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Editor's Note: Sorry, somehow all the reports through the end of the year were lost because an old page was uploaded instead of an updated one.

November 25, 2007 - General Report from Guide Mike Cook - Despite the lack of fishing reports and short stories it has been a great year of fishing on the local reservoirs. That is if you throw out the high waters that we had during summer. For now though the channel cat is over for me unless I can get an ice out pattern going. The flathead is over until we get some warmer water in April. But there are always those big blues at Kaw which is what I'll be doing and the jig fishing for let's just call them scaled fish. Since you never know if it's going to be a crappie, wiper, white bass or walleye that you are going to reel up at this time of year while fishing a jig or spoon.

I'll try and get more postings next year. It was a difficult year for me off the water for many reasons. Hopefully those issues are left in 2007. 2008 is promising a brand new year with a lot more time on my hands which means more time to spend on the water and at this keyboard. So I'll see some of you on the water in December and January and see you at the shows in February. By the way , if you fished with me and liked my boat, it's for sale. I'll be buying a Weld Pro.

See ya'll soon,

Mike Cook

November 21, 2007 - Perry - fought the cold off and scored huge on white bass. wind at our backs and throwing rooster tais into the shore on rocky points and retrieving back to about 6-10 foot of water. white bass were hitting as hard as i've experienced in a lot of years of fishing perry lake. 6 going better than 18 inches, most were around 15 inch but plenty strong. we released 19 in 2 hours of trolling. total lake time was 3 hrs. 1-4 p.m.
it was also the coldest day i have ever had on perry lake!

November 10, 2007 - Fishing 2007 - As the season ends for me thought i would add a few comments. I took a few trips to Marion Lake early summer and really didn't do well on Wipers or Walleye. Due to the massive flooding in the Fall River area i was not able to get out once to fish that lake this year. I was really disappointed in that. It's one of the best kept secerts on catching huge White Bass.

Made two trips this summer to Beaver Lake, Arkansas, (a place I'm shooting for to move to some day) and as always did well with the guides.

Now for the BIG picture, (Cheney Lake). This season was "the best I've ever had on Big Walleye" and many of them. Many in the 6 lb. range. This season was "the best I've ever had on Huge Wipers". Almost all over 21" and in the 6 to 8 lb. range. The 21", (2) each creel limit "has" really paid off. I hope they keep it at this length and creel limit for years to come.

Thought I'd add this. It's been many years since I've been to Wilson Lake. It's 2 hrs. from my home. Five years ago or so i could make the dive and only spend $30-40 on gas total. Now it's more than $130. Yes? that's the prime reason I've not been to that beautiful lake. Thank goodness I'm only 40 mins. to a hour to several "good" fishing lakes.


November 7, 2007 - Tuttle Creek & Milford Report 2007: Since the catfish season is coming to a close in the next few weeks I will share my views on 2007. I spent more time on Tuttle CK this year than previous years due to all the water coming down the river from the north. Compared to last year it was a better year even though the fish were a bit smaller than last year. Most channels caught were 3 to 11 lbs, largest this year was a new record for me at 26.4 lbs. Broke my old record of 24.lbs. caught in river pond below dam in 2003. There were many mornings I caught 20 to 40 fish in 4 hours. This was a worm year more so than shad, fresh water coming in makes worms the best bait. When the water comes in from the north you can't find any better fishing anywhere. I mentioned last year about our bluecat population and how it should get better and better. I had a great year with a total to date at 321 bluecat from 3 to 12 lbs with the largest at 20 lbs. It is not Milford but in a few years you will catch many blues over 20 lbs. I know Tuttle is nothing but a mud hole and the silt is heading south more each year which makes the mouth of the river tougher to fish but it still is full of channels and blues and offers some excellent fishing at times. For those who want to brave the cold you will catch a few blues if you fish the river channel during the winter.

I spent about 50 days on Milford this year and found the catfishing somewhat slow compared to the past 3 years. I caught mostly blues and very few channels and not as many big blues as in years past. I fish from Madison north in the river channel and never found the large blues coming by in large schools. I did break my own personal record with a 64 lb fish caught in June but didn't catch any in the 50's like last year. I also found that the wipers were not there like they have been in past years. Usually in Apr and May I catch some extra large wipers (11 to 17lbs) fishing on the bottom with shad. They were not around this year. I know that some say that were short on large fish now, that to many have been kept but I think its to early to make that assumption. I found it to be a very different year and you had to work harder this year to find the fish. In a year or so we will know the story. I think that Milford still offers some great bluecat fishing and there getting bigger each year. I don't know what were going to do when they get 80 lbs, I had a hell of a time with the 64 being by myself and guaranteed not to fit in any live. Hopefully next year we will see more large fish caught. RKH

November 2, 2007 - Walunt river Winfield dam - 24 OCT - 1 NOV - Water level is now about normal and the temp was at 55. Now we can start catching White bass, Wipers, Walleyes and Crappies! Caught several large White bass through out the week and on 1 NOV I lost one large Wiper at my feet (you need to be patient when you are using 4lb test and ultra light rods), but all was not lost when I caught a 6lb Walleye. I think I would have done better if there would have been some cloudy days during the week, Walleyes stay deep when its sunny.


