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August 28, 2007 - Answer to info request on rigging 9" shad - Not sure on the oz. lead jig head I'm using on the 7" sassy shad. Just use one big enough to match it. Zeiner's has both 7" shad and the lead jig heads for sale. Might call first. Been awhile since I've been in. Use it on a three way swivel in combination of some sort of a deep diver or Rapala husky jerk, (4 < "or bigger). Went out Monday morning to Cheney, (August 27, 2007). Kind of slow. Caught 6 Wipers. All around 22-23". I've noticed if it's kind of windy, (20 m.p.h +," Monday") I don't do as well. Don't know why. Monday I had to remove the 7" sassy shad and put back on the 4" to get them to bite. The really huge wipers were not biting Monday for me.  Keep thinking Marion Lake's Wipers have got to be getting huge. There's a ton in there.  Maybe soon???  It's a real nice lake.      Mark.

August 27, 2007 - Butler SFL - Submitted by Mark Kirkpatrick - My buddy and I decided to take a day off work and do a little fishing at Butler Fishing lake. we had a great time being the only ones at the lake. we caught fish all day, as you can see. My buddy caught the biggest Bass of the day 4.5 on a Bluegill colored Snack Daddy Split Stix, 12 LB Vicious Line. I was pitching a Snack Daddy Pro Tube, on 15LB VICIOUS FLUOROCARBON.

August 27, 2007 - Chase SFL - First time trying chase and it's a rather nice lake. It was windy and water temps were 79 to 81. One end gets very shallow and is a big mud flat... saw a big carp zooming off from it. Lots of little bass were caught. I used a 3 inch gulp ripping shad to catch all mine. I saw a walleye strike my jointed shad rap as well, but I wasn't trying to catch anything at the time. Fished for bass, but maybe next time try for the deeper water species.

Went to a farm pond and caught many more bass using a new pack of gulp ripping minnows. Seemed to work great, but they tear very easily. Using two packs in one day costing ten bucks can eat up the wallet. But definately got the bites going. Seems that all fish were getting caught on the fall. Still have to do some slower finesse fishing.


August 26, 2007 - Info request on rigging 9" shad - I was just wondering how you were rigging your nine inch sassy shad, as we wanted to try this technique on Cedar Bluff in search of some of the bigger wipers? Thanks!

August 25, 2007 - Info request on watersheds - I'm always looking for new places to try that are not too far away. One site that was a mapping site started showing tons of watershed dams. Many would be Flint hills watershed dam number this and that. I have seen reports of people fishing on them, but I can't find any info. Are these dams just spots on private property? I would love to have a few small places to fish that are not too much over an hour to get to. Any information would be great.


August 22, 2007 - Marion - Was on the lake by 7:00am (8/21) trolled out of Marion Cove and right away picked up a 3# wiper. Had a pretty fair day with a nice mix of white bass, channel cat and a several wipers big enough to keep. Quit at noon with 40 fish in the icebox. All fish were caught trolling the points on the east side of the lake 3-5' of water.

If you go BE SURE you can identify the difference between White Bass and Wipers. They are running right together and we caught a bunch of Wipers that needed to go back in the lake to grow a couple more years. If we can leave those wipers in there, Marion will be a phenomenal place to fish in a couple of years. We caught several year classes of wipers and the numbers look really good.

We saw one other boat and one Jet Ski on the lake.

Royce H.

August 20, 2007 - Cheney - August 20, 2007 Monday morning. Went out Sunday morning but too many boats and did poor. Monday was much nicer. Weather was perfect, (hot). Not too many boats out. Started catching fish right off the bat. Had to communicated with another boater to keep from getting hot headed and it worked out fine. That boater caught lots of fish too. (seems to be getting crowded). Stripers for me are showing up and caught (2), 15 lbers. Had what felt like (2) Walleye on but they got off. I've been using 4" sassy shad but changed to 7" and yes, the bigger Wipers hit those like mad. All around 7.5 to 8.5 lbs. few 9lbs. Been having to use needles nose pliers, (long) due to the size of the Wipers. My net,(expensive rubber) has been getting a work out and it shows. It's been bowing like heck and i think it's going to snap. I've noticed after the catch, the Wipers are looking a little bit stressed in this hotter weather. (releasing all). Total Wipers Monday around 15+. Mark.
I'm not a fish biologist. It's looking like Cheney might be under rated on 21" plus on Wipers. I can't think of the last time i caught one under 21" in the past 6-8 weeks. I'm sure my EXTRA large baits helps, and NO white perch bit those.

August 16, 2007 - Clinton - 8/12/07 - Catching Walleye early in the morning. Trolling crank baits at around 10 ­ 15 feet across the flats.

