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June 29, 2003 - Lyons Creek - Went fishing on the 28th around 930pm at Lyons Creek between Herington and Woodbine using Bluegill on 14lbs test ling rod and reel and around 1110pm got a hugh hit. Fought the fish for about 20mins. Got it to shore and it was a hugh Flathead. My girlfriend was freaking out thinking it was going to eat me but I assured her it won't cause we will. Weighed the fish and it
weighed 47lbs! The biggest I ever caught in my life. Jeremy at Lyons Creek

June 28, 2003 - Near Manhattan - Here is a photo of a 47lb Flathead my son Jeremiah Bass caught on 6\27\03, Riverpond Fishing area near Manhattan Kansas. He was using 3" live Carp for bait, on a medium-heavy spinning rig.


June 25, 2003 - Cheney - Hi, fished Cheney again on 6-25 and only got 1 small white bass in the boat. The winds were very strong so I could not fish where I wanted to again. I did hook into something nice with my shad-rap but it came off with about 6 feet of line left, DANG! Never saw it but I think it was a nice walleye by the way it was fighting. Hopefully the winds die down sometime soon so i can fish the main points where the stripers hang out. Thanks, gbringhu@hotmail.com

June 24, 2003 - Cheney - Hi, you're welcome for the report. Cheney is hard for me to fish because the bottom is so flat so I'm just not sure where to go. It's not like you just go to the point and the bottom changes. How do you find the bigger fish? i guess you just have to troll around in 10-20 feet of water in the area of the points??? Please help me out. Thanks, Greg

June 24, 2003 - Cheney - Answer to Mac's Question- There was a hooking mortality study done on stripers in Texoma from 1989 to 1991. They found hooking mortalities from 0 to 76%, depending on season of the year and angling technique, with an overall hooking mortality of 38%. Catch-and-release is a good idea in many situations, and I suggest you release those that appear to be in good shape, and keep those that are bleeding or can't swim upright. That is, as long as you remain within the creel limit of two. Also note that I am not telling anybody to keep fish of any species that would violate creel or length limits, regardless of the condition of the fish. They must be released immediately. Gordon Schneider, Fisheries Biologist, Wildlife and Parks

June 24, 2003 - Cheney - Answer to Striper Tom's Question- I guess I opened a can of worms by answering questions on this web page. That's OK as long as everybody realizes there will be questions I can't or won't answer, and times when I don't look at this web page for several days. I don't want to turn Jim's fishing report page into a chat room, because I think it detracts from it's purpose.

Anyway, Striper Tom, I'm pretty sure that 43 lb striper was caught before the first big striper mortality, as were a couple of 48-pounders I netted. You can't find them that size today.

As for the idea of releasing lower stratified water, Cheney doesn't stratify, and if it did, that would mean releasing the cooler water, which is what you would want for the stripers to survive.

I can't see that much difference in the size of the mouth on wipers vs. stripers. The bottom line is, if they are dead from the heat, it doesn't matter how big their mouth is.

We don't have blue catfish in Cheney. (I can hear the emails coming on that one, but it's true.) We did consider stocking them as part of the white perch management plan, but ruled them out for now. We do have some flatheads, but not enough to count on for white perch control.

We really don't need threadfin shad, since we have abundant gizzard shad. They were evaluated in Kansas in the past, but were hard to get and not very successful. I am assuming you know they would die over winter, and need to be restocked each spring. Gordon Schneider, Fisheries Biologist, Wildlife and Parks.

June 23, 2003 - Cheney - Hi, fished Cheney again today (6-23-03) and only caught 5 white bass from 5pm-dark. They were caught at the eastern most part of the dam on trolled lures. Still didn't see any wipers, eyes, or stripers but the wind was VERY high and could not fish the main points everyone talks about. Hopefully I will be out there again Tuesday and Wednesday so any info on where and how
to get something that will really pull my line would be great! Thanks,

June 23, 2003 - Cheney - (6/21) We fished from 1-8pm. caught several drum, 40+ white perch and and several walleye including my personal best a 26 incher! We made the trip from Ponca City and bought licenses, gas & supplies in Kansas, because of the stripers, so consider that.

Gordon, I am a native Tulsan and believe me, I have not seen many 43lb fish (like I saw at the Cheney bait shop) come from Keystone lake. The stripers continue to thrive in Keystone and they have a plan to release lower stratified water for extreme heat periods. Perhaps it could be studied to consider that, although obviously Cheney is not a corps lake and not particularly deep channeled either. It must be more than a water temp issue as, those big fish survive the Arkansas and Canadian rivers, in the summer.

With the seriousness of the white perch, I would think the larger mouth of a striper would be a plus for an optimal white perch predator. It is a shame those perch are showing up in Kaw lake! I salute you for increasing the size limits on the walleye and as you call them, wipers. That shows you are proactive on this issue. Could protecting larger blue cat or flatheads possibly assist in the white perch? Do you all ever stock threadfin for a summer forage supplement? Thanks for listening. Striper Tom

June 23, 2003 - Cheney - Fished Cheney yesterday 6-22-03 and caught about 10 white bass all under a pound. The fish were caught trolling by the dam where saw them busting some shad on top. I Went to Cheney looking for the bigger wiper, stripers, and eyes but the wind was to high on M&M, refuge, and Withita points so I could not fish there. If anyone can give me some inside info on the big ones and
where they catch them that would really help. That was my first trip there but will be there often now. gbringhu@hotmail.com

June 23, 2003 - Cheney - Caught six walleye, only one legal, trolling shad raps off Refuge Point.




June 21, 2003 - Marion - The "Chum Hole".......Water quality has improved considerably. Algae seems to be gone. The Kansas Health Dept. biologist called us last week and said everything was a go. You can eat the fish and drink the water. Along with catfish we have been catching keeper eyes.......Walleyes that is in the "Chum Hole". Jim Soth (Newton, Kansas) brought a few minnows along Friday. I had never used minnows at the "Chum Hole" but when he boated a 22" eye I changed my mind. Guess I will be taking minnows along for awhile. Guided trips available...........Bill Spangler - Walton, Kansas.

June 20, 2003 - Cheney - This is not exactly a fishing report but I was hoping to gain some attention and hopefully some support in a major problem on the lakes in this area - especially Cheney - skiers, tubers, and jet skiers. I would like to try to get an area just for fishing boats where we can sit back and fish peacefully with our rods hanging over the side of the boat while drifting and not worry constantly about holding on to the sides of our boat while waves from skiers and jetskies almost topple us over every 2 minutes. The other night, we were in our boat fishing and 2 jet skies had the entire lake but decided to circle around us constantly - not only disturbing the fish, but also scaring our children in the boat and forcing us to leave the area - this is not the first time this has happened, and we often find ourselves forced from area after area and finally giving up. There needs to be a single area (my preference would be between Mr. Ds and just past the feeders) where fishing boats can go and not be disturbed by the constant, not to mention rude, antics of jet skies and faster boats who are on the water only to see how fast they can go.... I have fished on many lakes, not in this area though, where it was common practice and courtesty for faster/bigger boats to slow down when approaching a boat with fishermen.. suggestions and comments on who to contact about this would be greatly appricated, and any support from the rest of you can only help in this effort. Thank you so much... email us at straightline52@yahoo.com

June 20, 2003 - Cheney - Gordon I have been catching lots of stripers and have been releasing as many as I can. Do you have any figures on the number of stripers that are caught and released and then survive. Or would it be just as good for me to keep what I catch. I'm already keeping the ones that are obviously injured. MAC

June 20, 2003 - Reply to June 19 Cheney report - Sorry, Mike, but no more stripers. Yes, they are fat and healthy now, and yes, they are terrific sport fish. (Remember, I fish almost as much as you do.) Trouble is, when water temps get above 77 for an extended period of time they won't eat, their blood chemistry gets messed up, they get very skinny and die. Doesn't make much sense to invest in striper stocking for a few years only to have a hot summer come along and lose everything over 10 pounds. This has happened on three occasions beginning in 1988. This has been documented nationwide, everywhere from Keystone in Oklahoma to Watts Barr in Tennessee. Lakes with thermal refuges, such as Wilson, can support large stripers because they can escape the warm temperatures. Cheney is so shallow and exposed to the wind that no thermal refuges exist.
Gordon Schneider

Wipers have a much higher tolerance to heat, are just as powerful (in my opinion), may have a higher survival rate of stockings, and are probably easier to catch. The down side is they have a maximum size of maybe 25 pounds, instead of 50 pounds like stripers.

