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Kansas Fishing Report - Jan. - Mar. 2006

Submitted by Anglers Like You

Help keep others informed by emailing fishing reports to us. Include your name in the message part of your report if you'd like to receive credit for the report.

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Mike Cook's Report | Source: Kansas Anglers like you. Send us a report, answer a question.

March 28, 2006 - Answer to Milford Walleye question - If you are interested in coming to milford to fish for walleye, you would do best to come starting about the fisrt week of may when the spawn is over. Fishing for them now, while they are on the damn is just a big crap shoot. They are not there to bite although you can occansionaly catch them. Come in may and fish the nearest flats adjacent to the damn. Hope this helps save you a wasted trip.

Walleye Back


March 28, 2006 - SE Kansas pit - Caught 3/27/06
Jared Wigger
Chetopa, KS



March 27, 2006 - Perry - caught 10-12inch crappie with live minnows about 15 foot, slow going early sat 03/25/06, pick up dramatically from 4:00-6:00p,m, 2 persons landed 23 nice crappie in that 2hr window. total of 29 (keepers) caught betwwn 11:30am-6:30pm, we probably released at least that many. perry has a 10 inch length limit

March 21, 2006 - Milford Walleye question - Some buddies and I are trying to set up a trip to Milford to try for some walleye. We live in extreme se kansas and would appreciate any info we could get before making the trip. We heard that the walleye fishing can be great below the spillway during spawn.Is this true? Has anybody have any reports? When is the best time?Any info would be greatly appreaciated. Thanks!

Pat Whetzell
Quality Assurance
Atkinson Industries

March 20, 2006 - Milford question - Question about Milford.I will be going there this weekend and need Bass pointers smallies or largemouth where to fish what to use etc.I have never been there before.If any one can help me I would really appreciate it.Thank you in advance.

Paul Butler

March 20, 2006 - Answer to Florida Bass question - I've fished for Florida strain bass in Texas lakes most of my life, and have found that when the big girls are on the nests, down sizing to a small 4in lizard with an 1/8 oz. weight is hard to beat. Watermelon seed or watermelon with red flake is dynamite on east Texas lakes, especially Fork (cotton candy if the water is unusually clear). Pitch the lizard in there and just leave it. This takes an extreme amount of patience, but the subtle movements created by the water look most natural and will eventually drive them nuts. And remember, if you can see them they'll likely see you first. So if the fish are leaving the nest when you make your presentation, mark the spot, leave, and come back. Sneak up with a push pole and stay off the trolling motor. Stay far enough away not to spook the fish (tie up if necessary but don't use the trolling motor); then, make your presentation. If the water is stained to murky, and your casting for spawning bass instead of site fishing, a 6in lizard with gold flake in it can be good. Zoom's mossy pumpkin color will get you tore up on Fork. If you're not having any luck getting the bedding bass to bite, leave 'em alone. Move out to 8ft deep in the mouths of spawning coves or secondary points up the creeks. Tie on a Gene Larew Hawg Craw (the big one) in black w/ blue claws, fish the trees, and hold on to your rod. Shorter trees with some broken-off limbs (laydowns) or horizontal limbs just beneath the surface in 8ft of water are best. This pattern put a 13.86 in the boat for my partner one early spring. One last comment- please do not use shiners or other live bait for bass, especially for trophy bass in the spring, as fish mortality is higher with live bait rigs. Best of luck.

March 18, 2006 - Marion - Read the fishing forecast for 2006 and looks like Marion Lake is ranked number one on Wipers with Cheney way down the list. Last spring while fishing the dam for pre spawn Wipers my catches also showed good numbers at Marion Lake. Small fish, but lots of them. I'm going hit Marion Lake this summer many times for these Monster Wipers but really don't know the lake all that well. Going to use my downriggers with the three way swivel. Still going to go to Cheney, but my hunch is that Marion is the place to be this summer and years to come. Anyone that might have area's with humps close to drop offs that would share those locations I would appreciate it. Would not mind a partner very familiar with lake on big Wipers. (G.P.S.) locations would be nice. Mark. Please mail info to fowler-mark@sbcglobal.net