Caught a nice 8 lb walleye around 24 ft deep coming in to the flats.

As the water has wormed up now trolling at a depth of 20 ­ 25 feet produces nice wipers and occasional channel cats 3-5 lbs.

Crappie are everywhere, and when you find a school on the depth finder they are easy pickings.

Wipers are to be had almost any where. Once you find a school just keep going back over the same spot.

August 14, 2007 - Melvern Question - Anyone fishing Melvern for Sauger/eyes doing any good?

Tom K

August 11, 2007 - Brown County Lake - Over the past several weeks

Catching several bass on jitterbugs early am and before dark.

Both from the bank and from the boat.

August 10, 2007 - Cheney - August 10,2007. I was reading and looking at the pictures on the reports and seen something funny on one of my pictures that i did not realize that i posted. The August 4, 2007 report and pictures i sent in on night fishing. It was so darn dark that night,(no moon) that we had to use a flashlight, (red one lower right of picture with me with the Chief's shirt on) for the digital camera to even pickup. The light from the flashlight is on my nick. I tell ya. It was hard to do that, with flashlight in one hand, pointing on my nick and fish in another hand. Had to use G.P.S. to get back to the Eastside boat ramp that night. Real dark, and kind of spooky. Never know what's in front of you. I remember a few years back coming in at night from fishing and it was real dark. I seen this light about 30 feet up high. Heck, it was a sail boat and scared the bejesus's out of me. Mark.

August 8, 2007 - Cheney - August 09, 2007 Thursday. Pretty much fishing in the mornings now. Way too hot. I really try to fish during the weekdays. Family on the weekends. Went out three times this week. All fish caught over 21". Not one under. Walleye for me slowing down. Catching about 1 per trip and those have been over 21". Wednesday morning was tops. Went by myself. Boys did not want to get up early. Lost count, around 25 Wipers. Many, many times both poles at once with fish. All i could do was reel one in and watch the other pulling out drag. Must say, when i'm by myself that's a blast. Few times two fish on one pole. Thursday after the storm came up with 10 Wipers. My boat is really stinking up the garage. Don't buy a fishing boat with carpet. Mark.



August 7, 2007 - Answer to trolling question at Cheney I have to give Chirs (Watkins Guide Service) much needed credit on using live or cut bait. In order to have any guide service you know your business. I've been out fishing catching maybe 2 fish and listening to Chris, (marine radio) catching fish left and right and not having enough hands to pull all of them in. And big one's.

I would not suggest going out and buying expensive downriggers right off the bat. Try the other method. Might take you some time but I know it works. The gas consumption is terrible in my boat trolling and trolling. I just hate driving up and putting in $130 in the boat and truck. (I can see Chis laughing at that one) I know other lakes, Wilson, Beaver Lake, live bait is KING for them.

A little off the subject, but I know there's some MONSTER Stripers in Cheney, (very few), but I have not been able to snatch up on any yet this year. There in there.

And by the way, thanks, "Jim", (Zeiner) for letting us use you site. It's great.


August 6, 2007 - Question for Mark at Cheney -


What kind of lures are you using and at what depths for these walleye?

Brian from McPherson

August 6, 2007 - Answer to Cheney Trolling Question -I'm fishing the same way the guy was in the Sport section of Sundays Wichita Eagle, (Aug. 05, 2007). But different location's of lake. Look at picture of downriggers. 3-5 M.P.H. Mark.

August 5, 2007 - Answer to Cheney Trolling Question - Submitted by Watkins Guide Service -Jeff-here's your answer to the trolling question--Start using live or cut natural baits, shad or white perch and you will constantly catch fish all year and not just a few months in the summer. This last spring when the trollers were calling Cheney the "dead sea" we were putting 15 to 25 wipers in the boat every day. Minn-Kota auto pilot trolling motors allows you to QUIETLY move over drops and ledges where you find the fish. We have been extremely productive this year anchoring and casting bait into them. These dog days of July and August, we don't catch as many but 7 to 10 lbers are average. 8 sat the 4th and 6 Sunday the 5th nothing under 6lbs. The numbers always increase in mid sept. on. The other big benefit is all the money you save on gas and engine maintenance from running at slow speeds all day. Just a little advise! Chris Nichols-Watkins Guide service.

August 5, 2007 - Cheney - My wife and I got out to Cheney about 4:30 on Friday afternoon. We started trolling and right away we were marking a lot of bait fish and a lot of fish. We ended up catching 2 keeper walleye. One was 23 and the other was 25 inches. I dont know Mark but I read about his fishing trips on the Kansas Angler all the time. There was a boat out on Friday and since they were using downriggers I was thinking this might be Mark. After watching them catch several fish I was ready to boat over and make an offer on buying one of his downriggers. This is a guy who can put some fish in the boat. I am now looking thru my Cabelas catalog at downriggers and am thinking about getting one. I just think being able to really control the depth you lure is would be a great help.

