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Mike Cook's Report | Source: Kansas Anglers like you. Send us a report.

December 30, 2005 - Kanopolis Seep Stream - Weather conditions @ Salina @ 0918 hrs CST: - clear below 12000
Temp: 40 F - Humidity: 65% - Dewpoint: 29 degrees - Barometric Pressure: 29.76 rising
wind chill: 30 - wind direction / speed: WNW @ 20 MPH

Winds blew constantly all day making light line & light lures somewhat difficult to operate. Managed to catch my limit with no thanks to my ability to set the hook. Caught 1 (15.75 inches - 2 lbs +) on rainbow power nuggets, 1 (14 inches) using Bomber Ultra-Lite FAT A in firetiger), caught 2 (10 inch - size you normally get) using Berkley Sunrise Power Eggs & 1 (13.5 inches using Rapala # 5 Original Minnow in firetiger.) Saw one gentleman using 1/100 oz jig on fly rod (had several 10 inch trout); another was using Balls of Fire Salmon eggs (had his limit) & two others were using combination of salmon eggs, power bait & a spinner. Not bad for the last trip of this year.
Needless to say fresh baked trout for supper tonite

"Per Mare, Per Terras"

December 22, 2005 - Cheney Ice Fishing Comments-ICE fishing anywhere in the MIDWEST can be extremely tough. Because you have a bad experience ICE fishing on any lake doesn't mean anything really. You have to factor in the type of day you went out. Did you fish Low light conditions? Did you have a depth finder and find shad and fish around the shad before you cut holes? Unless you pinpoint the area the fish are using it can be extremely tough because most of time the fish are turned off in the winter. Even if you find the fish they might be ignoring everything you put down the hole. Its much easier to cover water when its open vs. chopping a few holes and waiting for a bite. If the water is clear and your fishing during the day then your odds just went way down. Try fishing some tip-ups real shallow next to some deeper water during low light conditions. Use lively bait and make sure your bait is oriented to the water temp prior to putting them in the water. Once the entire lake temp is about the same in all depth levels then you can catch fish extremely shallow under the ice even over deep water. A lot of times after the ice has been on the lake awhile then you can start fishing up some of the channels because fish will relocate from the winter conditions. The entire lake becomes available once the water temps have stabilized. Bad weather the fish will move deeper and hold tighter, nice weather they are scattered out looking for shad to feed on. Don't be surprised to find fish in 5 feet of water feeding during the day. In this phase of the ice fishing season the fish should still be holding fairly deep but probably starting to move shallow again. It all depends on what type of fish your trying to catch. Walleyes are definitely the hardest to catch during the day in the winter. You must fish low light conditions for Walleye to be successful. They will hold tight to the bottom but in shallow areas (humps, rock piles) during feeding time. You also must figure out what they are eating. Most likely big shad or in Cheney probably white perch and shad. The lake probably has too much baitfish what is the exact problem that most Kansas lakes have, but when you hit it right you will forget about that one bad trip.

Tom K

December 18, 2005 - Cheney -Dec.18, 2005. Reference question on ice fishing. Can't remember the year, 1999,2000? One of those years was the last time i went ice fishing at Cheney. It was the year before the white perch entered Cheney on a huge scale. Ice fishing was excellent on White bass, Stripers, Wipers. Yes, i believe the Perch are why ice fishing is no longer excellent. I don't go anymore ice fishing due to the lack of catching fish thru the ice. Our best answer to this question would be the biologist working full time at Cheney if he would care to advise. On a different note Fish and Game has done a excellent job on stocking Wipers, Walleye the last several years. Now, why can't we catch them thru the ice. Heck i don't know. But, June, July, August is a excellent time to catch these fish at Cheney. Good luck to you winter time fisherman. Mark.

December 14, 2005 - Glen Elder & Cheney -
12-08-05 at Glen Elder
- We were the only souls out there. We've never ice fished Glen Elder, however, we wanted to get an early start on the ice fishing season. The ice was 4" to 4.5" west of the causeway. I must have punched well over a 100 holes that day as we were looking for fish along the channel. We managed to pick up one crappie. Hard for me to guess the problems here, however, I talked to someone up there and he said that there has to be a 100 people on the lake to find the fish? My guess is the snow on the ice. It seems in the past I could be catching fish 5 days in a row and it snows and the fish go away.