March 17, 2006 - Questions on LaCygne - Hey all, I will be making a trip down to LaCygne next week to do some fishing....Primarily Bass, but will go after Crappie or Whites as well. I have never been there, but everything I read says to stay near the Power Plant. Does anyone have any suggestions on location related to the power plant, or techniques that work well there? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Chad chadku@hotmail.com

March 16, 2006 - Answer to Florida Bass question - My answer will stay simple since each body of water is different as well as each day and down to each hour fishing can be different, but there is one method of fishing that can offer up excellent bass fishing

The secret is to simply fish at night. You only need to try a few lures to make night fishing a success. One is the buzzbait, the next will be a single big cupped bladed spinnerbait, and then you can stick with a big black juicy worm. And night fishing can be done at the shore. Only thing is it will be dark, but fishing can be very successful. Bass move to the shallows to eat, there are very few if any other fisherman out on the water as well.

Just scope out a good spot that has plenty of weeds or other cover and fish there. If you don't get a fish in ten minutes then move on. But once you get a good spot you can catch fish after fish.

Good luck.

March 16, 2006 - Cheney - Walleye action is heating up by the dam at Cheney. I've heard reports that during the day large shiners are working good. Also during the day jerkbaits- rougues, husky jerks, and bombers. In colors firetiger, anything chartruse, and anything with red in it. At night(action has been good all hours of the night) same jerkbaits but in black/chrome, blue/chrome, anything that glows like a bright yellow or chartruse or orange. We went out the other night 03/14/2006 and everybody I was with limited out.

Eric Armfield - Gander Mountain, Wichita, KS -

March 14, 2006 - Answer to Florida Bass question - If you are primarily sight fishing in clear water you need to be able to make repeated 100% accurate casts. When I sight fish i like to be able to cast to where the bass can't see the lure comming until it comes in front of the fishes face getting a reaction strike. you will have to experiment to know what to use whether it be crankbait, worm, jig. From my experience, i can usually find a jig that will work in any condition. you just have to modify weight and trailer size for balance and drop speed.

March 11, 2006 - Question on Topo Maps for NE KS smaller lakes - Hello ­

I am newly into bass and crappie fishing in Kansas and am hooked on it ­ big time! I love your website and was wondering if I could get your help.

I recently read a book called "Watermark Guide to Fishing in Kansas" by George Stanley. It explained to me in a matter of pages what those commercial magazines, websites, and TV shows have never done about structure and creek channels ­ especially as it applies to Kansas waters. Most importantly (as least for me), it gave visual examples of roadbeds, creek channels, points, etc. These examples allowed me to really visualize what everyone was talking about.

As part of the examples, the book showed where the original river and creek channels ran for a lot of the large waters in Kansas. Unfortunately, the book only showed the large impoundments and not the smaller state fishing lakes (that I can trust my little boat on).

Is there a place or website where I can find where and how the creek channels run in these smaller waters? I've checked topographic websites, but everything I've found show land topography until it hits the surface of the water or topo companies have only maps for larger waters.

I love fishing but don't have a lot of time to scout using my boat and depth finder to see where all the structure/creek turns & bends may be in these lakes. Specifically, I live in the Kansas City area and would love to see what is available at places like Leavenworth SFL, Gardner City Lake, Wyandotte County, etc.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance and happy fishing!

Duc Pham / Shawnee, KS

March 10, 2006 - Answer to Florida Bass question - try to use a big shiner on lite line and a bobber if you are in thick vegitation use fire line 15-25 lbs test also try plastics with a lot of salt jiging for them if they are agressive and not much vegitation try a rattlie trap

March 8, 2006 - Answer to Florida Bass question - what about water clarity? If it is very clear maybe they are getting to good of a look at your bait. if this is the case i would probably use a mostly clear bait and fish a little faster possibly getting more reaction strikes.