By the way, yesterday evening my wife and I were sitting in the middle of acres of white bass and wipers busting shad on the surface. That has to be the earliest in the year I have ever witnessed that. Our first indication that it might get good was when I caught two wipers at the same time, both about 18 inches, on a three-way rig.

June 19, 2003 - Cheney - Weds evening July 18th was another gorgeous evening on the lake. chris, & I Fished from 6:30 to 8:30 and caught 4 nice stripers 11 to 14 lbs, had a few break us off and caught a few wipers and a walleye. Thursday evening My brother in law Mark and I left the bank at 5pm durning a nice rain storm. I prayed it would be over by the time we got on the water, and my prayers were answered! It turned out to be another great evening! Mark kicked my butt! He caught a 17 1/2 lb Striper, a 16 lb striper, a 11 lb striper, and a 10 lb striper, as well as 4 Wipers, and a walleye! I ended up catching a nice 12 lb Striper, and 1 wiper. I was thrilled! It took him all these years but he FINALLY bested me! hahaha Of course we were in MY boat, and I was driving, .... (as if that had anything at all to do with it!) We had a ball! didnt start catching the Stripers till about 8pm, and we fished till almost dark! It was hard to quit. GORDON, PLEEAASSSE PUT MORE STRIPERS IN CHENEY!!!!! They are doing GREAT! Big, Fat and Healthy!!! Several I have cleaned, are full of White perch! They love them! CHENEY NEEDS STRIPERS! They are pound for pound the hardest fighting fish in the lake! (unless of course you get to hang into a 49 lb buffalo!) and this year has proven to be awesome for them so far! MIKE E.

June 18, 2003 - Derby High Park - Just a little note of thanks to KWP for stocking the residential lakes...I went out and in two hours had my limit of 5 catfish..The biggest was only 2 1/2 pounds and I was using Sonny's blood formula with a treble hook sponge..The action was constant and fun and others were catching fish also especially kids..Keep up the good work and maybe some day they can put in feeders in all the local lakes budget permitting..Some nights you don't feel like driving out to Cheney or El Dorado the local action can be fun without the cost of gas...Rocky Derby...

June 18, 2003 - Lake Afton Question - I was wondering if anyone knows where the best place to fish for channel cats at Lake Afton is. I'll be using stink bait. Thanks for any help. TF - If you have any suggestions email us and we will forward to TF

June 17, 2003 - Cheney - Another beautiful day on the lake. It took me quite awhile but I found the stipers again. About the third pass I got a double hook up and managed to get both of them in the boat. It kind of looked like a Chinese fire drill. The larger one was 32 inches and the smaller one was 25. I was able to revive the smaller one but the larger one layed in the bottom of the boat while I brought the other one in. After that several other boats showed up and scattered the fish. I searched for about an hour but couldn't find them again. Once again these are the hardest fighting fish I've ever caught. MAC

June 16, 2003 - General - This is OUR fishing report. It was the fun of the catch..these little guys need to grow up some more though! The fish that is...

Troy Nelson and Jay Quicksall
THANKS - Shelia

June 16, 2003 - Milford - Fished from 6 pm till almost 11pm on 8 June. Caught 2 walleye, 25 wt bass, and two catfish jugging off the bottom with worms near Farnum creek camp ground, Milford lake.

Jay and Christina Quicksall
417 Maple Street
Junction City, Kansas 66441
(785) 761-2332

June 15, 2003 - Milford - Went night fishing tonight by myself got to the lake at 9:00 pm left at midnight had 35 wight bass in the boat . with 2 wipers at 7 Lb. let 4 go about the same size. Had a 4.5 lb walleye with 7 that were 17 In. had to let them go What a night no one on the lake and no wind..BOB MOORE


June 15, 2003 - Cheney - Man, what a weekend! Gorgeous weather, smooth waters, well except for all the waves from all the boats, but who cares! IT was FABULOUS! Rather Large fish, and great company made for a great weekend! Cheney is nice and clear, 76 degree surface temp, and yes We caught LOTS OF BIG STIPERS! I showed you a pic of yesterdays catch courtesy of Snyders Marina, and their digital camera supplied by tamara Snyder. Today I caught another 20 lb Striper, I bought a disposable camera, so when I get the film develped I willshow ya all another nice big fish. We ended up with 5 Stripers today and 1 extremely large and very very UGLY Channel cat! aprox 18 lbs. What a brute! The stripers Weighed from 12 to 20 lbs and have been hanging on some under water brushpile humps. They hit with a vengeance, and RIP LINE OFF THE REEL! When your trolling fast, it can be pretty exciting. My pal Chris caught his first Striper with me today, and I think he liked it! We started fishing today about noon, and Terry and I caught our limits with in 45 minutes. I was using 2 red dumbell marker bouys, that I marked my humps with, and we decided to leave them shorty to pick up Chris. When I got back to the spot, somebody STOLE my bouys! People are like vultures! wait till your gone and SWOOP in and STEAL! oh well, maybe they needed them more than I. We fished for another hour or two and headed home. It was a great weekend, and looking forward to the next!
See ya,

June 15, 2003 - Cheney - We had a beautiful afternoon at the lake, even with all the skiers and jet skis. I checked out M and M point first but didn't find any fish stack up. I then tried my spot at Wichita point. I found several fish but couldn't find any that wanted to bite. When I went over my first spot on Refuge point the bottom seemed to rise up on my dept finder. There were arches everywhere. I had my son with me and we couldn't get our poles in the water fast enough. On the first pass my son hooked up with a good one. It was easy to tell this wasn't an average wiper, it was taking line like never before. When he got the fish to the side of the boat he had a 32 inch striper. The bad news was the large buck jig ripped two of the gills and he was bleeding pretty bad so I kept him. Before it was over there were several stripers put in the boat and we had to keep two of them. They are by far the hardest fighters of any fish. MAC

June 15, 2003 - Wilson Lake - Jack Hoskinson Madd Jack Striper Guide - The last two weeks the bigger fish have been hitting good if you are there at the right time. Last week evenings were best and this week the mornings have been better with a 16 and 15 pounder caught one morning. I had thought that the spawn was over but then more spawning fish start showing up. Just shows that those stripers are very unpredictable just when you think you have them figured out they change. We are catching most fish in 28 to 42 feet of water with live bait from the dam to minooka. Good Luck



June 14, 2003 - Cheney - Got on the water at 7am and no wind at all. We started trolling at M and M and then moved up to Wichita Point in search of walleye. Went all around the point and no fish. About 10 we moved over to the West side and my wife Martha finally hooked up on our first fish. It was a good fighter and I thought she had a wiper on. It ended up being her biggest walleye ever, 26 inches and 6
pounds. We went back thru again and about 15 minutes later she got another one that was 22 inches. Those turned out to be the only walleye of the day for us. We
never did get any shorts. We ended up back at M and M as the wind finally came
up enough to drift. We never did any good other than a few small perch and a
couple of drum. It was very slow, at least for us it was. I dont know if it was
a lack of wind or what. Anyone out in a boat needs to make sure that they
have everything they are supposed to have, as the lake police were out checking
boats. Randy and Martha.

June 14, 2003 - Cheney - Here is my nephew Tyler Riffel, holding his Trophy Striper! He had quite a time reeling this one in! WHAT A KID!

Other photo is of our group and our catches of the day.


Today I played the guide game on the lake. I and Terry, and his nephew Tony and his wife went in my boat, and My sister and Brother in law and 2 kids in their boat went out to hunt for big stripers. Yeah we managed to find some. Tony caught his biggest fish ever with a Handsome 14lb Striper and a 13 lb striper. I landed 3 beauties about the same poundage, Mark managed a couple of nice ones, and my little nephew Tyler caught his biggest fish of his life! A whopping 11 lb Striper. We had a wonderful time. Beautiful weather made for a great outing. Here we all are with our bounty for the day. I am holding a hefty Channel cat that looked like she would explode with all the eggs I found in her. MIKE E.