Randy and Martha

August 4, 2007 - Cheney - August 03, 2007 Friday evening. Did good. Had twice 2, 7 lbs. Wipers on one pole. Once had both poles go down. Had a few fish, Walleye, get off. Did catch 4, Walleye over 21". Fished till 10pm. Without that G.P.S. at night would not have been able to fish. Wipers and Walleye are very healthy and fat. Think they been eating at Home Town Buffet. Very enjoyable evening fishing. Not much diffencence fishing on catches at dark. But did catch fish after sunset. All fish back into the lake for another day.


August 3, 2007 - Cheney Question -


Are you drifting or trolling? Just curious. My boat actually trolls too fast. I need to get a kicker motor. Good luck fishing,


August 2, 2007 - Cheney - August 01, 2007 Wednesday. Afternoon, evening fishing was slow. Thunder boomers popping up here and there. Lake never got any but they were close by. Pretty breezy too. 10 Wipers. 3 right at 21" rest under. No Walleye. Talked to many fishermen. Catfish were biting quite well 18' of water. Mark.

July 31, 2007 - Cheney - July 31, 2007 Tuesday. 60% chance of rain but went anyway. We had a blast. Took my two son's, 14 and 15 years old. Put three poles out and it was not more than 5 mins. all went down with nice 23-25" Wipers. One pole had two on. This went on for 1.5 hrs. then things kind of slowed down. Final catch was 15 Wipers, almost all over 21". Three Walleye all over 21". Did catch a few Wipers under 21". Was getting ready to leave at 7:15pm., boys were starving for Pizza hut, and made one more pass. We had one HUGE fish on. It took all the line out, 350', from the reel. With drag set kind of tight. That was it. Fish and line gone. Mark.

July 27, 2007 - Cheney - July 27, 2007 Friday afternoon. Had another excellent day. Last three trips the Walleye are really biting. Most of these fish are huge. Some are throw back but most keepers. All we caught today were keepers, four of them. 7 lbs. 6 lbs. and 2, 5 lbs. Caught 5 Wipers but they were all throw backs. Must say this years catches on Walleye are the biggest I've ever experienced. I do like the 21" length limit that's been in effect for many years. It's paying off with mostly large Walleye in the lake. From now on this summer all i catch are going back into the lake. Freezer is full. Most of the Walleye we caught today were caught during the hottest part of the day. 4:30pm. Mark.

July 24, 2007 - Cheney - July 23, 2007 Monday. Took three boys. They had a ball. All caught fish. Had several get off. Then a storm hit the edge of the lake and the wind switched to the North and the fish pretty much stopped biting. Mark.

July 23, 2007 - El Dorado - Last two weekends at Eldorado next to the Rock Quarrey have been a blast catching fish underneath submergeable lights. Caught over 150 white bass in 3 nights of fishing. Best time is after midnight. All whites have been 1lb-1/2 to 2lb. Catching them on jigs.

July 22, 2007 - Kingman SFL - Decided to try Kingman State lake on Sunday (22nd). BIG MISTAKE. Put boat in and moved all around lake. Threw spinnerbaits,buzzbaits, and topwater. Nothing. Only thing caught in 2 wasted hours was dying vegetation in the prop. Dying weeds and lilypads everywhere in lake. Had been a couple of years since being there but don't think I will be back. The deepest water marked on depthfinder was 4 ft.

July 22, 2007 - Cheney - Went out to Cheney today the 22nd. marked large concentartions of fish but had no luck in getting them in the boat. Saw & talked to others trolling and they shared same story. Mostly along west side from launch ramp to sailboat cove. Nice chop on water though,but no fish.

July 21, 2007 - Cheney - July 20, 2007 Friday. Headed to the lake by myself in the evening. Called a friend but he was heading to a Catfish tournament up North. My son said no, the fish are not biting at Cheney. Took him out twice and only a few fish. Finally had a excellent day. I'd get one pole out and working on the other and wham. Fish on. That happened a bunch. The Walleye were really biting. Caught 8 and kept 2. All well over 21". The Wipers were biting too. Caught many in the 18" area and four well over 21". So, I limited out on Walleye and Wipers. Lost count on the Wipers. Must have been around 15. One other boat out with me in one area. So since I was limited out and he was watching my catches I motioned him where the spot was when I was over it and let him have it. Did see him bring two Walleye in. Mark.