March 5, 2006 - Winfield City Dam - It was a perfect day on Sat the 4th, it was cloudy a little bit rain and the water was "45" walleyes should be running getting ready to spawn. Got to the dam at 0600 (wow the waters low) and was able to claim the best spot before 6 other fisherman arrived. We caught nothing ???? Nobody got bit!. I tried everything jig and minnow, power bait grubs, minnow and bobber and minnow crank baits nothing. Because I was not the only loser it made me wonder (this is unusual for this time of year) if the lack of snow melt and rain has cause the this? Because the river is so low and with no lakes releasing water the walleye cant move up river and if you do catch one it's been trapped below the dam all winter. We need a couple of weeks of rain to flush the lakes and rivers and if not it's going to bee a long boring spring fishing season=^(

March 4, 2006 - Fall River - Left work at noon Wednesday, Nice and warm 76 deg, had to go fishing!!!  Started at Fall River at l:30 pm, and what a great time the next 2and a half hours proved to be.  Ended up with these 22 White Bass that were from 1 3/4 lbs to 2 1/2 lbs. Majority were 2 lbs. each.  All full of Eggs, of course it wont be long till the spawn will be on!  Like last Sunday, they bit the chartreuse twister tail grub on 1/4 oz lead head jig.  What a great Winter day!!

March 4, 2006 - Clinton - I am a Lawrence local and would like to point out the fact that the walleye are running at the outlet. I went out Tuesday night to meet several individuals leaving the area. They were using Regular medium minnows. They showed me a nice flathead they had hooked into and told me they had caught a few small walleye on the minnows.

So, hearing that they were catching walleye I went for a 1/4 shartrouse with pink, neon green, black and white, orange, and plain white 2" grubs. I would cast out around the edges of the Outlet walls right where I assume was a very steep incline. *kept getting snags*. I fished until about 30 minutes after sunset, until it was good and dark. Then after three snags in a row I called it a night. Wednesday I went out and used the same combo's DIDN'T CATCH A THING 5 hrs. I tried to think of what conditions had changed from the day before. Then I remembered that those guys on tuesday had been using minnows all day in that area.

So, using my deductive reasoning skills I assumed that it was the minnows they were hitting on. So, Today *friday* I went to Hack's bait the local lawrence bait shop, and picked up a dozen regular mediums and a dozen red shiners. I got to the lake probably 30 minutes before sun down. No longer then I had put my line in the water I had a bite. We caught about 6 small 13-16" walleye. About 30 minutes after sun down we didn't get another bite, the lantern went out and we called it a night. We plan on returning Tommarow with the same set up. Hopefully the rain doesn't throw things off that we are sposed to get tonight.

I will return with a report in the morning hopefully it's good. Tuesday I caught a 22" 3lb walleye and an 18" 1 1/2 lber. Made for very good eating. So like I say lot's of medium size fish, but with a little patience one could get into a few keepers. BRING LOTS OF BAIT. It doesn't take long for them to go through a dozen. Will send another tomm. if luck persists.

March 2, 2006 - Tuttle Creek - I decided to switch from Milford to Tuttle Creek this week  to see if I could fine the channels in shallow water due to the warm sunny days.  I couldn't find them in the shallows but did find them on a 6' to 16' drop and they were hungry.  I caught 24 on tues and 27 on wed. Cleaned 10 on tues and released all on wed. They ranged 3 to 7 lbs and the ones I cleaned were full of small winter kill shad.  I was using fresh shad guts and they were aggressive.  All good looking fish with mud on the belly due to laying around this winter. I've found through the years that when the water temp is below 48 most all the fish you catch are 3 to 15 lbs and no small ones. Great fishing for this time of year!  If we could get a good rain at 60 degrees that would really get the bite goin. The lake level is at 1074 now and you should be marking all the small rock piles that are visible along the shore line.  When the lake raises in the spring your rock pile will be 2 to 4' under water.  When the channels spawn they'll be in the rock piles and you can catch 40 in a few hours with a bobber fishing 18" deep. Fishing at its best during this time.

March 1, 2006 - Bass clubs in KS area? -Myself and a buddy are looking for a small bass club.....We are just looking to get into tournament fishing.....Is there anyone out there who has any suggestions for the KC area?  Is there anything out there that like a weekly evening tournament?  (I did hear there may be something at Hillsdale on Wednesday evenings?) Or something will smaller entry fees that will allow us to learn a little before jumping in with all you big boys?  Any suggestions would be a help!  Thanks!