June 12, 2003 - Marion - Just to let every one know. I wet fishing at Marion Wednesday the 11th. We got on the water and noticed all the algae floating so I called the Corp of Enginers, and they said not to swin in it and they also said they would advise not to keep or eat the fish. They told me they sent a sample of the water to Missouri and the results were "algae may be toxic" they are going to do more testing this week. We did catch a couple of wipers. I hope they don't have a
big fish kill like a few years back. Snag


June 12, 2003 - Milford - Went night fishing to night with my son. Got on the water at 9:00 PM and was off at midnight had 30 with bass about 2LB. 3 walleye one 4.5 lb one 3.5 and one 2lb.Fish by rush creek in 37 foot of water the fish were at 15 foot. Bob

June 12, 2003 - Lake Afton - Lake Afton June 11. I was watching the weather all day and got off work at 7:30pm. Got home and asked the boys if they wanted to try their luck again after the good time we had on Sunday and was out at the Lake at 8:30. Started baiting our lines using #3 offsets with Sonnys original (thanks Steve) and a lucky yellow and orange bobber, nothing but the best for my team. No GPS, left it in the store, no fish finder, no boat, etc. Had one 7lb. channel hooked in about 3 minutes and before I could bait up again I caught a 5 lb. channel. About an hour later the youngest boy I spoke about in my report on Sunday finally got his turn and caught a 8.5 lb flathead. That is the biggest fish he has ever caught and I thought I would never get either of the boys to stop yelling from all the excitement. SOOOOOOOO glad nobody else goes fishing in the middle of the week. Jim H (hooked on fishin')

June 11, 2003 - Marion Reservoir - The Chum Hole.......On the water at 6:30 AM today off the water by 8:30 AM with 30 cats ranging in size from 5 to 10 lbs. on beef liver, plus about 20 Wal*Mart's (Roll Backs) or what you would call throw backs. PS: The lake water looks really bad, all green with algae. Guided trips available...........Bill Spangler - Walton, Kansas

June 11, 2003 - Cheney - I've been to Cheney several times this spring and caught a wiper or two each time. I've also had my 14lb. line broken several times while trolling for these monsters. Lb. for lb. they are the strongest fish I,ve ever tangled with. The ones that I' ve gotten in the boat have been from 5lbs. up to 9 or 10lbs. I troll with a two way rig and a number of times I have reeled one fish and one missing lure, which brings me to the point of this e-mail. What happens to these fish swimming around with a crankbait full of treblehooks in their mouth? Do they die or are they able to dislodge it and spit it out? If they are dying I would expect to see some floaters in the lake but so far I haven't. If anyone has an answer or an opinion, I would like to here it. By the way, the ones that I did get in the boat were all returned to the lake so that I can catch them again next year when they are even bigger! Thanx, Bob


June 10, 2003 - Cheney - Tuesday June 10th was another drab day staring out the window of my office noticing once again, the still leaves of the trees. NO WIND! Well.... anyone know what that means? Yup 5pm hit, and I was out the door! Ran home grabbed a couple poles and a tackle box, and my friend Terry, and headed for cheney. This was an evening I will NOT soon forget! Neither will Terry! He kicked my butt!!! I hooked him up with my 3 way, loaded with a nice fat Risto Rap black and silver, and a 4" Pearl White Sassy shad. I used the same exact rig, but used a blue and white Rap, instead of the black and chrome. Pulled onto M&M, and didnt find a fish. Headed for the refuge, NOTHIN! Then back to Wichita, let out our lines and as soon as i hit the 14' depth WHAM! Terry yelled Hit the brakes!!! Line peeled off his reel, as I reached for Reverse, My pole Jerked with a vengeance! I almost lost it! a few minutes later, I pulled in a double. 2 nice fat Wipers 4 & 8 lbs. Throwbacks. Terry was still fighting his fish and when it broke the surface and he said WOW!! I stared at the Striper sliding just under the surface and Im sure my eyes almost bugged out of my head! I neted it, and yup it was a biggin! 26 lbs! Yeah he had to keep it. Well I will make a long story short, cause Im tired and want to go to bed! We ended up with the following... Terry... 7 Stripers, 11, 14, 18, 18, 18 1/2, 22 & 26 lbs! 2 Wipers 5 & 8 lbs!
MIKE... 9 Wipers 4lbs to 13 lbs. I didnt catch any Stripers, but the one I lost??? Well, Lets say he pulled so much line off my reel, I was extremely tired when I finally broke him off and reeled it all in! Yep he was a horsey! I like calm days cause a few minutes later, I noticed my lure floating on the surface. We fished from 6:30 till 9pm and were a couple of extremely busy guys! We kept 4 fish that filled 4 large gallon freezer bags. WHAT A BLAST!!! I strongly recomend you all keep staying home on week nights, cause we sure enjoyed the whole danged lake to ourselves!
See ya, MIKE E.

June 10, 2003 - Wilson and Cheney - It's been nearly a month since my last report, so I better report in on my activities. If memory serves me correctly Memorial Day My son and I went to Wilson. I t was 1st time for us. Such a beautiful lake and so clear. We did some trolling with cranks along the dam and I hooked into a real big one, however my drag was set wrong and the lure pulled out of his month and so he lives on. I believe it was a catfish as my son caught a small one in the same area on the same bait. Went to the West end and caught some carp tried some trolling across the flats and lost 5 lures. Couldn't figure that out trolling 6 - 8' deep diving cranks and water depth on finder was at least 15. I've gone to Cheney numerous times since then and have sporadic luck. I caught my 1st flathead ever trolling a crank off the dam last week. Everyone seems surprised by that, remember the Catfish family is a predatory fish. He was small maybe 2 pounds. I tossed him back so he can get bigger, what surprised me was the drum on cranks. I thought they were strictly crawler and sinker. Saturday 6/7 i went with a friend from work up to milford, thought I'd tried and catch some walleye up there and maybe do better than the pro's such was not the case. my friend caught a couple of 12 inchers but, we did catch some real nice white bass instead. we stuck around for some of the weigh in, there were some big fish taken and released. big fish for the tourney was weighed in on Saturday, He was a hog nearly tipping 11 lbs. Awesome fish. I went to cheney and fought the 5mph (not)! Winds. forecast called for 5-15 more like 15-25. I wish the forecasters would get that right sometimes. Got a seventeen incher in the boat and back in the lake. By then I had to go do that other four letter word (work). I'll keep you up to date a little better in the future and in the meantime here's some PIC for you guys to peruse and so for now, Happy Fishing!

June 10, 2003 - Butler County Lake - Went out there on Sunday to give it a shot. Only fished there once before and the wind could blow a house down so I didn't have much luck then. This time I thought maybe to try at the dam since I read reports of different species being caught there. I didn't have too much luck and didn't spend much time on the dam. The water was up due to those storms that poured for hours. So I moved to the other side of the lake with the fishing piers (the extension of land) I knew if I wanted to catch bass I had to get in with them. I have some waders that I slip on my legs. They do come in handy. My first bass was a little one that I caught on the edge of the weeds. I used a riverside grub that was almost in the shape of a tadpole, which I did notice one in the water that was high and clear in the wooded area. So I stuck with that for a bit, but it was on a jig head and was a bit too heavy to not catch any weeds or moss. I then tried the area next to the dam that has the stream runoff. It was much more clear, but also a lot colder. I was about ready to go home, but I wanted to just catch one more fish and I had one more tactic to try in the muddy water and it worked. I used a four inch ring worm on a mustad 3/0 hook with a black coated brass bullet weight. I didn't have regular shiny brass, but I still had luck. First bass struck right in the land walkway and the weeds. Then I waded out along the edge of the weeds. A lot of boaters out, but I didn't see them catch anything, but a small bass here or there. So I did some searching with my casting. Noticed that the area I'm casting in has weeds/moss all the way out forty feet. So I started casting out from the edge of the weeds. And as a boater asked if I was having much luck and moved off a little bit I had a hard hit. A bass hit and I got him reeled in to me, through a ton of weeds/moss. So many hours of fishing, but I had two decent size bass, when I was expecting very little luck. I was fishing a more slower moderate speed since I noticed others fishing topwaters extremely fast. I think a little too fast for such muddy water. Dominic

