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August 30, 2006 - Milford Question - Anyone have any reports for Milford? I will be heading out there this weekend! Any trees on this lake? Any help would be appreciated....

Chad Dick

August 27, 2006 - Walnut River Winfield - The fishing has been slow on the walnut in the hot dry weather. Quite a few large flatheads 10 up 50 lbs have been caught, even heard of one 70. But the last week white bass have moved in feeding on shad. Friday morning caught one walleye about 12 inches, 2 hybrids 20 inchers, and a lot of small white bass. Saturday morning around 6:30 I fished right up against the damn since it rose about 1 foot overnight and got one 19 inch walleye, 12 nice whites, 2 wipers, and a channel. Hooked into 2 fish that I couldnt even turn, one ran like a wiper, the other felt like a big channel. Anyhow I was amazed at the fish i was catching for late august. The water below the damn is 3 feet at the deepest and I usually only catch walleye in spring down there and white bass usually dont move in until the water cools a little, but i am not complaining. This morning I went down to jig again and the river was up alot more and very muddy to swift to wade. Caught all these fish on red and white, white, and some black and pink crappie tube jigs.


August 24, 2006 - Tuttle Creek - I would like to share some information concerning the Blue Cat on Tuttle creek. Over the past two years I've been documenting my catches on blue cat and there has been a big change in a short time. Last Saturday the lake was almost 5 feet below pool and rose 5 feet in 5 days. I watched the cubic feet come down the river when Crete Nebraska had almost 14 inches of rain. I started fishing on Sunday with 5200 c.f. and today Wed the water stopped around noon. I can tell you that Tuttle creek is coming on strong with blue cat and there growing fast. The one's I weighed today averaged between 5.8 and 6.7 pounds and they were everywhere feeding in the current. They were loading up on little shade and drum. By the numbers that I caught over the past few days I think that in a couple years we will have many blues in the 10 pound range and within 5 years they'll be 20 pounds. With the great shade and drum hatch we had this year there getting plenty to eat and should grow fast. Most of the articles that are available on blue cat say they don't like muddy water but I haven't found that to be true on Tuttle creek. Every lake is different and they feed accordingly. For the few of us that still enjoy catching catfish and there's not many of us any more we have some great fishing in the days ahead.

August 19, 2006 - El Dorado - Tried fishing El Dorado Friday morning.  Did not get there as early, but it was a nice quiet morning.  First time trying the place and really wanted to check it out.  Not a lake for an amateur boater.  I know about 80% of the trees were left in there and always have to keep an eye out for the stumps.   By the dam the water clarity is great, but getting back to the other end its pretty muddy and shallow.  I did not see a hint of vegetation there, which really takes out someones comment about being a potential bass fishery.  Zebra mussels seem to have taken over the lake completely.   I was really just trying to catch anything, but could not find any fish.  No top water action and nothing at the dam.  Tried some trees and still nothing.  But I may try again.  I bought a map for the place.. maybe next time I will dig into it.  Only way to get good at fishing a place... is simply fishing it and learning about it.  I might try Cheney next time since I am sure I can at least catch one yellow perch.  I really enjoy largemouth bass fishing, but trying to get to some different places then the close by state lakes.  It was nice to get the boat out and go much faster compared to the no wake at state fishing lakes.

Next report I hope to have something landed.

August 18, 2006 - Cheney - Aug. 18, 2006. Friday. Cheney. Kids back to school. Vacations pretty much over. Fishing account running very low to empty. Showed up at the lake at 6:45am. Northeast wind, (light). Very slow till the wind shifted to the South around 9am. My favorite (Striper) spot  holding nothing. No shad, no fish. So, hit second favorite spot and found shad at the bottom. Snagged a 12 lb. Striper in the tail and it took out 300' of line till it stopped. Man, my heart pumping 10 times my normal beat. Got kind of slow again but the shad were still there. So, i did a Mike E. and speeded the boat up to 4.6 to 5.0 m.p.h. (normally i troll at 3.2 m.p.h.)  and wham. They got started again. Caught around 8 more Wipers in the large 8 lb. range trolling fast. That seemed to be the ticket in the later part of the day, fast troll. I gently put all fish back holding them in the water,(as the pro's do on T.V.) to try my best at giving the fish a good try at survival rate. No pic's today. Hard to take them when you're by yourself.  Thanks for the comment D.H.   Mark

August 16, 2006 - Drifting at Toronto - Several of us from the Iola area have been hitting Toronto the past few weeks and picking up some reallynice catfish. Shad hatch this year was good and willprovide an ample supply of food going into the falland winter seasons. Fish are in the 2 to 8 lb. rangewith a few larger ones mixed in. Fish are starting to"fattin up" a little and can be caught anywhere from 7to 20 ft. of water (more fish congregate around the 11to 17 ft level, dropoffs are especially good). Due tothe heat most of us have been getting there at sunupand stay till 11 or 12ish. Now that school hasstarted I have been going over of an evening and stilldoing well (fishing in shallower water after the sungoes down and hitting the west side of the lake). Something about watching that depth finder drop andfeeling your bait roll down the slope andthen..........BOOM!!