February 28, 2006 - Louisburg State and Miami County Lakes - Well we couldn't pass Tuesday up,, Me and a buddy hit Louisburg State and Miami Co. Pretty slow,, the water is still very cold, around 44 degrees,, We did, with alot of patience, catch 2 really nice channel cat at miami co. We are heading to Lake Fork Tx. next week and I will have a report from there. See Ya

may your jig never get caught on the tree stumps in life !!! tight lines boys

John Woods

February 28, 2006 - Kingman County - Beautiful weather again. Pablo and I went to Kingman Lake for some early season bassin.
Water still a little cool but it will warm up quickly if this weather holds. Caught a total of 3 bass on a 5/16 ounce blue and black jig&pig. We had to work for them but sure was fun. Tried spinnerbaits, plastic lizards, worms, crawdad cranks but they wouldn't hit them. Jig & pig is hard to beat in these cool water conditions. Looking forward to getting out again.
Denny G.

February 26, 2006 - Fall River - Sunday, Feb 26th, a pretty nice day... Decided to do a little Winter time fishing.. I have been ... like 3 times this winter.. all at Fall River. Today was the 4th.  Each time was actually pretty eventful, and a good time. each time air temp was between 50 and 60 degrees, and nice and sunny. Today I kept 5 very large White Bass, one Nine Pound Channel cat, and a big 32 lb., BUFFALO.  I know an asian family that was VERY APPRECIATIVE!!!  I used a 4" swim tail chartreuse twister tail grub on a 1/4oz leadheaded 2ot aberdeen jig hook. 6lb test on ultralite.  What a ball.  This coming week, weatherforcast says 70's I think Sooner lake in Oklahoma sounds pretty enticing...  I will let you all know what happens!
I sure wish every winter would be this summerlike!

February 26, 2006
- Cheney - Fished for 8 hours today using worms and minnows and boated 0 fish. The ramp at Sailboat cove have yellow perch boiling the water maybe a spawn of sort in 3 feet of water at 10 a.m. that morning scooped a net full but returned them to the water. It we an incredible site watching those perch there were millions. Water temperature was 39 degree

February 26, 2006 - Question from Florida on catching bass - Can you help my brothers and I catch bass? Heres the problem, we see a lot of bass here in central Florida, but they just wont bite our bait! They just sniff it and swim away, and our hands dont have anything like oil or anything that will repel the bass! Can you please help us by giving us some tips and telling us what tackle to use on bass? Thank You so much. Send us and answer and we will post it.

February 23, 2006 - Boat for Sale 1989 Champion Tournament Bass Fishing Boat, 150HP Mariner Engine, with trailer, 2 fish finders, trolling motor, 2 mounted seats and two swivel seats front and back, 3 batteries, two live wells, runs excellent! Don'tlet the year fool you, this boat is in great condition, was well maintained every year. $5,500 email me (Scott) at sshea@cox.net

February 22, 2006 - Looking for a boat - Hey everyone.  Does anyone know of a used Lowe or Tracker Aluminum Bass Boat that is for sale.  I dont have a huge budget so I am looking for something in the $4-5k range.....Anyone who knows of anything feel free to email me at chadku@hotmail.com
Thanks, Chad

February 15, 2006
- Question on Pits by Pittsburg -  Was just wondering if anyone had visited (fished) the Pitts in Pittsburg KS in the last few weeks---OR can fill me in on previous spring fishing times.
 A little background,,,,,,,,,,  I am a avid bass fisherman located in KC MO. I was told about the great "undiscovered"  strip pitts in Southern KS. Shortly after I visited, and LOVED the area and the lake after lake of fishermanless (is that a word?) beautiful water. The fishing can be really great or not so good. Either way you can go 2 or 3 days without seeing another person fishing! To me thats the best thing about the area.
   MY problem (see questions above)
1.Every year I miss the spring spawning time,,,,twice I have been too late ,,once to early... (HELP)
2.The water levels,,,Not only is it diffrent then my local area BUT the launch areas in the Pitts can be HORRIBLE,,if the water level is down you can destroy your boat or trailor. I WRECKED my trailer putting my boat in the water,,,from 3 ft to 20ft off the loading ramp.
   Thanks in advance for any info
Tim Medley

February 7, 2006 - Question on Lake Wilson - I would like to here some recommendations on striper fishing for lake Wilson.  I have never fished for striper or fished lake Wilson.  When is the best time of year to fish for stripers in Wilson?