12-09-05 at Cheney - This time we were greeted with 8 other fishermen, however, the ice was much thinner. It started with about 4" of ice on the first mile road south of Fred's and as we progressed towards the 2nd mile road it was only 2" or 2.5" at best. The fishing was horrible. I didn't get a bump or see anyone catch a fish. I had no fish show up on my vexilar. That seems to be the theme among other fishermen is that Cheney is not the same.

I'm not sure what the problems at Cheney are. Could it be the white perch population? or the snow? or none of the above?

Anyone have any ideas why the fishing is brutal?

I wonder what the cost would be to drain Cheney and start over!

Good luck,


December 14, 2005
- Anyone fishing? Send reports - has any anglers been catching cold weather fish please send in more reports for cold season . its time to get the 2 & 4lb. test fishin line out. are there any crappie or winter walleye biting, please send any info thanks jer

December 1, 2005 - Question on cold weather bass fishing - Editor's note: This is from Alabama, but this could apply in Kansas just as well - Any suggestions? I have a 2 acre, 40 year old pond in the heart of alabama and now that a cold front is coming in there seems like there is no fish in there at all. but i know there are some good 5 to 8 pound bass in there. could you please tell me an efficient way to catch them. i appreciate your time.
Luke A. -Elmore Al.

November 13, 2005 - Winfield dam on the Walnut river on 12 NOV 05 - Went White Bass fishing at the dam today and caught three Wipers (did not know they were stocked). What a shock to my 7 ft ultra light rod with 4lb line trying to bring in those fish out of the rolling water! Caught them on small jigging spoons ripping them as soon at it hit the water all fish were caught on the drop. None were keepers the largest was 17in, but with 4lb test it was a battle.


November 10, 2005 - Thank You note - Just wanted to say "thanks" to all the anglers who report, and even guides like Mr. Cook. I enjoy the stories, and as important, the info.
Thanks again.
Ryan Stewart

November 9, 2005 - Pratt County - caught limit of walleye 11-8 at pratt co . they are hitting small walleye divers and rattletraps right along the rock jetties ...
fishin pal jer

November 8, 2005 - Woodson County - the Boat ramp is inaccessible. the lake is drawn down about 20 feet.
why, don't know. got there about 6:30 am Tuesday and looked at the lake.
decided to fish the dam were we caught about 10 bass the largest about lbs..
then we went to Wilson County and fish the rest of the day.
Steve C.

November 4, 2005 - Segwick County Park - November 3 - Caught a nice stringer of rainbow trout, some in Slough creek and more in Vic's Lake on spinners and salmon eggs. We had to work for them, but eventually got our limit. Also question to Jay where did you catch the wipers and largemouth.

See you on the water, tight lines

Jack Bob

October 31, 2005 - Fall River - Mike Cook - Four Lake Guides - Fished Fall River Saturday. Had a cancellation due to a customer being sick. Poor Clark sounded like death warmed over on the phone. So what did I do on a day off? That's right. I went fishing. Fished the river in the morning cause the wind was blowing hard enough to straighten a 10 foot length of half inch log chain. It was really cool though. The cool temperatures lately and the wind blowing like it was, I've never seen leaves fall like they did Saturday on the river at Fall River. I was vertical jig fishing for crappie using 8 and 10 foot B&M jig poles and every once in while a big leaf or twig would fall and hit one of the poles and make it feel like a bite. I did a whole lot of premature jerking. I did jerk up a half dozen really nice crappie and I can't really say how many real small ones. No white bass.

After eating lunch at 2 in the afternoon, I braved the lake and wind and waves and shallow water on the north end for cats. No luck on the flats around the river. I tried the back of a few coves with the same results. I finally found them on a wind blown point and man were they big channel cats. Eight fish, 2 were 10 pounders. An 8, a couple of 6's and nothing under 4 for the rest. I decided that was enough fun for the day and started back towards Ladd Bridge, because I had a long way to go through some shallow water and it was getting dark fast. Going to Missouri next weekend to see my Dad and Sister and her family. My Grandmother there is wanting me to bring some fish to fry and my Sister , her family and Brother and his family will meet there for a good ol' fashion family fish fry. So no report next weekend. But I'll talk to you when I get back.