August 14, 2006 - Cheney and South Lake -
1st Tried Cheney Sunday morning and was very slow trolling for me. Had 1 school starting to bust top but a boat motor over them and never saw them again. Caught 2 wipers, kept one for grilling last Wensday evening but Cheney has been slow for me this year. 2nd a month ago I took a walk around small public lake at 55th south between Seneca and Meridian. What a shame. I saw one trash pile that was approx. 60 gal. on west side, another 8 budlite cans and propane bottle on north shore and coutless more. I took another walk last night with my wife and the trash remain except for a grocery sack I picked up and deposit in my can back home. What is wrong with these slobs. I felt like that indian in the 70's commercial with tears in his eyes. Please leave with more than you bring in. We have a good thing going with the public stockings. MH

August 14, 2006 - Comment About Summer Striper Fishing Comment - From the point of view of someone who gets to fish on a regular basis, I see where it'd be easy to say just close striper fishing in the summer. But what do you tell the folks whose only chance to striper fish is the once a year family summer vacation? It's important to get more families and kids involved in the outdoors and fishing if we want our sport to grow and improve, or be protected from those who would like to see it go away. Makes since to have more opportunities to fish, not fewer. Summer vacations when the kids are out of school is the only chance for some people. And what about the economic impact to marina owners, motels, etc-  might cut into their revenue quite a bit where it's already tough enough to scratch out a living. DH

August 13, 2006 - Fall River - Aug. 11 and 12, 2006. Took a friend and his two sons and his boat and truck and my sons. Man, is it nice to have someone else do it all with their equipment. He has a nice older 17' tracker with a Mercury 75. Stayed two days at the cabin. We strictly trolled the two days with Bomber deep divers that go no more than 7-8' deep. Fri. caught 40 total. Several small crappie's, two nice Largemouth's,(throw backs) rest were nice Whites. Man, took forever to clean all the fish, (35 or so) in the hot sun. Sat. was a little slower. Total catch was around 10. One was a very nice 16" Largemouth. That one made for a very nice picture with my friend and his 15 year old son with beautiful Fall River in the background. (I did not have my digital camera on trip). My friend just got the boat this year and was his best fish trip ever.

Lots of fish. I really wish i had my digital camera on hand not only to share the nice Largemouth but around the cabin this summer two wild deer, doe and buck around 1 year old have been hanging around and will allow humans to come up to them and allow you to pet them and feed them. Did get pictures but not with a digital camera. Don't know the history around this but it's sure neat to see them each trip. (Editor's note - Mark sent a photo later, it's to the right.)
Thought i would share this also. My friends older boat has a older hummingbird fish finder. (10 years old). My boat has the Lowrance LX-19 color sonar. There is no way i could use my friends old fish finder out at Cheney to locate the shad and fish to catch those huge Stripers/Wipers. No way. It just does not have any of the new updates ext.... Reason i bring this up is he is wanting to get into the action on the big fish at Cheney. So when he ask me how to do it at Cheney i started with him needing to update his fishfinder. Mark.

August 11, 2006 - Missouri River - August 3rd, 2006 - I had been bank cat fishing all afternoon on the Missouri River and could hardly catch enough fish for bait. I had 4 poles baited with fresh drum. There was an old guy fishing not far from me in what he called his favorite spot. After 4 1/2 hours without a bite, we exchanged phone numbers and he went home. I moved over into his spot. My pole went down! Without a doubt it was the biggest fish I would ever catch! With 80 lb braided line, I fought the fish for more than 15 minutes, getting him to the bank at least 6 times. In a final attempt to bring the fish in, my friend got half of him in the net and with a sweep of his tail; he broke the net in two! At that point, I was not going to lose my fish - I dove head first into the water, right on top of him. With one hand in the gill and one in the mouth, I pulled him onto shore. It was a blue cat, 81 lb, 52" long. I called my friend the next day and told him what I had done and what I had caught and he said, "You son of a @#$@#, if I had stayed 15 minutes, that fish would have been mine!".

