M fish should be stacking up by now, so headed back across the lake. Well, at aproximately that time, the wind switched to the NORTH, and started making some waves.( Doggone Weather guys!!! They didnt say anything about North winds!!!) We still started catching fish anyhow! The 3 way worked just fine once again. I didnt catch the Huge fish like last Sunday, but still caught several Wipers to 6 lbs. a 23" Walleye, and a 4 lb Channel cat. North wind was cooling me off cause the waves would wash over the boat and You know, when the air is only 73 degrees and the water is a chilly 71, you get COLD! It was still a beautiful day right SNAG?
Mike E.

September 18, 2002 - Cheney - Three Way Rig Instructions

Hi all,
I have received a lot of emails from alot of you inquiring about the 3 way rig. I explained it earlier in the summer, and guess I need to explain it again. I wish I would have taken a picture of it, so you could see with your eyes just what it looks like, but it is really simple.
1. You need a 3 way Swivel. HEAVY DUTY. But not TOOOO HEAVY DUTY.
2. 2 leaders I prefer 25 lb test clear mono line, one leader aprox 5' in lengh, the other 2 1/2 to 3 ' in length.
3. 4" pearl white Sassy shad. (very scarce now, but I know someone who sells them by the hundreds for 12 cents each!) put the sassy shad on a HEAVY DUTY JIGHEAD HOOK. Regular mustad hooks will bend out with even a 4 lb fish, so find a HEAVY DUTY WIRE HOOK!
4. A deep diving Crank Bait. like a bill norman lure. anything that runs to 20' deep.

ok, that is the recipee, here are the instructions.
Tie the swivel to the line from your reel. Tie the 2 leaders to the swivel. Tie the Deep diving Crank to the longest leader, and the sassy shad to the short leader.
TROLL FAST! If your trolling at just above idle speed GO HOME! It wont work! Stripers and Wipers Like FAST MOVING SHAD!!! Shad dont sit and wait for the predator fish to come along and eat them. They SWIM FOR THEIR LIVES!!!! So kick it up abit! Troll about twice as fast as usual, and HANG ON TO YOUR RODS!!! haha It is really a very very fun way to catch lots of LARGE fish! Virtually everything in the lake feeds on shad, and I have caught absolutely everyspecies of fish in the lake on this system. from 30lb buffalo, 22lb carp, 15lb Channel cat, Flathead, White perch, CRAPPIE, largemouth bass, Walleye, and I cant even begin to count the Stripers, Wipers, and White Bass. HUNDREDS!!! I even caught a 2 lb SHAD! ok, i snagged it.. but i still caught it on my system! haha Man, I wish I was selling this rig!
OK, now you all know what the 3 way is. USE IT! and PLEASE be kind and courteous to other boats on the water. If you see someone yankin in fish on a submerged hump, Fish with them not against them! dont just get on top of the fish they are catching and anchor, or troll in front of them!
Fish hang on the underwater humps, there are quite afew of these placed between M&M point and the dam, and also straught out off of Wichita point and between Wichita Point and the Refuge.

September 15, 2002 - Cheney -
Sunday Sept 15th, was an awesome day on Cheney. Light North winds, Sunny skies, and Lots of sunshine made for a great day! Water temp was 74 deg, and fish were biting like mad! I fished alone today, Somedays its just nice to be by ones self, and today was spectacular! Straight out to M&M, First pass landed a nice Wiper, 2nd pass Missed a fish, 3rd pass Landed a 11 lb Striper, and it just got better. Ended up catching 56 fish. 21 of them were Stripers from 6 to 17 lbs! I had 5 fish break me off! The ususal 3 way rig worked just fine today. I was very suprised that there were hardly any fishermen on the water! I was by myself all day! Anyone want to buy a boat? Mine is for sale, a17 1/2' 93 raycraft bass boat, fully equipped. $5000. firm. I hate to sell it, but decided I need the cash right now. email me at RattleTRAP61@cox.net. Mike E.