Mike Cook

October 27, 2005 - Sedgwick County Park - This morning my wife witnessed the KDWP restocking trout in Slough Creek at Sedgwick County Park. Since trout season began, I could post three fishing reports, but no catching reports, not counting bluegill. I'm using spinners and small crankbaits. If you're catching them, please share some tips.
Dean B.
Wichita, KS

October 26, 2005 - Sedgwick County Park - Oct 26, 2005 Caught very nice Wipers 7 to 8 pounds at Sedgewick County Park and approximately 50 largemouth bass. Very good fishing day
Jay Southern

October 24, 2005 - Cheney - Monday Oct 24, 2005 fished north end of cheney nothing happeneing went up to dam caught 2 white perch very poor day of fishing at Cheney Res
Jay Southern

October 24, 2005 - Marion - Mike Cook, Four Lake Guides - Saturday fishing at Marion was very slow to get started. We had four fish in the boat at 1:00 o'clock. Then the bite happened or we found the fish or God only knows what happened. But Terry and Bob limited out by 4:00 and that was good enough for them. Water temp dropped to 58 degrees. (Photographs from left Scott Bull, Bob Gutshenritter, Jim Bull, Lynn Bull)
Mike Cook

October 24, 2005 - Kanapolis - Went to Kanapolis lake today and had fun. Brother and I really got into the wipers on the south beach. By 11:00a we had caught at least 30 a piece. All fish were good 2 - 7 lbs.

October 22, 2005 - Marion - The Walleyes have been slow on the bite from the lake front, but have caught a few towards evening time on large plugs at the spill way...Green or perch color seems to be the ticket with a very slow retrieve...not to many anglers to fight with a spot right now at the spill way. Also have caught some nice catfish off of the plugs at night...some ranging to 10lbs. Good fishing, Andy

October 19, 2005
- Followup question on answer to McPherson State Lake question --do they have to let so much out a year, and why did they let so much out at one time

October 18, 2005 - Answer to McPherson State Lake question --They let the water out of McPherson State Fishing Lake because of downstream water rights for watering cattle.

October 18, 2005 - Cheney -- Well the great fishing could'nt continue forever. Finally had a real slow day. Four fish all day long. And it was a 12 year old birthday present. Bummer! Talked to a couple of Wiper fishermen. Same story with them. A couple of small fish and that was it. No wind. Need some wind for a chop on the water at Cheney To get the fish active. But it was a beautiful fall day. A little warm maybe. Well it will be better fishing this coming weekend. Gotta think possitive.
Mike Cook

October 17, 2005 - Miami County Lake -- Hi again , just fished Miami co. lake today. Caught a bunch of small bass 1-2 # mostly around the dock and boat ramp, but the water looks really funny again. I was down there twice this year during the algea bloom and the water is looking like that again. It's got this green powdery silt in it. But I am by no means and expert but the water looks like its full of green powder. There were alot of people out there fishing. Mostly for catfish.. tight lines to all !

October 17, 2005 - McPherson State Lake question -- anybody know why they let out so much water at mcpherson sate fishing lake

October 16, 2005 - Marion -- Saturday 10/15/05 Got to lake at 8 am. Trolled beach, cottonwood, flats. We caught absolutely nothing. Then the wind picked up at about ten am to at least 20 miles per hour and had to get off the lake. Winds were from the northeast. Scott S

October 14, 2005 - Milford Lake Spillway -- Oct 13 - Conditions @ Salina @ 1408 hrs CDT:
clear below 12000
Temp: 75 F / Humidity: 36% / Dewpoint: 46 F
Barometric Pressure: 30.12 steady / Wind Direction / Speed: calm
Corps releasing 400 cfs through the spillway. Used Gulp 3 inch white minnow grub, Gulp 3 inch chartreuse minnow grub, Rat-L-Trap® Tiny Trap for 3 under-size smallmouths, 1 wiper & 2 whites. Lost my only silver Rat-L-Trap® Tiny Trap when the O-ring cut the line w/ a fish on. Used a gold colored one to catch the small wiper and 2 little white bass. Everything returned to the water as none were big enough to keep.
Tight Lines & Sharp Hooks
"Per Mare, Per Terras"