August 11, 2006 - Question for Mike E - I have recently tried your 3 way rig a couple times...I have a questions though...I seem to be hooking up on small whites on the sassy shad, but have not been able to detect the hits as the large crankbait I am using is still doing its thing and my tip on my rod never changes the same vibration....I never know I have a fish on until I reel in and I am not sure how long the fish is on? The last two times out I have had this happen to me atleast 3 times with whites about 10inches long...Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

Chad Dick

August 10, 2006 - Marion Catfish - Nothing special, just some friends (Wayne McCarty, Seattle Washington, on the left, and Mike Roberts, Wichita, Kansas) and a few Marion Reservoir catfish. 


August 9, 2006 - Answer to question for Mark at Cheney and Summer Striper Fishing Comment - This summer has been very different. June, July was terrible for me on big fish catches. This month has made a big turn around. I have to find the school's of shad directly on the bottom. I have a Lowrance LX-19 color sonar. The unit is excellent to see the difference between shad and big fish. I've been having trouble locating them. But as it gets hotter the shad are schooling up more. I mark a way-point on my g.p.s. and concentrate on that area. I put my downrigger bait, ( three way swivel with a sassy shad and a husky jerk) about a foot from the bottom and go thru the school of shad. Others use live shad and it works well.

I would state my feelings on some wishing KDWP to close Striper fishing in the summer and still others wanting the same with spring Walleye, ( i don't fish during the spawn anyway) but won't on this site. I prefer this one on one. Mark.

August 9, 2006 - Summer Striper Fishing Comment - Greetings Fellow Striper Fisherman!
As a life long striped bass fisherman who loves the species I think there is a need to share my experience with others who are not as knowledgeable with the species. Once the water temperatures hit the mid-70's the survival rate of caught and released stripers decreases drastically. Studies have been done in many southern states including Lake Texoma which shows that as high as 50% of striped bass caught and released in summer months will die! ODWC encourages anglers to move off of schools of larger stripers 20 inches or larger once there 2 fish limit is reached. This and more info. is available at http://www.wildlifedepartment.com/research/Texomastripedbassmanagementresearch.pdf Here in the state of Kansas it is my experience that stripers in the 5 pounds and up class have a much higher than 50% mortality rate in the heat of the summer. Once those fish hit the 10 pound and up mark I doubt if 1 out of every 10 fish released ever survives. I have been out on days when the fishing was great with many stripers caught and released that day, only to return the next day to find many of those released floating on top! What a sad sight to see.

Personally I would like to see Wildlife and Parks close striper fishing during the hot months so I do not have to witness this fish kill. As a guide I will not guide during the heat of the summer unless my clients agree to catch there limit and quit fishing for stripers. With the tough economic times of late this has hurt my income but I refuse to kill stripers needlessly.

Sincerely, Jack Hoskinson
Madd Jack Striper Guide
President Kansas Striper Assoc.

August 9, 2006 - Question for Mark at Cheney - Mark, it looks like you, yours boys and your daughter are tearing it up out at Cheney. Glad to hear it and keep the reports comming. I see you have some downriggers on your boat. Have you been using live bait? Or are you hunting the shad then trolling thru it? Just looking for a little information, thanks Randy.

August 8, 2006 - Cheney - Tuesday. Had another excellent day. Started early in morning and was off the lake by 10:30am. All i had to do was find the shad and there were the fish feeding on them. Twice had two fish on one pole. Total catch was 4 Stripers, 3 Wipers, 1 Walleye. Kept all we caught. Had to throw several back do to limit. Lost several big fish due to my son's netting. Heard from one angler of catching a 35 lb. Striper at Cheney several days ago when the Temp. was 107 ouside. He released it back into the lake WOW. Mark.

August 7, 2006 - Cheney - Monday. Had a excellent day. Started early in the morning and quit at 11:30am. First spot we caught 2 Walleye in the 6 lb. range. Then we move to another area and nothing. Was getting ready to move and finally found a huge school of shad in 15' of water next to a hump. There we caught 6 Stripers in the 10-12 lb. range. Then the shad moved out and so did the Stripers. We left for a hour or so and came back and so did the shad. There we caught 6 BIG WIPERS in the 8-10 lb. range. Then it got hot. Me and my daughter took a dip to cool off and heading in to clean the Walleye. The Stripers/Wipers we threw back. Mark.