June 10, 2003 - Kanopolis -
The other day I was on Kanopolis Lake with one of my friends out on the flats. We were drifting with worms not catching much. I caught two 1 lb. catfish at first. A little while later, I was holding my pole when all of a sudden something HUGE hit it. It started taking off with my line, but about 10 seconds later it snapped everything off of it. We gave up, and headed back to the docks soon after. The catfish are really biting!! Kasey (Deer §layer)

June 10, 2003 - Rocky Ford-Manhattan - Fishing Friday evening, 6 June 2003. Caught these 2 between 9 and 9:30 pm at Rocky Ford in Manhattan. Using live shad. A couple of the better fish we've caught in quite a while. Didn't have scales, but I'm guessing by feel and length/girth that the Channel is 15lbs or so, and the Blue at close to 30lbs. Jeremey Bailey

June 9, 2003 - Lake Afton - I try to take my two boys fishing as often as I can. We decided on the spur of the moment to go to Afton tonight. There was almost no wind to speak of when we arrived at the lake. The sky was clear, and it was not too chilly. We do not have a boat so bank fishing for cats is about the best for now. Was using prepared baits on an offset hook and my 12 y/o son landed a nice little 8.5 pound flathead. It took him about 7-8 minutes to tucker him out so we could net him but well worth the wait. I didn't catch anything but I suppose I will be getting at least one really nice Happy Fathers Day card next week. Please take your kids fishing and see what this is all about. Now if I can just get his brother to catch some... Jim H (hooked on fishin')

June 8, 2003 - Clinton Lake - Not much of a report, but had great fun Friday eve off the bank with a few big schools of whites tearing up the shad on top. Just a note on buffalo and carp; I'm not a fisheries biologist, but I'd have to disagree with Gordon on the feeding habits of these fish. I usually try worms or corn with these guys, but several times I've been able to sight fish carp with a beetle spin lure. I've seen them actually turn, follow, and strike the bait, so I've found that they do exhibit some limited predatory behavior. Also, from everything I've read, buffalo and carp will eat insects, which is what I believe they see the beetle spin as. By the way, more sport fisherman should try fishing for these types of fish; as Mike pointed out, they're tremendous fighters, very challenging and exciting to catch. Not sure why they get such a bad rap here, as around the rest of the world they're considered a prime sport fish. DBH, Lawrence

June 6, 2003 - Cheney - Hey Mike nice fish!! I made it to the lake on June 5th just about the time the rain started. The lake was pretty calm, just heavy rain. I started on M&M point but couldn't find any fish. I moved over to Wichita point and found two stacks of fish but they were concentrated on a very small area. The shallow bunch seemed to be all whites in the pound to two pound area. They were fun and I kept a few for supper. The second stack were mid size wipers about five to eight pounds. Every time I made a pass over them both lines were hit. Several times I had four fish on at once. They were hitting the brightly colored lures and they wanted them fast. MAC

June 6, 2003 - Cheney - Hey, Mike. He didn't hit your lure. He was just swimming around with his mouth open filtering plankton and your lure hit him. Same difference on your end of the rod, though. I wish they would take baits, 'cause the lake is full of them. Great way to test your tackle, huh!

June 5, 2003 - Cheney - Well, after yesterdays tug-O-war with the buffalo, this evening was much more relaxing, with lots less wind! We caught 6 Wipers 20 to 26", and one Striper 14 lbs on my 3 way system. I also managed a nice 16 lb Fat Female Channel Cat on the sassy shad! That was a fun. The fish I found were holding on a my favorite point off M&M. I tried wichita, and the refuge with no success. I did mark several fish on the other points, but they must have had big lunches cause I couldnt manage a bite! See ya, MIKE E.


June 4, 2003 - Cheney - Today I sat in my office all day staring out the window at overcast skies and kept noticing that not even a whiff of a breeze was blowing. I contemplated in my mind how calm the waters of Cheney would be this day. Finally 5pm rolled around, I hit the door, and was on the water by 6:30pm. I sure dont know where the calm went, but it sure wasnt on the lake this evening! NE breezes were definately blowing, kicking up some nice wave action. So much for calm waters... Oh well such is life on this lake! We started fishing off M&M, with not much success.. Had a hard hit and a miss. Went on to Wichita, NOTHING! On down to the refuge, 2 more HITS and MISSES! Another boat with 3 gentlemen were trolling along the same ledges I frequent, and they were having a little success.. I saw them boat a very nice Wiper, and a few other fish. I decided to leave them and head straight down the middle of the lake toward the dam. I saw on the graph, I was over 15' of water, @ 70 degrees. WHAM! my pole almost jerked out of my arms! I hit reverse, and the line peeeeeeled of my reel with a vengeance! I turned and followed the fish that would not stop taking my line! Finally after a few minutes, I started making some headway. 10 minutes later, I saw a very large flash of WHITE, as the giant loomed slightly under the surface. MY HEART FELT LIKE IT WOULD POUND OUT OF MY CHEST! another flash of white, and I knew I had the biggest STRIPER of my life!!! That fish was extremely powerful. Finally I pulled the giant from the depths, and saw it with my eyes for the first time. Those HUGE gaping lips came out of the water and I gasped! DOGGONE BUFFALO!!!! Here is a picture for ya, It is litteraly the biggest fish I have ever caught in fresh water. It weighed in at 49 1/2 lbs. It hit my sassy shad. SO GORDON, Buffalo dont hit trolled baits eh??? HMMM My sassy shad says something totally different! Mike E.

June 4, 2003 - Melvern - The channel cat are quite active as of lastnight. I brought home 8 cats between 1-4 pounds off the damn at melvern just beside the pump station. They seemed most interested in night crawlers. In addition I used chicken liver and fresh water shrimp to no avail.

June 4, 2003 - Cheney - Got started trolling at M and M about 7am. I got 3, 19 inch walleye right off the bat. After a few more shorts, I finaly got a keeper at 22 inches. I moved over toward the dam and picked up my second keeper of the day. All together I caught 11 walleye and had 2 of them over 21 inches. The highlight of the day was getting a nice striper on as I was pulling in my hot an tot to move. It
was only about 4 pounds but it thought it was 20 the way it put up a fight. Randy.

June 2, 2003 - Wilson Lake - Jack Hoskinson Madd Jack Striper Guide - The last two weeks the striper fishing has been real hit and miss but on the days they hit we have caught Stripers in the 16 and 15 lb. class several 8 to 11 lb. fish and of course our common 4-7 lb. I am still catching lots of fish in shallow on planer boards but also catching them on downrods in 28 to 32 feet of water using live shad. The stripers are in there spawning pattern and scattered from the dam to the river so you have to do allot of looking but that's fishing for you. With the water starting to warm the stripers should start moving into the Lucas park area soon. Good Luck

June 2, 2003 - Cheney - Dear Zeiners Bass Shop, On back to back sunday mornings at cheney in the same fish hole I caught a keeper Walleye at 21 inches, two Walleye shortys. All caught with live white perch. The next sunday, same time same place but using a extra large minnow, I caught a 20 inch Striped Bass. The hole is between the dam and the marina inside the park. Have a nice day, Mike Hart

June 2, 2003 - Cheney - - Sunday, June 1st - trolled between Christmas Tree Cove and Wichita Point between noon and 4ish, we had 2 hits: An average size bass and a 25 inch (71/2 pound) walleye. We were using a variety of lures, but bright
green seemed to be the choice of color, as both fish were caught using bright green equipment.