Where do you find them on the lake?
How deep?
What is the most productive fishing method?
What is the most productive bait?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Steve Ernest

February 4, 2006 - El Dorado and Marion - Mike Cook - Four Lake Guides - El Dorado and Marion have been giving up some really nice crappie to me lately. Not so good on the numbers, but 8 to 14 inch fish.I have had a couple of fishless days over the past month, but that is fishing.And if you are fishing Marion and can come across a bunch of shad, rig up a sassy shad and hold on for some wipers. I've been catching 5 to 8 pound fish on 8 foot fly rods with 6 pound line. Talk about fun.El Dorado is about a foot and half low and Marion is around a foot low maybe. The water is in great shape and you can't beat the weather. The wind has been a bit strong most times but it usually is. Good luck.
Mike Cook
Four Lake Guides

January 29, 2006
- Butler County Watershed - Went out for a couple of hours Sunday to throw a few casts and to enjoy the beautiful day. Gotta break from working on the house and decided to do a little bass fishing.  It was fairly breezy with the wind blowing from the NW.  My depth finder shown the water temp around 35-36 degrees. Started throwing a Lucky Craft Pointer and caught a little crappie around some submerged brush.  No bass on the pointer so I decided to try a Lucky Craft CB12 for the last few casts of the day to see if I could get some reaction strikes from some deep bass.  Fishing painfully slow, I caught two nice fish off of some shallow points that came out into deeper water. The first bass weighed just a little over a pound. Not real big but he was a chunk! Both fish hit after I had stopped the bait when it hit bottom.  The second fish was a real nice winter time bass, measured 17 inches and weighed 2.5 lbs! A pretty healthy looking hawg!  What a nice day for fishing, can't believe this weather. Not to often a guy can enjoy bass fishing during a Kansas January! Good luck to all of the anglers out there! MOOSE

January 24, 2006
- Kanopolis Seep Stream - Weather Conditions @ Salina, KS: Clear skies - Temp: 50 - Dewpoint: 25
Barometric Pressure: 30.31 falling - Wind Speed / Direction: NW / 10 MPH - Water conditions: clear

Arrived Kanopolis Outlet Park @ 1100 hrs CST. 4 others there when I arrived (they also departed w/ their limits.) Used Rebel crawdad, Strike King Bisty Pond Minnow crank baits, Rapala # 5 Original floater in firetiger and Berkley Power Eggs in both chartruese & sunrise. Largest was 14 inches, followed by 2 @ 12 inches & 2 @ 10 inches. Saw 1/2 dozen turkeys & 1 bald eagle on the way home <G><G> Beautiful day all in all
"Per Mare, Per Terras"
38-54-14.601N / 097-14-09.074W
check out my railroad pictures @

January 23, 2006 - Milford answer - Marty,  I've been fishing the drop offs sitting in 8' casting out and bringing it back to the edge of 18'.  I tried everything over the past few weeks.  I 've been trying some new methods on blues. I really have been after the 25lb and larger bluecat.  I found a spot two years ago that has everything that a hot spot should have.  A SHARP drop off, straight down, a rock pile and 2 nice rises.  Some deep water close by and some sandy bottom and all hard bottom.  For what I know and have expenenced through the years, this makes for some excellent fishing. The channels and blues want the fresh shade.  I have caught the channels on frozen shade from my freezer but you will have three times as many hits if its today's shade and as we know its hard to come by fresh shade in the winter. They are not in shallow water where I'm fishing.  I've tried that everyday I go out and have yet to find any in shallow water. I can go to the north end of  Tuttle creek and find the fish in 2 feet  after the sun gets on the water but not a Milford.  I don't know why.  I've caught  at least 10 fish everyday I've had the bait. I 've been fishing big bait because I'm looking for big blues so the channels finding it quicker but you miss some because of using too big of bait.  I would try everything, if you don't get a bite in 20 minutes, move!  There not there!  I haven't fished in January  with water temp at 38 through the years because usually we are iced in so this is different for me.  I caught me first fish last year at Milford on Mar 1st. I love to catfish but I really love catching those big blues.   My largest was 52 lbs in Oct 2005.  It will be hard be beat that.  I think most of the catfish at 38 water temp are in deep water but I don't know everything. This week should offer some good fishing, 50's all week.