September 14, 2002 - Cheney - Fishing at Cheney last weekend and then on Thursday has been very slow. The front(s) that came thru on Friday changed that! We landed close to a dozen nice stripers & wipers. We released two small stripers that were in the 3 to 4 lb range. We kept three in the live well and was looking for the match to my 10 lb striper or 8 lb wiper, but they quit biting shortly after noon. We did get a supprise over on the west side close to the small boat ramps when a 11 lb channel got on our crank bait while trolling. Chris

September 14, 2002 - Cheney - Just got back from Cheney Lake. It rained on me all morning and the fishing couldn't have been better. I spent the morning trolling while most of the boats jigged. I saw several of the small white perch being caught and kept. Somebody is in for some good eating. Most of what I caught was bigger fish. The wipers ran about 5 to 6 pounds. I kept one nice walleye, about 24 inches, for dinner. I think if I wouldn't have had other appointments I could have caught fish all day long. I wish some of the other fishermen would have a little more consideration for the other guy. Boats would sit back and watch where I caught my fish then they would motor in and sit on my spot so I couldn't make another pass. I saw this happen to two other guys that were on fish. There are plenty of fish so how about a little courtesy.

September 9, 2002 - Kingman County State Lake -. fished there on sunday the 8th and caught several bass in the three pound range on spinnerbaits. also missed two large pike at the boat, probably in the 25-28 inch range. weed growth in the middle of the lake starting to die off, still pretty thick around the edges. pull all the fish from the weeds on the north end. bite pretty much stoped for me arounf 9:30am.

September 5, 2002 - Cheney -. Hi all,
Fishing has been excellent at Cheney! Stripers, Wipers, White Bass, White Perch, Walleye have all been GREAT! The weather has been beautiful this week, and helped produce nice fish. Last evening, started at 6 pm, till dark, caught several Nice Wipers, and some Walleye, and a 10 lb Striper. Snagged an 8 lb Channel in the belly, threw it back what a line slimer that was! I noticed several channel cats on my graph on the west hump off M&M, and sure enough when I went through them, snagged one, and caught one. I know i sound crazy, but I have literally been able to tell the species of fish by the way they stack up on my graph! I have told whoever is with me almost exactly what we would catch on any particular run, and have proved it! It takes lots of time, and most of all PATIENCE. Pay attention to how the fish look on the graph, and then what you catch when you go over them. All species stack up differently! I wish I could show you all what I mean, but just cant do it on here. If you have a school of fish on you finder that is lumped to the bottom, especially on a hump, chances are they are white perch. Just off the bottom and upwards Wipers. horizontal lines from the bottom to about 6' below the surface and sporadic, are usually Stripers. I also have learned that when I see a large school of stripers on my graph, when I think my lures are just to the fish, I Slow down for a second, then hit the throttle for a short burst of speed. This technique almost always produces NICE Stripers. If you are into eating fish, catch some White Perch! Locate a mass of fish on the bottom on the edge of a hump, and anchor above them. Use worms on a 3/8 oz jighead, or cut minnows up and put them on the jigheads, any fish will work! Just cut them into chunks. You can literally catch HUNDREDS of them! And They are GREAT EATING! ok im done boring you all, See ya on the water,


September 3, 2002 - Cheney -. Also went to lake about 7 am only my third trip to cheney ever but my father and I really want to catch some fish. We trolled the tip of M&M, Wichita and went on west not sure where to go and i hooked a double off of Mike E's 3 way device (THANKS MIKE) both were about 2 # stripers. Water was a little rough so we trolled over to the west side with no luck. Any tips for us would be greatly appreciated we love to fish but are not having the best of luck.

September 2, 2002 - Cheney -. I got on the water about 7am and started trolling the West side. I got up to just South of sailboat cove and I hooked into what turned out to be my biggest Wiper yet. It was 22 inches and weighed 6 pounds. What a fight that was. Went down by the dam on the west side and did catch the first of my two walleye. I worked my way back up the west side and got another walleye and two more wipers. I got everything on Hot an Tots in anywhere from 11 to 15 feet. It seems like the water has cooled a little so maybe the fishing will start to pick up a little. These were the first two walleye I have caught in about 2 weeks. Randy

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