June 1, 2003 - Kanopolis - May 31st I took my brother and nephew to Kanopolis to try for Walleye. There was a nice northeast wind blowing, which is a favorite of mine, at that lake. We ended up catching a couple of keeper walleye and a couple of white bass. I saw a lot of people out on the flats but didn't see anybody catching any. We were trolling the wind blown points with jigs and Walley Divers. The most exciting part of the day was just after dawn when my bother hook up on a 30 lb plus, flathead. He caught it while trolling on a crank bait. MAC

May 31, 2003 - Looking for map of SE Kansas Strip Pits - I am looking for a good map of the strip pits around Pittsburg, KS and Big Brutus. Do you know where I can download or purchase a good map of them? Thanks! Chris If you can tell him anything about this, email us and we will forward it.

May 31, 2003 - Cheney - We went to Cheney yesterday (May 30th) from around 7pm to 9:30. Trolled along the points and the dam with fire tigers - didn't get anything. We then drifted along the points using large minnows, liver, and worms - not even a bite, except for the mosquitoes - they were everywhere! Was a disappointing evening. - Tom and Michelle

May 30, 2003 - El Dorado - Left Wichita at 16:30 (4:30pm). My line actually hit the water at about 18:00 (6:00pm). Started out on the far point off the Rock Quarry area, where I can usually catch at LEAST one fish. Today: NONE! Fished 9 other places, mostly off points and in shallows. Didnt take the boat, so couldnt get out on the water. Seen quite a bit of grass carp feeding one spot. But still, didn't catch not ONE fish. NOT ONE! Not even a BITE! Using a floating jig with leeches for Walleye, and plugged around for some bass. But never had any luck. My daignosis: ASS HOLE boaters, and just a plain lack of fish. You know the ones, they fly up into your favorite cove, do a 180 and fly back out. I think they do this JUST to make the anglers mad. If I was anyone else out there....I wouldnt fish El Dorado. I have never caught any keepers or even anything to take a picture of. Good Luck!! Kyle

May 30, 2003 - Cheney - We got out to the Red Bluffs in our boat, expecting a
little catfish action around the feeder. It was around 7:00 P.M.. there were 6 Flyfisherman around the west side of the feeder trying their luck. They didn't have much luck and left around 8:00 P.M. We were using worms and stinkbait and started catching carp..In a hours time we caught a 13, 8, 8, 7, 7 and a 6... 49 pounds of fun, too bad they are not any good to eat...We saw a few channel caught in close to the rocks, we don't think the catfish are use to the feeders let or maybe moving in to spawn on the rocks. Tried for some of the white perch but no luck...A fun
evening anyway...Rocky K Derby, KS

May 30, 2003 - Cheney - Fishing for walleye and wipers was as good as it gets Thursday afternoon. Trolling between M&M Point and the outlet tower with shad raps or Mike E's three-way rig produced walleye and wipers every pass where the depth changes from 20 to 12 feet. I hope this cold front today won't affect the bite. Honestly, I would hate for people to miss action like this. Gordon Schneider, Fisheries Biologist, Wildlife and Parks.

May 30, 2003 - Republican River - Water in the river for a change (see following url for river conditions - if the url breaks make sure you have all the lines to cut and paste to your command line) http://waterdata.usgs.gov/ks/nwis/uv/?site_no=06856600&PARAmeter_cd=00

Would love to see it flowing in excess of 1000 cubic ft per second so it clean itself up and make some new holes:-) But will be satisfied for now with what we got.
Spent the day chasing channel cats with the river falling and the barometer headed the same direction (down.) Got a 1/2 dozen that were keepers (1.5 lbs to 4 lbs) using nightcrawlers and a mixture of blood dip/dough baits that I mixed. Nothing braggin' size but all good eating size. Released several that were under a pound and just plain missed several others. Aside from the blistering sun was a beautiful day sitting on the bank watching nature while waiting on the channels to strike.
Tight lines.....walt

May 29, 2003 - Marion - Catfish were good in the Canada Road trees at the North end of the lake on chicken livers and worms until the wind picked up about 10:00 AM. Nothing chumming on the face of the dam yet. Lake has just turned over and overall fishing is poor. Bill Spangler
Walton, Kansas

May 28, 2003 - El Dorado - Hey all,
Tonight went to ElDorado to catch a few Walleye after work and didnt have a lot of success. The wind came to a complete halt about 5 minutes after we were on the water! The lake glassed off like a majestic mirror, and we didnt have much luck still fishing. Anyone who wants to catch massive amounts of Walleye, should indeed fish El Dorado lake! Windy days are best with a 10 to 15 mph wind. Tonight was not too successful as I stated, but with a little wind, a good anchor and a roadrunner head tipped with a 10" Nightcrawler, success can be fantastic! Litterally we have caught dozens of Walleye from Late March to the present! Most of course are running about 17 3/4" but we have managed several limits of nice fish this year. My folks were here over the holiday and on one of the windless days, we decided to troll. First pass over one of the points my Mom hollered. I HAVE A FISH!!! and yes she did! a beautiful 26" er which weighed slightly over 5 lbs. She was thrilled! I decided to try trolling a little longer cause I only had 2 crank baits! ( I wasnt planning on trolling) and it took about 15 minutes to lose both of them. So we went back to still fishing and finally a little breeze kicked up and we started catching fish! we caught more than 100 Walleye from Weds to Sat, but the keepers were few and far between! I think about a dozen keepers all weekend. It was still magnificent fun. So if your into Walleye (which im really not), Try El Dorado! any point where depth slowly goes from 5 to 15' will produce fish! Several 6 lb and larger fish have been taken this year. I think its time for me to head back to Cheney, for the Wiper and Striper fishishing, It is a little more EXCITING!
Good Luck, MIKE E.

May 28, 2003 - Mariou - Was fishing Marion May 25 and 26 did good both days. Caught 4 nice wipers and 14 white bass trolling around the dam and in the French Creek area using a gold and silver Rapala countdown . every time the boat went out we caught something it was great fun for all. Vince & Sara

May 27, 2003 - Harvey Co. West - Just spent two days at Harvey Co West Lake, five keeper cats in two day's on worms. Seen one 4# cat and one Lg Mouth. SLOW! Thanks! Nori & Lee

May 26, 2003 - Cheney - May 25th Was the White Perch Frenzy on Cheney lake. It started out pretty chilly, with a very cool breeze blowing briskly from the NE. The Perch bit slow at first but after the first hour, they really started biting! I and my 2 friends Terry & Chris fished from 8am to 4:40 PM, and Finished in First Place catching 435 Perch that were by no means in the large category, but were still WHITE PERCH just the same! We used Light tackle, and actually a very simple technique. Small hook tipped with an inch of Night Crawler, and a small split shot 5" up the line. We fished hard, not breaking for a moment the whole day! and to a comment I heard from a SORE LOSER, WE DID NOT USE A THROW NET!!! Some people just have no class!!! I think everyone who entered caught plenty of perch, Over 3,000 total were taken from the lake! Wish it was 3,000,000 but oh well.... The fish fry was fantastic, and the Cheney Lake association did a wonderful job! We need to do it again in July and Sept or Oct! If all of you fishermen who fish cheney would KEEP every single white perch you catch, it will help the Cause immensley!! So.. I just want to say Thanks to the Cheney Lake Association. It was a great day and I wish more people will take part in the future! MIKE E.

May 26, 2003 - Milford - Very successful night 23 May on the causeway at Milford Lake. 1/8th oz mister-twister type jigs were the best bet. No luck during the day, but once the sun went down, the white bass were hitting pretty good; dozen keepers in just over an hour. RT

May 26, 2003 - Milford - may 17 and may 22 - the walleye are on the move.jigs and crawlers 10 to 15 feet - limits are being caught ,alot of 17 inchers. - farnum creek area and in front of town milford. - anchor after you catch one straight down fishing. - smallmouth are by the dam ,5 lb on the 14th may. - green tubes are ripping them.