January 22, 2006
- Cheney and question on underwater camera - Drug the boat up to the garage yesterday and started to work on it before spring gets here.  Let some fiberglass problems go too long, so now I have to do some patching.  Should have been on the water the last couple of weeks, but I guess I can wait a little longer.  I do know there has been some nice catches in the southern part of the lake off some of the river channel breaks.  Has anyone here ever used a camera at cheney?  I was curious what kind of luck they had in the stained water.  I have a feeling they would work rather well at some of the clearer lakes in the state, but wondered about Cheney.  I don't intend to run out and buy one, but I think in certain situations, they'd be useful.  Thanks, Eric

January 20, 2006
- Milford - In reference to the 1-17-2006 Milford report by "RKH" could he please give a few more hints?  I love chasing channels at Milford throughout the year but don't know where to try in these cold months.  Are they deep on drop-off's?  Shallow on the flats?  On the islands?   I assume you're using shad, that's what I normally use.  Are you fishing vertical for them, just a crank off the bottom?
Surely you can give up a few details there aren't too many of us nutty enough to get after them in January anyway. 
I'd really appreciate it.

January 19, 2006 - Kite Fishing Question - Hi, all - Not a report, but a question.
I've read about salt water fishing using a kite to hold a live bait right on the surface and tantalize fish into striking. Usually done from a boat, but I think this could work on our Kansas lakes from the shore as well. On the salt, it's used for lots of species that attack a struggling baitfish.

Anybody tried this? Could be effective when wipers, stripers, or whites are chasing schools of shad.

Russell Groves

January 17, 2006 - Rocky Ford - Prior to the low flow that the Rocky Ford has suffered these past few weeks, I had been taking plenty of 3-5 pound wipers on white and chartruese crappie jigs (1/8 oz. when the water is at 300-400 cfs). My advice is to cast into the channel streams and let the water take the jig to where the fish are. With the dam only at 100 cfs these days, a 1/4 oz pink jig off the bottom always produces at least one or two saugeye for the patient angler.

Happy Hunting,

~Ryan Ringer

January 17, 2006 - Looking for a small boat bass club - Does anyone know of any bass clubs that use small boats (2-man boats, Bass Raiders, Canoes, etc.) to compete in tournaments on local lakes? I would like to get involved in tournament fishing but have only an electric powered two man boat to use and would really like to get involved in a bass club. If anyone knows of any bass clubs that use small boats, please let me know.

January 17, 2006
- Milford - Over the past 30 years I don't remember any Januarys that you could get the boat on the lake and do some serious fishing for as many days that we've had since Christmas. The only days you couldn't fish was because the wind was blowing 15 mph. I've been catching channels and bluecat at Milford Lake and a wiper here and there. I find that the channels are just as aggressive as they are in April. Water temp is at 38!  If you have the right bait you can bend a poll. The right bait is very hard to come buy in wintertime.  On the days I have the right bait I can have some fun with some big bluecat.  I can't get them to bite on old or frozen bait. If its fresh I'm guaranteed a couple in the 30 lb range. You can catch twice as many channels if the bait is fresh. You have to be a die hard fishermen to get out there when its 20 degrees at 7:15 am.  As long as the wind is calm I can handle it.  The big blues seem to quit by 9:00 am.  I hope that the mild winter doesn't ruin the early fishing that we had last year.  I started loaded the boat March 1st 2005 with big bluecat but concerned that if we don't have some sort of shad kill will there be the numbers of fish that we usually have.         RKH

January 11, 2006
- Kanopolis Seep Stream - Weather conditions @ Salina, KS @ 1053 hrs CST:
clear skies / Temp: 45 degrees & rising / Dewpoint: 29 degrees
Barometric Pressure: 29.82 & slowly dropping / Wind direction & Speed: South @ 12 MPH

Arrived Kanopolis Outlet Park approx 1100 hrs -- EMPTY -- nobody at all around. Missed 1st couple of hits (duh :-) Used Berkley Chartruese Power Eggs & Mike's Nitro dough bait to catch my limit by 1300 hrs. Tried Rapalas (original # 5 floater & broken back), rooster-tail spinners & Strike King Bisty Pond Minnows with no results Fish were not aggressive. Size ranged from 10 inches to 13 inches on all 5 of them. Still seems to be plenty of them in the stream, but most are now probably the smaller ones (12 inches & below) due to culling.
"Per Mare, Per Terras"