October 13, 2005
- Answer to Question for Scott S on Marion 10/1 - Inches, I wish it was pounds, sorry for misleading you and getting your hopes up! Scott S

October 13, 2005 - Marion -- Sorry for the lateness in this report. Saturday, we hammered them again at Marion. Using Cat Trackers Jo Jo's Poles Snatcher Bait. Water temp had dropped to 64 degrees. Sunday was a tough day. Caught a dozen. But all were really nice fish. Don't know why things were so slow. Picked up a fish here and there, but could not find that big school where we could bend one pole after the other. Water temp Sunday at Cheney was 62 degrees.
Mike Cook

October 11, 2005 - Nebo -hi i do a ton of fishing around this area , just wanted to let you know a report from nebo . we fished oct. 9-11th. the lake is very high and very stained. we were catching catfish around the feeder as fast as we could bait up but we didnt even get a sniff from anything else . we literally didnt get a bite from another fish and we threw everything we had at them . i fish alot and would love to help you with reports. i think you do a good service here .

thanks .. john woods.. kansas city kansas

October 3, 2005 - Question for Scott S on Marion 10/1 - Scott S.: Inches or pounds?


October 3, 2005 - Marion - Saturday 10-1 was quite slow for jig fishing on crappie and white bass in the river at Marion. Caught a few nice fish though. Maybe it was the fronts coming through, but it sure was slow. We switched to channel cat after lunch and had a grand ol' time until the rain and lightning made us make a run to the boat ramp. Lots and lots of shad. you all know what that means. Oh boy , oh boy. Fall and winter fish should be fat and sassy.
Mike Cook

October 2, 2005 - Marion - October 1, 05 started fishing about 10 am. Trolled the drop off next to the flats, one pass, nothing. Decided to try cottonwood point and the beach area for some wipers. First pass was nothing but then a friendly boater told us they were catching them close to the beach and edge of the dam. So we decided to stay in the area and in our next ten passes caught 5 wipers;16,16,18,18,18. Trolling using Shad Rap- Shad color. Left lake at 1:30 pm. Scott S

September 28, 2005 - Cheney - September 27, 2005. Tuesday. Got the the lake at noon. What a nice day. Light south winds. Hit many hot spots. Came up with three 23" wipers close to the entrance to sail boat cove area. That's it. Kept 2 to clean. Was hoping the Marina was open to get some ice to get the fish home. They were closed. So backed the boat up to the water and released my catch. Left the lake at 3:30pm. Mark.

September 26, 2005 - Marion - This was another great weekend of catfishing. Three of us limited out on channels at Marion Reservoir on Saturday. Even releasing a few smaller ones. No big fish. Two to six pounds. All really nice healthy looking fish. Same story on Sunday. We were through fishing by 2 oclock in the afternoon on both days. I just love fall fishing.
Mike Cook

September 25, 2005 - Cheney - Sunday we started fishing about 10am, No wind and plenty of warmth made for quite an eventful day. I caught plenty of Wipers, Most of them small in the 2 to 3 lb range, 3 in the 22 to 24 inch size, 2 Very nice fat White Bass, and this magnificent Flathead I caught trolling my 3 way rig out in 19' of water along an underwater terrace. He hit with a vengeance, and almost cleaned my reel of line! I ended up following him for a ways, then it took all my energy to lift him off the bottom. It was like pulling up a fighting LOG! WHat a fish. His gut was almost as big as mine! ( I said almost!) all in all it was a good day. A little bit too HOT, it was supposed to be like..85, but turned out to be 97! Yeah it was downright HOT. We decided to quit about 4:30, cleaned fish and headed home.

September 24, 2005 - El Dorado Question - I've heard reports of smallmouth fishing being pretty good at ElDorado this year. I've tried bass fishing a few times on ElDorado, but all I can catch are whites and walleyes. There seems to be excellent cover and structure for both largemouth and smallmouth on ElDorado, but I can't locate the fish. Could someone provide some good general areas, depth to fish, etc. for smallmouth (and largemouth) or are bass in ElDo just "urban legend"??? Keep your worm in the water- Don.