May 22, 2003 - Cheney - On the 17th, I caught a 27 inch walleye on Cheney using minnows while drifting in our boat. Was a slow fishing day, but the few fish we did catch were all good sizes. (2 walleyes, 4 bass, 1 lg. croppie - Tom and Michelle

May 22, 2003 - Kanopolis - Fished yesterday 5-21 from about 6 to 8 oclock and caught 1 keeper and 1 short. My 5 year old son thought he had a snag but it ended up being the only fish we put in the live well. Saw many other fish being caught . Most were up shallow on the flats, about 4-5 foot of water. JK

May 21, 2003 - Cheney - Caught this 25-inch walleye trolling a three-way rig (Risto Rap and sassy shad) on the river channel south of the buoy in the upper end. White bass were also jumping on fire tiger shad raps in shallow water.

May 21, 2003 - Glen Elder - Fished Sat. and part pf Sun. Couldn't catch a legal keeper. Caught 8 , 14 in. walleye, more Drum, couple of Whites, and even three Largemouth. Walleyes where skattered on the flats. Caught them on jigs and crawlers, Lindy's, floating jigs with crawler, and on minnows. Saw a few better fish caught, but nobody was killing them. Threw out a marker early, to drift the intersection, a guy with three others came along and anchored on it and caught six keepers !! Hey guys and gals, if someone beats you to a favorite spot, honor their spot!! James

May 20, 2003 - Kansas River near Fort Riley - Fishing Sunday in the Kansas River on Fort Riley. Caught 2 Sturgeon. Never caught any in my 25 years of fishing. Fishing for catfish. Both hit nightcrawlers. I did some research on them, so I wasn't sure how rare they are - some websites said they were an endangered species. Is this uncommon to catch them?? Jeremey R. Bailey SGT, U.S. Army
Criminal Law NCO

If you can tell him anything about this, email us and we will forward it.

May 19, 2003 - Wilson Striper Tournament - The May 17-18 tournament winning fish ended up being a 20 plus pound striper which was weighed and released to fight another day. Almost all in attendance caught fish with the average size being 5-6 lbs. Planer boards and down rods caught most of the fish with shad being the preferred bait. The fish are still scattered but when you find them they are pretty hungry and in my opinion right on the verge of the spawn which means more big fish will be caught. Madd Jacks team finished first on the first day, fourth on the second day and second and third overall. Not bad considering that the team that beat us out of first were last years National champions. So sharpen your hooks, change your line, the big ones are on the tear! Madd Jack Jack Hoskinson Madd Jack Striper Guide -

May 19, 2003 - Hillsdale - My 5 year old and I caught over 100 fish on Sunday. 37 over 10". Mostly males still on the banks. Fished Wade's Branch contributory on Hillsdale. Minnow's and tube jigs. Blue and white / Chartreuse and red still seem to be the hot colors. Chris Carson, AE - Townsend Communications - Kansas City, MO 64117 - Ph. 816.454.9660x3039 - Fx. 816.414.3336 - Cell 913.669.9439

May 18, 2003 - Kirwin - Sorry to report, but when leaving Kirwin last Thursday afternoon we observed a group of fishermen? at the cleaning station with approxemently 30 Wipers, large and small. They claimed there was no limit. Not what we could tell by the regulations. Isn't it two? Ken

May 17, 2003 - Cheney - Tues the 13th trolled refuge point and on up towards the rock pile and my #5 fire tiger (jointed) brought in a 23" and 22.5" walleye. and a 22" striper to boot. Wednesday I had the same plan. trolled refuge and points in between there and the rock island caught another 23 incher. had to toss back the 19 kept several good sized white bass and also kept a 22" wiper. lost all my jointed fire tigers so on thursday i tried to find some more in town. nothing on the west side. so I ordered some thru zieners and they'll be here on tues. can't beat that. on the 17th I went with son to cheney in the morning and trolled off of m & m. son caught a 23 incher but that was all for the day except for a small white bass on mine. we had also tried refuge and wichita and some of the other points northwards
And thanks for your guy's help on length limit on el dorado. appreciate it very much. that's all for now. happy fishing to you. ron

May 16, 2003 - Kanopolis - I had a rare day off during the week so regardles of the wheather I went fishing. When I saw it was going to be windy I decided to try Kanopolis again. Just as a got the boat in the water the wind started blowing and then came the rain. For those of you that know the lake, it was raining so hard I couldn't see across the lake. The day was shaping up to be a perfect walleye day. I started fishing the wind blown shores, where deep water was close by. At every drop off the fish were stacked on top of each other. In a matter of two hours I had my limit and the smallest one was 20 inches. I was trolling using a rig similar to the one that Mike E. told you about last summer. The only difference is I'm using a barrel swivel with a palamer knot and leaving the tail out about twelve inches and tying the jig to it. I was using both walley divers and shad raps and every fish hit the walley diver or the jig. MAC

May 16, 2003 - Cheney - Caught two legal walleye and two shorts on No. 7 fire tiger shad raps in about 8 ft. depth out from the stumps in Graber's Cove.

May 13, 2003 - Cheney - Hi Guys!
Here it is the 13th day of May, and this is the first time I fished Cheney this year! Got off work late, put a new transducer on my front depthfinder, and decided to see if it worked. It did! So, of course I decided to see if there are any fish left in the lake, and started Trolling my 3 way off M&M with no fish found!! Didnt spend much time, it was 8pm, so headed North. passed Wichita and went on over to another favorite hump out in the middle of the lake and dodged sail boats, and landed a nice White Bass. Five minutes later a 5lb Wiper, and Shortly later This Magnificent Speciman of a 14 lber! Yeah, I grinned! Who wouldnt??
The water was a balmy 74 degrees and quite muddy. I suppose I will return next week and see where my 30 lb Striper is lurking!
Mike E.

May 13, 2003 - Wilson - I caught a few white bass from the bank just southeast of the point west of Elm Creek cove. Had 13 whites and 2 walleye 18" and 19 1/2". Was fishing on bottom with night crawlers in about 3' of water for the whites and in about 10' of water for the walleye. Caught them all between 7pm and 9pm. nick

May 13, 2003 - Glen Elder - Went to Glen Elder Mon. the 11th. Got there around 3:45 and the wind was a little much for my tri-hull so we tried the south shoreline east of Walnut creek and had no luck. The wind finally let up enough to drift over the channel break and I picked up a 19" walleye. Drifted into the 6' water for about 150yds to no avail so went back to the break and anchored up and my buddy caught a short and an 18" walleye. Don't appear to be on the flats yet. Vance

May 13, 2003 - Kanopolis - On May 11th I went to Kanopolis. The wind was supposed to blow and I figured that lake wouldn't get as rough as Cheney. Well the wind must have been just right because that was the roughest I have ever seen that lake. I have a 17 foot deep V and it tossed me around like a toy boat. It did seem like the harder the wind blew and the bigger the waves got the better the walleye bit. Every pass I made I was hooking a fish. Unfortunately because I couldn't stop and reel the fish in properly I lost the vast majority of them. I did end up getting on 19 inch into the live well and had to throw back several smaller ones. I think I could have filled the live well if I wouldn't of had some boat problems. MAC  

May 13, 2003 - Glen Elder - Fished Glen Elder May 8, 9, 10. May 8 it was overcast, misty and a good breeze. Didn't get out on onto the lake the 8th until noon but ended up with 4 nice walleye. (18" - 21") Jigging the bottom of the river channel drop-offs with nightcrawlers. (25 to 30 feet) Saw a lot of limits taken that day with some nice 8 pounders. On the 9th it was sunny and VERY calm. Boats stacked up everywhere on the channel. Fishing was very slow but several people took their limit. We fished the drop-offs all day with little success and then in the evening decided to move up to the top of the drop. 6 foot. Caught 3 nice walleye (20 - 22") to avoid the shutout for the day. Talked to several guys who said the people that had taken their limit were catching them early. So on the 10th we got on the lake at 6:30 a.m. The wind was blowing and it was misting/raining. We started on the drops between 12 and 6 feet. Had our limit by 10:00 a.m. Very few other boats on the lake. We fished the west end of the lake all three days. When the weather was cloudy, windy and rainy we had great fishing and little boat traffic. When it was sunny and almost no breeze, the fishing was VERY slow but there were boats everywhere.