January 11, 2006 - Answer for needing information on Hillsdale - April ­ early

Early April could be excellent for all species.  You could start of the early morning hours 4-6 a.m. walleye fishing on the dam casting rapalas or mister twisters, then could go turkey hunting for a few hours until the sun warms things up a bit, then Hit some Crappies just starting to move up into the coves and riprap, then you could finish off the afternoon fishing for pre-spawn Bass staging near spawning areas.  Don't fish for crappie or BASS if a cold front is upon you or you will likely be disappointed.  If the weather has been warm a few days this can be the best time of year for everything.  Crappie will pull out of the coves when the weather goes down hill.  

June ­ early

You can still catch nice Walleyes shallow early in the day and late on the shallow flats.  Look for all the boats drifting or scaring walleyes with their supped up trolling motors on the flats.  This is a great time of year for BASS.  Fish early in the morning next to the cliffs or dropoffs into the creek channels.   Crappie this time of year can also be excellent if they are stacked in the trees on the flats.  Depending on the water level ­ High water means great fishing in the trees on the flats.  Lower water levels means you must fish deeper tree piles.


January 6, 2006 - Kanopolis Seep Stream - conditions @ Salina @ 0858 hrs CST: - clear below 12,000 ft
Temp: 25 degrees - Wind Chill: 25 degrees - Humidity: 77 % - Dew Point 20 degrees
Barometric Pressure: 30.30 steady - Wind Direction / Speed: WNW @ 5 MPH

Arrived approx 1100 hrs CST & was the ONLY person there for almost an
hour. Caught 14 inch (1.75 lb) & 2 smaller rainbows (which made it into the net :-) using Berkley chartruese Power Eggs Lost one on Strike King Bitsy Pond Minnow, lost one on chartruese Berkley power eggs & released one that might have been all of 6 inches long. 6 strikes all day long.....saw a really nice one about 22 or 24 inches long that gentleman caught in beaver pond upstream on broken-back minnow. 2 other gentlemen using 1/100th oz jigs on fly rod managed to land 7 or 8 fish. No bald eagles today just red-tailed hawks, B-2 & B-52 bombers. Fish are still in there, you just have to "work" harder for them. The 14 inch one I landed had someone else's broken line in his mouth.

Check your hooks & tighten those lines
"Per Mare, Per Terras"

January 5, 2006 - Segwick County Park - Ross and Michael Lowry (son) show a couple trout. Michael is holding the first fish he ever caught.





January 5, 2006 - Needing information on Hillsdale - If you have suggestions, email us and we will post answer - Greetings.

My brothers-in-law are looking for an excellent multi-species destination for our annual fishing trip. I'm very interested in Hillsdale, particularly the crappie fishing, but we also like to target bass and walleye. I'm trying to get some seasonal fishing information and lodging information on or around the lake. Can you point me in the right direction, and/or share what you know?

Due to scheduling limitations, we won't likely be able to fish in May. We're looking at sometime in April of June at this point.

Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.



January 4, 2006 - Kanopolis Seep Stream - Conditions @ Salina:@ 0922 hrs CST: - clear below 12000 ft
Temp: 40 degrees - Wind Chill: 30 degrees - Humidity: 73% - Dewpoint: 32 degrees
Barometric Pressure: 30.14 rising - Wind Direction / Speed: NW@ 12 MPH

Hooked more trout than I landed today (I know there is at least another limit of 5 still swimming around.) Ended up with 4 in the basket (lost # 5 4 times <G><G>) Largest was 14.5 inches. Other three between 10 & 13 inches. All caught on Berkely Power Eggs (sunrise & chartruese.)
Several hook-ups on Rapala # 5 Firetiger Floater (Original Minnow) but failed to get them into the net. Baked trout for supper. Saw two limits taken and two others depart w/ 0. According to the solunar tables, today was to be one of the worst days to fish, think did pretty good.

"Per Mare, Per Terras"

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