July 31, 2006 - Cheney - I went to try my luck at Cheney for catfish on Sunday and started the morning early hoping to get bait before it got to hot. It was a struggle. Ended up tying a jig on and casting for white perch off the sunken island. We caught and few and went to fishing. Drifted the west side for a few hours and hooked into two or three but they were long drifts. Since we were quitting early we tried the east side of the lake before leaving. We hooked into two real nice ones right of the bat and continued our drift to have about 8 bites in all. The bites were few and far between for the most part but when we did get a bite it was pretty aggressive. Finished the day with 8 keepers; 2 ­ 6lbs, 2 - 8+ lbs. Not bad for leaving early.

Light Tackle

July 30, 2006 - Cheney & Fall River - July 29, 2006, Cheney. Hit the lake early in the morning. Real slow day, Came up with four Wipers in 4 hrs. Biggest was a nice 9.7 lb. Heard lot of people catching tons of Catfish over the radio in deep water. Fall River. Hit that lake two day last week. It's been real good on Whites. Been catching my usual 20 or so per day. Surprisingly both days at Fall River I caught three Largemouth Bass in the 2 to 3 lb. range. That was nice. Mark.

July 27, 2006 - Wilson - Had an interesting, hot and smelly day chumming for catfish at Wilson last week. 110 degrees by the time we got off the water!!. Steady (not spectacular) action on 2-4 lb channels.  Took home a nice mess, I think counting  those we released we would have had our three person limit.   We were new to the lake (couldn't launch at Kanopolis, so we just kept heading west to Wilson), just picked a deep drop-off (from 25 to 45 feet), chummed rotten beans, and were off and running.  Fish were right on edge of drop-off.


July 24, 2006 - Cheney - Monday. Had close to a excellent evening, finally. Came up with my first Kansas Striper of the year, finally. Found a few humps holding what looked like shad right on the bottom. Once me and my daughter both reeling in at the same time. All on the Westside of lake. Total catch was one Striper, two Wipers, one catfish, one keeper Walleye, two Walleye throw backs. Nice evening with my 11 year old daughter. Mark.

July 23, 2006 - Question about fishing - I have just became interested in angling and would love to get better. My question is this, i want to get good at pole fishing before i move on to a rod, when fishing in a lake or river how do i set the weight and atach the float and hook? (Editor's Note: We answered this question direct, but thought some of you might like to respond. Responses will be posted here and

Jake Turbill
aged 13

July 23, 2006 - Kanopolis - Pulled the boat up to Kanopolis this morning to try some whites and wipers. Got there and could not even get the boat in. Ive been there several times this year but not for about a month. To get to the main body of lake you must go over a sand bar where it is only about a foot deep. I think it has dropped over 5 ft. since the last time I was there. Only 2 other trailers at the ramp and they looked like smaller boats. Smaller than my 17.5 foot V hull. I also heard of a guy hitting a stump and tearing up his boat pretty bad. I hate to say it but If you are looking to do some boating, I would stay away from Kanopolis for a while.

July 20, 2006 - Cheney - I'll make this real short. I'm not hitting Cheney till I hear of the big Wipers / Stripers get on the ball and start biting. I've never seen it this bad during the summer.  If any fish biologist is reading this I'd like to hear there input.   I've head a week ago even Marion Lake is very slow on Wipers. So, I'll hit those big White's at other lakes till things pick up.  Might slip out to Cheney if the temp. drop into the mid ninety's in the evening.     Mark.

July 20, 2006 - Request for fishing partner (non-boater) in BASS Jayhawk - Hi folks,
I'm from CO and looking for a non boater to link/register for bassmaster weekend series, Jayhawk division, Sep 10. Would also split lodging, travel, prefish etc...Can to pass this on to your clubs?
Billy Armour
barmour5812@msn.com or billy.armour@lmco.com

cell (303)349-0774 - hm (303)750-5812

July 19, 2006 - Cheney - To respond to this earlier post (shown below), I was wanting to ask the same thing. I was talking to my neighbor this past weekend and he also said he saw numerous fish floating dead around Cheney lake both times he's been out that last couple of weekends. Just wondered if anyone has any more updated info of what it possibly could be, or anything else? Sad to hear about the large Stripers, and Walleye they are finding out that way dead floating. Just really curious if anyone has any updated info on this.