May 13, 2003 - Mined Wildlife Area - Mined wildlife area; 5/5 and 5/6 water temp 72,spent both days fishing from bellyboats.Saw quite a bit of trees and brush down from the local tornados .Fishing was the slowest I have ever experianced for this area. With 2 of us putting in 20 plus hours apiece in the 2 days we caught and released roughly only 30 bass (the largest being only about 16 inches) quite a few small crappie and sunfish and only 3 catfish (first time I ever caught BULLHEAD in the pits) of less then 2 pds. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason as to what we caught,,depths and location seemed to be very random as well as no standout lure/bait,,,caught bass on tiny jigs to 7 1/2 dark colored worms,,,but then again we caught crappie on the same setup. Overall very frustrating for a truely outstanding natural resource ,, I am hoping this was just a weather related abberation. I can honestly say we fished very slowly (no real choice in a bellyboat) and covered each area thourghly with seveal lures and depths and speeds. Tried 4 pits where we genearlly are quite happy with only 1 a day.
Tim Medley/Bob Pellham

May 11, 2003 - Geary State Lake - Today I fished Geary State, and caught quite a few largemouths, only 3 over 15'', but lots were between 14-15''. Did manage to get 2 18 inchers, that were in the 3 pound range. Also caught 3 saugeyes that were from 15''-17.5''. I caught all my fish today on a 5 inch dark green senko. I did notice a lot of beer bottles, and cans on the bank. PLEASE people clean up after yourselves. I ended up filling my livewells with as much trash as possible to try to keep the lake looking nice, and clean for others to enjoy. Thank you, and good luck to all.

May 11, 2003 - El Dorado - The length limit on walleye at El Dorado is 18-inch minimum.

May 7, 2003 - El Dorado - The report from El Dorado on May 7 mentioned some confusion on the walleye length limits. On page 7 of the Kansas Fishing Regulations Summary, El Dorado is listed as an 18-inch minimum. Just thought maybe you could clear that up.

May 8, 2003 - Melvern - Went to Melvern lake on 5-7-03 in pursuit on Smallmouth. The action turned out to be slow, but I did manage a few nice smallies "12-"16 in. and a nice "20 in. Largemouth all on pumpkinseed "bitsy bugs". Ended up casting "bailey crappie magnets" in the backs of coves (mid-lake) with good success, catching 47 crappie; 25 of which were over the "10 in. length limit. This is my first time reporting in and I encourage all you guys to join in. We all have to work way too much and this site is an outstanding tool for planning future trips. Good fishing!!! D. Stuewe

May 8, 2003 - Kingman -
Fished Kingman Thursday. Water temp was approximately 67 degrees. Only caught one small bass off a quad blade spinnerbait. Weather seems to be preventing the bass from moving into the shallows. Saw one dead crappie as well as some catfish and bluegill. Better luck next time. Dominic

May 7, 2003 - El Dorado - Went to El Dorado on May 3rd, My son and I caught 6 walleye drifting and trolling in anywhere from 5 - 20' of water. 4 of which we could've kept but, threw back. I was under the impression that 18" is the length limit. Pulled into Marina to put the boat away and Ks reg's say 15" unless otherwise posted. We had 16''s. We didn't see the 18" limit posted. So what gives. On Monday went to Cheney and did some drifting and trolling. Drifted the rock pile. (thank you kdwp for putting in the bouys) Nothing. Drifted Fishermans cove. White Perch. then I tried trolling the jointed fire tiger shad raps. Caught a 23" walleye north of rock pile in 15 - 20 ft. depth. Hooked a big one but he got away north of refuge point and a 22" eye busted my lure but stayed on line (and is now in the freezer) off of wichita point.
Good Luck and Happy Fishing.

May 9, 2003 - The report from El Dorado on May 7 mentioned some confusion on the walleye length limits. On page 7 of the Kansas Fishing Regulations Summary, El Dorado is listed as an 18-inch minimum. Just thought maybe you could clear that up.

May 6, 2003 - Marion - Spring is here. Fished Marion weekend of May 3. This weekend was the KWA walleye tourn. at Marion. We caught lots of shorts, 15-17
1/2 in., and only saw a few keepers caught. There were some nice walleye weighedin on Sun. biggest going over 7lbs. but they were in small numbers winning team weighed in 4 fish at just over 13 lbs.

Just got back from Plainville lake tonight, small channel cat were hitting well at east end and had some nice strikes on top water lures, was un able to hook up though.


May 6, 2003 - Gardner Lake - Hellow there! I just thought that I would let you know that the crappie fishing has been astounding at Gardner Lake, Kansas lately. As have been the blue cat and largemouth bass. Last night I caught the biggest blue cat I have ever seen (in person). It was 30 inches and weighed in at roughly 16-17
pounds. I caught it about 12 feet off the east shore of the lake using a minnow. I do hope that this helps.

With Best Regards,
Jason Buis - GARMIN International - Product Support Specialist techsupp@garmin.com
800-800-1020 / 913-397-8200 / 913-397-0836 fax / <http://www.garmin.com/>

May 4, 2003 - Sherman - 5/3/03 caught some nice crappie in the 10" to 12"range with an ocasional walleye in about 18" to 24" of water along shore in areas (trail #3-#5) crappie were biting good and consistent when the sun was out on small minnows and every once in a while picking up an walleye in the 18" to 20" range. Crappie must be 10" to keep and walleye 18" at Sherman. HAVE FUN!

May 2, 2003 - El Dorado - Fished El Dorado Thursday on the West side in 6-8 foot near points. When we got to the dock Brandon showed me his Crappie and he held one of our Walleyes for a photo. It was the first time for the 8 year old to see a Walleye! Chris

May 2, 2003 - La Cygne -La Cygne April 26-27,2003 We had a club tournament last weekend. Water temps are any where from 65 degrees by the dam and 71 degrees in the river area. Bass are in the beginning phase of spawn. Fish are in 3' or less. Laydowns in the marina cove and riprap straight across the lake. Best methods were drop shot 4" lizards and texas rigging baby brush hogs.Lots of big fish over 20' were caught throughout the weekend!! Winner took 28 lbs. for a day in a half tournament. Good Luck Aaron Brown Southwinds Bass Club

April 28, 2003 - Melvern - Crappie fair Sunday 8 to 12 inches in shallow water near marina. Smallmouth good 12 to 15 inches in 6 to 10ft near marina

April 28, 2003 - El Dorado - Tried my hand at smallmouth fishing at El Dorado on Sunday 4-27. Limited sucess with 5 keepers biggest 3.43 (all returned to the lake). Saw other bass fisherman who also had some smallmouth. Did see one
largemouth at 5.5 brought in. Used a Senko, frenchfry and crankbait to catch fish. Wind from the east until noon about 15-20mph, then settled down after lunch.

April 28, 2003 - Cheney - April 26th, We were out over the weekend. Saturday morning we trolled all over that darn lake and only caught one small white. Saturday afternoon, when the wind started picking up, we headed towards the dam. In about 35-40 ft, 400 yds or so off of the spillway, I hooked into an 18 lb, 36 in.
striper. I was using a medium size orange, gold, and black Rat-L-Trap.
Running about 5-6 ft deep. My husband had to help me get it in the boat.
We've been complaining about getting skunked lately at Cheney, but that
Striper has made up for a few bad trips. JJ

April 27, 2003 - El Dorado - Fished Eldorado Saturday on the West side in 5 foot with the wind blowing up white caps all day. We put 20+ Walleye in the boat using jig and worm with 7 of them in the livewell. Brad also landed a NICE 18.25 inch 3.8 lb Smallmouth. It was as fat as a pig! That qualifys him a Master Angler award. Chris

April 27, 2003 - Marion- April 27th, Marion Lake- I took my dad out for a try at walleyes. Even though the wind came up we were able to put 10 fish into the boat. Unfortunately all of them were just short of the legal limit. We were catching them on a jig and crawler and a worm harness with spinners. I watched several other boaters with the same kind of luck, lots of fish but too short to keep. Oh well that beats getting your bait stole by white perch. MAC