July 14, 2007 - Cheney - Submitted by Watkins Guide Service - Surface temp at Cheney is 82 degrees and the wipers are slowing down a little.The algae bloom is increasing and I'm sure that doesn't help matters.Caught 5 shorts and one 26 incher between 5:00 am and 8:30 am, mostly at sunrise after that they get pretty lazy. Chris Nichols-Watkins guide Service

July 9, 2007 - Cheney & Blue Cats - I am glad someone said something about the common misidentification of blues & male channels with their spawning color. I have heard it all my life. I believe it is because they look so different than the average channel cat, and are a dark blue in color, people assume they are a different species. Most true blues are actually light in color and have a very small head and humped back. I believe people will get more familiar with blues as they become more common as KWPD is stocking them all over just recently, Cheney included, although these will still be very small. Until recently, the only place I knew of blues in Kansas was Ks. River, Mo. River, & Milford Lake. In a conversation with a biologist I learned that several earlier attempts at establishing blue cats in Kansas had failed. Hopefully these recent attempts will not. By the way, many people in Oklahoma call male spawning channels blues because they are blue, and they call blues white cats (a small east coast catfish) or Mississippi whites most likely because they are so light in color. Very large blues, like channels, do often get darker with age causing more confusion. KDWP has detailed info on how to identify both on their site.

Mark G

July 7, 2007 - Cheney - July 07, 2007 Saturday. Fished in the a.m. Real nice day with light South wind. Found more shad schooled up in spots. But the fish were not feeding on them. Only came up with one 21" Wiper and one 21" Walleye. Heard a few the live bait fisherman had excellent success on Wipers. While bring boat out of water Fish and Game thoroughly, i mean thoroughly inspected everything. Second time this year for me. They spent at least 25 mins. with me. Tape measures and all. Mark.

July 6, 2007 - Milford - Submitted by Curt Graves - Milford Lake, July 6, 2007

Water stained with lots of green tint, 80-83 degrees, south wind 0-5 mph

When the water is calm, it is hard to catch smallmouth. But I went to the lake to practice some new techniques and test some new products I had just purchased. After launching my 200 ProCraft and idling to the nearest rocky point with my optimax, I began throwing a sammy around 8:30 AM. I quickly switched to a deep diving crankbait and c-rig. No luck. As I went past a pocket point, I ventured in to flip a laydown. After several pitches trying out the viscious 20 lb flourocarbon, I was rewarded with a familiar thump and saw my line swim off. The heavy action PT rod and 20 lb line was a little too much for a 13" smallmouth!

After several more laydowns and points only yielded a few other small fish, I switched to the spinning rod of which I've not been very proficient with. On one main lake point, I found them. 5 keeper smallies in 30 minutes from the same rock pile. Best fish was 18 1/2 ". I'm guessing 10 lbs or so for my best limit for the day. With the 10 lb viscious flourocarbon and PT rod-reel, I was able to feel the subtle bites.

Lessons learned for the day? Keep an open mind as the fish were much shallower than I'd have thought. Also, don't cuss the boat traffic on calm days! I believe the boat action kept the fish active as I was actually looking for points with wind and waves the rest of the day. Finally, find the spot within the spot. The area those keeper smallies were in was only about 10' of bank. Casting above or below that area resulted in hauling water.

July 6, 2007 - Cheney - Submitted by Watkins Guide Service - The month of June was fantastic wiper fishing to say the least. 15 to 20 per am was pretty much the norm. did have couple slow days but overall we boated well over 150 fish. Sunday July 1st was rainy and very slow,only 3 fish. July 4th we made up for it with 18. really having hard time finding fish over the 21 inch mark. most are 18 to 20,but a 8 or 10 pounder every once in awhile. Cheney lakes wiper fisheries just continues to improve every year.

Chris Nichols-Watkins guide service. Cheney

July 3, 2007 - Cheney - July 02, 2007 Monday. More evening fishing. Lake still muddy. Not one fish. Fished for several hours and nothing. Might have been due to the East wind. I'm finding myself this year going out of state more on guided fishing trips. Heck, can't really fish all that much due to the weather here in Kansas. Only can hope HOT August will produce more fish. Been to Beaver Lake already this June and did excellent. Going again in two weeks for those monster Stripers. Always have a great time there. Was planning a weekend trip to Fall River for Whites but that lake is at lest 35' high. That lake will take forever to get back to normal. Might not be able to fish that lake all summer. Mark.

July 1, 2007 - Cheney - About June 22nd Cheney. There are no Blue Cats in Cheney. What you caught was a male channel cat that will turn blueish in color at spawning time.


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