Earlier post: July 08, 2006. No report to post. But thought i would relay a possible start of a small fish kill at Cheney i heard of. It might explain the lack of success of some species. Getting this second hand. A friend of mine was out on the face of the Dam 10 days ago when the wind was gusting from the North 25-30 mph. He witnessed many huge dead Walleye/Stripers/Drum floating at the Dam. Can't see this being so true due to the water temp. in the upper 70's. I have witnessed several days ago a few 8-10 lb. Stripers and one huge Walleye dead in Middle of lake.

July 18, 2006 - Fall River - July 16 - 18, 2006. (Photo on far right is from Fall River and photo on near right is from striper trip to beaver a few days earlier.)It's been real hot. Been hitting it early in morning and stopping at 10am. Fishing been very good to excellent for White's. There not really schooling up in big numbers yet. Been vertical fishing with small twister tails and at times trolling and catching a few to locate them. Went to Beaver Lake in N.W. Arkansas and it was awesome. Wife caught the biggest 28 lb. Striper. We are mounting that one. At one time we had (5) huge Stripers on at once. I'm still shaking from that trip. Mark.

July 15, 2006 - Pratt County Lake - I was fishing Pratt County Lake Thursday morning using chicken liver for catfish. From 3 a.m. to 9 a.m. I caught 12 channel catfish fishing from the inlet, lengths from 12" to 18". During that time I caught over 50 wiper 10" to 15" that were in a school chasing small baitfish. Due to the smaller size of the wipers I was using a #6 hook in order for the wipers to be able to take the liver. The wiper population here is really taking off although none of the fish I caught that night were keeper size.

July 14, 2006 - Butler and Kingman SFLs - July 5th I ventured to Butler. Get the boat out and give it some good use. Few other anglers on the water and they seemed to do pretty well. It,s a great place for numbers if you have the patience. I,m still not great at finding fish on the main body of water. I guess I have been wanting more to just catch some numbers and to get them you have to deal with the backwaters of the area. I stayed there till about one am or so. Beautiful weather well they clouds vanished when I got there and came back the next day figures. I ended up catching two nice bass one during the day right in the slop and the other was at night right off a point close to shore. I know where to go though Heard some monsters when you can here the splash one hundred yards away you know they are big fish they were past the second pier where the water gets to three feet or less.

You need either a small boat to get through the slop or a powerful trolling motor. I had a decent trolling motor finally got the proper prop for it and it made the difference. It was a long day and I was tired.. was going to sleep on the boat since I didn,t setup up to camp The night got rather cold and I found out my main battery was low Always have to have problems But it was a very nice night even saw a shooting star that night. I have to say that feeder that goes off at seven shows you some cats The feed went out and you could see chaos happening. Those cats know when the feed is going to drop and they wait there till it does it was a sight to see and I got to see it.

July 8th I went out to Kingman. I hate venturing out on the weekends since fishing pressure is heavier. My spot just wasn,t producing. Again the clouds vanished and the bass were holding tight under cover. I would spook them versus catching them. Only got three bass that day two in the lily pads, which I love to fish and the other was past the pier on the end where it gets very shallow again small boats or heavy duty trolling motors are a must I think I will get a long pole so I can just push my way through since boats can float all over th

e weeds, lily pads, and slop with ease. I saw very little fish catching that day. I did see some cats being caught at the first pier by the first boat ramp. The feeders here I saw go off and it was another site not much of cats feeding but that thing shot feed twenty feet in all directions. Sounded like a little machine gun going off. But was nice to get the boat out and get some use from it I think I want to start switching out the seats and in time give it some light colored carpet red is pretty and all, but sure does catch the heat when it is sunny.

Happy fishing all,


July 14, 2006 - Wichita KDOT lake - we went to kdot lake on july 3 of 06 and seen alot of dead muscles everywhere and boy did it stink what is going on?

July 11, 2006 - Cheney -

July 11, 2006 - Cheney - Submitted by Watkins Guide Service - Saturday morning was cool and overcast, little bit of sprinkles with a mean looking sky off to the west. Catfish didnt wake up till about 8:00 am, but when they did it was diffenatly breakfast time. Caught 16 in about 2 hours, biggest about 7lbs. Chris Nichols Watins guide service

July 8, 2006 - Cheney - July 08, 2006. No report to post. But thought i would relay a possible start of a small fish kill at Cheney i heard of. It might explain the lack of success of some species. Getting this second hand. A friend of mine was out on the face of the Dam 10 days ago when the wind was gusting from the North 25-30 mph. He witnessed many huge dead Walleye/Stripers/Drum floating at the Dam. Can't see this being so true due to the water temp. in the upper 70's. I have witnessed several days ago a few 8-10 lb. Stripers and one huge Walleye dead in Middle of lake.