September 20, 2005 - Marion

Hi Mike

Thanks again for a great day on Marion. You sure know how to put us onto the cats. And special thanks for giving my brother the best day of fishing he's ever had.

Here are a few photos of a happy man and his best catches of the day. For your notes, he's Jan Groves, my younger brother and one of my favorite people.

We were thinking back on the day. The last stop, on the south shore cove, was no more than half an hour. With 11 fish kept including all of the largest of the day, and two released. It's as close to a catfish feeding frenzy as we've ever seen.

it was a blast.

Take care and thanks again.

Russell Groves
1065 140th
Hillsboro, KS 67063

September 20, 2005 - Cheney - September fishing at Cheney seems to be really slow.

Has anyone taken note of any, if at all, wiper/white schooling activity on the surface chasing shad?

Have I missed it or has it not yet started?

Mr. "T"

September 13, 2005 - Marion Reservoir - Sunday September 12th, forecast was 15-30 winds from the south gusty. Was 15-20 when we put on, do-able. As soon as we trolled through the edge of the flats-drop off, we had two fish on. One wiper and one white bass. We looked around gave high fives and said today is going to be a good day. Trolled a ways further down before turning around and guess what, the wind had picked up . We didn't really notice it because we were going with the wind until then. We were in a 17 foot bass boat. The waves coming at us now were from 3- 6 feet. It sucked. It took us an hour to get back to Marion cove where we put in at and took on a lot of water. The engine was overheating for some reason as well, so we thought we could sink the boat pretty easily but we made it back, extremely wet! Had a flat tire on the way there on the trailer. Last week the engine wouldn't start. Our luck this year has been horrible. Hope you all are doing better than us!

Scott S

September 11, 2005 - Elk County Watershed - I took my wife and kids to a watershed Thursday evening. The crappie and bass were biting like crazy. We caught 25 nice crappie and to many bass to count. I spent most of my time helping them, it was a lot of fun. I went back Saturday by myself and caught 31 crappie before I realized how many I was going to have to clean. They were still biting when I left. We were using an assortment of different crappie jigs. It seemed like just about every color was working. Shawn

September 7, 2005 - Cheney - September 06, 2005 beautiful morning. Very little wind at 8am. Forecast was for light south wind with high pressure overhead. Seen hundreds of schools of shad on top and underneath of water. Shad hatch must have been very good this year. Seen many, many huge fish on the screen. Not a bite till noon. Had two big fish on and both got off. My hooks must have not been sharp. Very slow. Nothing like last year. Mark.

September 6, 2005 - Cheney - Labor day at Cheney was tough. Had a couple of brothers from the Wichita area. Had to use thrwe anchors and that wouldn't even hold the boat most times. Godd mornong bite, and fair late afternoon bite. Tough in between. One channel cat short of filling there limit. Really, really nice fish though. 6,7,8 pounders. Had fun.
Mike Cook

September 5, 2005 - Cheney question - I'm planning a trip to Cheney sometime in the next couple of weeks. I have waded there in the past, but have never fished it from a boat until now. Can anyone point me in the right direction as far as where to go and what types of baits work the best? I'll be fishing for wiper/striper and walleye. Thanks for the help. Shawn

September 3, 2005 - Cedar Bluff - We spent two days and nights at this lake this past week, and had no results on white bass or wipers. We fished late into the evening and early morning until afternoon. We did not really give channel cat a good chance, but did try for several hours, but did not use trotlines, so wont rate them, but all other species were nil. We talked to several other groups, and the results were the same.
Our only catch was a 18 inch carp caught on a bass plug.

Mel Pfau

September 3, 2005 - Cheney - My wife and I got to Cheney about 4:30 and just started trolling the 3 way rig around Wichita Point, when she hooked up with a 7 and a half pound, 27 inch walleye. Of course we worked that same area for another hour and nothing but small perch. Other than her walleye it was kind of slow. Since last weekend the water temp has droped about 5 degrees. Randy and Martha.


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