April 27, 2003 - Cheney- April 26th, Cheney lake- I decided to leave the boat at home and got out my float tube. I fished Fisherman's cove for about an hour without a bite. I spoke with several other people who had been there all day and they hadn't caught any fish yet. I moved to Mr. D's where I saw several short fish being caught. After about an hour I caught one large crappie, jigging. Most of all of the other fish being caught were on cut bait. MAC

April 27, 2003 - Wilson Lake - Jack Hoskinson Madd Jack Striper Guide - This week the stripers have hit real good at times with numbers of fish in the 5 to 7 lb. range. We also caught a 21 lb. striper on May 25 pulling live shad on a planer board in 2 feet of water. This fish hit 4 or 5 times before taking the bait which in that shallow of water was a great show. Stripers are still being taken lake wide by the bank fisherman with stripers in the 10 lb. range being quite common. With the water temp. warming and hopefully the weather settling down a little the fish should really break loose soon. Good Luck


April 22, 2003 - Geary State Lake Largemouth are starting to move to the nest. In about 5 to 8 ft of water and are biting slowely on slow moving carolina rigged lizards. Females are picking them up and moving them about 2 ft and dropping them. Rig your worm with the point ofthe hook close to the outside for good and quick penetration. A lizard with no weight would work too. Smallmouth are still in about 8 to 10 ft of water along the channels and in rip rap. Crank baits and slow jigs with pork. Thomas, Jerome J

April 18, 2003 - Butler County State Lake - Went today, Friday and had a hard time. Had a difficult time just finding the place. I learned a lesson... to never rely on signs to get you where you are going. There are some signs that tell you to turn here to get to the lake, but the turn that hits the lake has no sign. I drove down the ten mile road and then all the way back. Finally went on k96 to Latham then finally found the turn I needed. Got there and found out just how bad the wind was. The lake was muddy and being on shore I knew my main approach would be spinnerbaits. And today wasn't the day to practice my baitcaster. So I pulled out my trusty spincasting reel and stood on the first hump of land and started casting into the weeds. I knew with being how muddy the water was I would have to find the bass and then use something to get their attention. I had one strike and it was a small largemouth since it had no power to him, but he got away. I was using yet another new lure I bought. It was a small spinnerbait with one blade and was white rabbit fur, with a leather tail I believe. I wasn't going to let the wind and mud stop me, but I was limited to being able to find the bass so I just learned myself the technique of using the spinnerbait as a topwater lure. I think I was feeling good from just finding the place on my trip home hehe. Dominic

April 18, 2003 - Cheney -
as promised to self i tried some drift fishing thursday morning. I got one wiper in the 4 pound range. drifting off of wichita point( it's still out there threw it back to get bigger). I was talking to one fisherman when I came off the lake though and he said he had caught a 12 pounder (wiper) using white perch off of refruge point during the big winds wednesday afternoon. he said many other boats were enjoying the same success he was. .

April 17, 2003 - Kingman - Fished Kingman Thursday from 2-7:30. Started slow, but found a hot spot. Caught a total of six bass. Only two were small. The other four were in the 16" to 17" range and heaviest weighed three pounds. I caught them all on the same lure that I just bought the same day. It was a four bladed spinnerbait that was yellow and white. Dominic

April 17, 2003 - Cheney -
Was on cheney before the winds got big on wednesday morning. I was tired of staying cooped up in the house. So i did some trolling around m/m point in 3 to 7 foot depths and hooked 1 smalleye (about 18 inches) on a 3 inch silver wally diver. i thought that was a success due to all the factors working against me. recent front, change in wind direction, and lack of time to really hunt for them.. will try some drifting on thursday after winds change to a southerly direction. ron k.

April 16, 2003 - Wilson Lake - Jack Hoskinson Madd Jack Striper Guide - Due to the wind and other obligations I haven't been on the water since Friday but I have been in contact with other fisherman. We had a Kansas Striper Association tournament this weekend. 6' 3" won the tournament with several smaller stripers caught. I was on the water Friday afternoon and evening and the stripers hit good before sunset but according to the guys in the tournament the fishing got tough on Saturday and of course the good old Kansas wind messed up most of the days fishing on Sunday. This time of year with the wind and the cold fronts it sure can make the fishing tough. Almost all of the stripers caught this weekend were taken in 20 feet or less fishing from the dam to the river using live bait and trolling. I know that covers allot of territory but with the lake warming the fish are scattered lake wide and feeding shallow. With the water warming quickly the whites and the stripers are going to be in there pre-spawn pattern soon and that means they will be hungry. This is a great time to catch a lots of fish and those big females will hit bait like a freight train. Good Luck

April 16, 2003 - Gardner Lake - I have been fishing Gardner Lake quite a bit lately. Bass have not really been biting much nor have the catfish. But, crappie are hitting very often. They are hitting between 2 and 20 feet from the shore. We were using shad sides and nightcrawlers. The crappie were also hitting white jigs. My
friend pulled out a 3.5lb 14 inch crappie out last Sunday. I do hope that this helps.

With Best Regards, Jason Buis - GARMIN International - Product Support Specialist - techsupp@garmin.com - 800-800-1020 - 913-397-8200 - 913-397-0836 fax - <http://www.garmin.com/>

April 14, 2003 - Marion - (April 12) I fished the face of the dam from daylight to 8:00am and didn't get a strike. I tried crank baits, night crawlers and jigs. I moved over to the east shores and started slow trolling with worm harnesses. I ended up catching two keeper whites and one walleye. I saw one other keeper walleye caught. MAC

April 12, 2003 - Bond Creek Lake - 4/11/03 over past two days have been catching 3 to 5lb channel around feeders on shad sides. Feeders were filled last week. fresh cut perch has also worked good. Please limit what you take home so the big ones will still be there. tanks, Matt


April 6, 2003 - Cheney/El Dorado - Mike Cook - Four Lake Guides - Walleye fishing has been sporadic recently. They are well into the spawn. Saturday Clark and I started at Cheney but after a couple of hours of fishing and only a few white perch we packed up and headed to El Dorado were we caught a few last weekend. You remember Clark, He's my number one client. Any way we found them pretty quick. With a lot of cloud cover and a strong northeast wind blowing we limited out on keepers with a few shorts. No big ones. All fish measured between 18 1/2 and 20 inches. We quit about 4:30 so we could get home and see the second half of KU put a whippin on Marquette. We caught all our fish on a jig and crawler anchored on a spawning area. They all wanted this funny pinkish pourple color I painted up. We had other colors in all day but every fish came on the same color. Funny how color makes such a big difference from one day to the next. By the way cat fishing is really starting to pick up too. Mike Cook

April 6, 2003 - Kingman State Fishing Lake - I Didn't really plan to go fishing Saturday April 5th, but ended up getting away from all the stress for a few hours. Turned out to be a very productive trip. Caught around 20 bass, most of them full of eggs and released them so they can spawn. The weather was cool with wind, and a storm front moving in over night, really turned on the fish during the evening, I could see some lightning down south. I was using the old faithful Jig & Pig (Blue & Black), with 17lb. test line. I didn't catch any Northern Pike This trip. I think they are at the north end spawning. I can here some thunder right now so I better unplug this thing cause it's not grounded. Robin T.

April 4, 2003 - Wilson Lake - Jack Hoskinson Madd Jack Striper Guide - I finally got on the water yesterday after a week of being away. I caught 7 stripers up to 7# pulling live bait on planer boards, missed at least that many more as the were short hitting allot. With the fronts coming thru like they always do in April and the constant wind shifts it can make the fishing pretty tough. I'm having no problem finding fish but finding the ones that want to bite is another story. My opinion is that the fish will usually fire back up about 48 hours after a front has passed, sometimes a little sooner. Last week I had found lots of stripers in the Minooka area which had moved and scattered. It seems the stripers are scattered lake wide and have heard reports of a few being caught on the wind blown points by wader fishermen at all over the lake. Good Luck

April 3, 2003 - Plainville City Lake - Went to Plainville city lake this even. was only able to catch one bass but it was a healthy 4 lbs. I was using a 3" sassy shad, also saw another angler put a 5+ on his stringer. This is the only disturbing thing i have witnessed being a new Plainville fisherman. Just remember guys let a few of those big ones go so they will be there tomorrow. Bigcat

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