July 7, 2006 - Cheney / Fall River - July 07, 2006, Friday. Cheney / Fall River Res. The last week I have been a big "ZERO" at Cheney on Wipers/Stripers/ Walleye. So far this year I have not netted "ANY" Stripers at Cheney. Last year this time i had at least 10 or so Stripers over 10 lbs. None this year. Each trip I'm netting only one Keeper Wiper and a few very small Wipers. Very disappointing. So, I decided to head to Fall River Res. for Whites. There it was excellent. Started at 7am. till 9:30am. After that they shut off. Caught around 30. Most were 15 to 16" range. Trolled and vertical jigged. That got my spirits up. Anyone experencing the same????? Heading to Beaver Lake next week. Can't wait. Mark.

July 6, 2006 - Kanopolis - 7/4/06 KANOPOLIS White & Wiper fishing was phenominal. From 7-9 am caught several wipers ranging from 4 to 10 lb. From 10am to 1pm I literally caught a fish on every single cast, mostly white bass with an occasional wiper. Lure of choice was a blade bait, such as the zip lure and heddon sonar in 1/4 oz - 3/8 oz size. Had to quit fishing as I thought my arms would fall off. Besides I had an old wiper fishing injury flaring up.(ha ha)
Tight Lines,
Ks. Fisher

July 6, 2006 - Shawnee County State Fishing Lake & Lake Shawnee - I went fishing at Shawnee County State Fishing Lake on Friday June 30, 2006. I caught 26 crappie on minnows in water that was approx. 15 feet deep. The fish were at 10-12 feet. All of the crappie were small with the largest at .5lbs. I also caught two bass between 1-1.5lbs. The water temperature was 80F and stained.

On July 5th. I fish Lake Shawnee. The water temperature was 82F and clear to stained with visibility down to three feet. I caught and release nine wipers between 1-7 lbs. I was fishing with minnows in water 17'-25'. The wipers are chasing shad schools and many could be seen breaking the surface of the water near dusk. I also caught three catfish in the 1-2lb range and two bass also in the 1-2lb range. I was fishing between 4pm and 8:30pm. The majority of the fish were caught between 6-7pm. I have attached a photo of the largest of the wipers caught.

July 5, 2006 - El Dorado - Hey Jim,
Just a short report for the web, fished Eldorado this past week and caught several whites on little fishes lures as they were breaking water around the old bluestem dam, also anchored Sunday night there and caught several walleyes with 3 keepers, including a 27 incher.
Will try to keep in touch, as I do like reading the reports.
Thanks for keeping us all informed,
Roy Posey

July 5, 2006 - Cheney - Submitted by Watkins Guide Service - Cheney-Gave up on the wipers today to go chase old Mr. Whiskers, and what a great day! Everyone that I talked to had a boat load. 10 to 14 pounders were not uncommon with a lot 3 to 6 lb class fish caught. The pictures show a few that were kept for the skillet as I practice a lot of catch and release. These big old Catfish are a blast to catch and I think the eating. Chris Nichols

July 5, 2006 - Question on Milford Blue Cat - I would like any info anyone might have about the blue cat bite at Milford. I am planning a trip for mid-July. Any info would help-where to go and depth, fishing style and bait type. Thanks for the help.

July 5, 2006 - Marion - July 4, On the lake by 7:45am. Wind had changed direction overnight but decided to try it anyway. Had 20 keepers (Whites and Wipers) by 9:30. Wind kicked up some from the East, North East and began to push some chop off of the east side of the lake. The fish quit biting and caught only 3 whites too small to keep and 1 drum from 9:30 til noon. Had a good time anyway. Caught 2 sets if doubles (Two lures on one line, one fish on each lure) before they shut off.

July 3, 2006 - Marion - 6/30/06 Started fishing about 8:00am. Trolling the points on the east side of the lake. Found a couple of schools of small White Bass South of cottonwood boat dock. Headed north and started catching some nice size Whites and a few Wipers North of the camping areas on Cottonwood. The fish seem to be moving into the summer patterns of feeding where the waves break on the points. Fished until about 3:15. Kept 48, Whites, Wipers, Walleye and even a couple of Drum. Had to run the boat in about 4 feet of water to get them.

Royce H.

July 3, 2006 - Cheney & Marion - Fishing was fair to good over the July fourth weekend for channel cats. Marion is still slow due to the lake turning over.
Mike Cook
Four Lake Guides


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