October 26, 2007 - Shawnee SFL - Went to the shawnee state fishing lake today 10-25-2007 with a dual agenda. took advantage of the hunter education shooting range that was open to the public for a nominal fee. so i sighted in my 270 for the up coming deer season. since i was right there at the lake i decided to take the ole poles with me to fish too. managed to catch a perch that i used for bait and then the other 2 poles i used night crawlers and slugs. 4 hours and not one bite. maybe the cold spell? wrong time of day? not sure but my sholder is a little sore after 20 rounds out of the high power rifle. that my friends is what i am sure of. good luck all.

Jason Porter
topeka kansas

October 19, 2007 - Perry - 10-19-07 lots of channell today in flooded shollows. lake is about 4 feet up. the channel were hitting pretty much any thing we threw at them. hot dogs, worms and cut shad. caught a good number of crappie around 20+feet of water fishing 6-10 feet down. minnows were definitly more effective than jigs. trolled the shore 8-10ft of water off banks for about an hour with rooster tails and rattle traps. caught 7 white bass. 5 of those going better than 2 lbs. got dark and then cold and called it a day. cleaned 9 chanell, 5 white bass and 12-15 crappie. I'd say not a bad day at all!

Almost forgot mama's flathead. she got em with a minnow on her crappie rod.4lb line.

October 16, 2007 - Fall Fishing - Mike Cook - Four Lake Guides - Summer fishing was trying at best for me. I just couldn't pattern anything with all the high water. The last few weeks has been back to the wonderful fishing that one expects from south central Kansas.

The channel cat has been fantastic. The crappie fair and improving. The wipers good. But the walleye have still been pretty tough for me. Things should continue to improve with the cooling weather. I'm still seeing a lot of fishermen out there.

More than in the past years, so word is getting out on fall fishing. It's the best.

Talk to ya''l soon.
Mike Cook

October 15, 2007 - Cheney - I finally had a chance to try out Cheney, left on thursday the 11th and fished 3 days. The weather made it a tuff go to say the least. We did finally find the fish in very shallow water 2-4' with the birds chasing shad. Mostly small wipers. The bite wouldnt last long primarily early in the morning and in late afternoon. Cold front and rain probably had alot to due with it.

Last day around 1pm noticed some surface action out deep 22' and finally found the big fish. Didnt last long but catching a couple of those big wipers sure put a smile on my fathers face... He is 74 yrs old.

I thank the Kansas Fish and Game for stocking such a quality fish and giving us the oppurtunity to catch them. My 2 yr boy stayed at cabin with his Mom because the wind but I look forward to having both him and my Dad in the boat next time....


October 15, 2007 - Greenwood County Pond - October 14 - It was a cloudy windy day as we left some rain showers back home at Wichita. We were finally doing what we'd set out to do months earlier but just couldn't find the time. Glad we went. My buddy Pablo and I caught and released about 50 largemouths including the 2 pictured (the date on the camera is wrong). Black & blue jig and pig and Tiki wave worms accounted for 90% of the fish. They were definitely on a fall feeding binge! Moral of the story if you can get away on a half way decent day GO! You don't have much time left.
Denny G.

October 4, 2007 - Cheney - October 03, 2007 Wednesday evening. A little slow this trip. One 6 lb.Walleye, one 8 lb Wiper. Could not locate any schooling. Heard M & M point was the place last night. Several schoolings located and anglers did well. Just need to be in the right place. Lots of fall anglers out last night. That's nice to see. I read were in the U.S. that they are loosing hunters by 10% each year. Number of folks not going out anymore to hunt. Anyone hear if fishing is the same? I know it can be expensive. Mark.

October 3, 2007 - Cheney - Boy, did Mark hit into a big school of wipers. I was near the same area and saw the explosion by his boat - a really cool sight to see! Congrats Mark - you are the wiperman as far as I am concerned. Caught this one 9/8/07......my personal best (so far)



September 27, 2007 - Cheney - September 27, 2007 Thursday. Had a excellent evening fishing. Very slow at first. Thought we were going to come home with just a few. Caught a few here and there. Could not find any schooling of shad and fish. Then at 6:30 pm. all hell broke loose. We were just trolling in one area. Not really catching too much. Then off the boat say, 30 yards. Hundreds of Wipers broke the surface and scared the heck out of us. It was one sight to see them coming out of the water chasing the shad. We made a turn for them and went thru them and wham fish on. This lasted 15 mins. and they were gone. Total was 15 Wipers with one 6 lb. Walleye. Most of the Wipers were 22-23". We were in the right place at the right time or we would have only come up with just a few. That's the ticket for me in the fall. Right place at the right time. Did clean our limit for two people. Mark.

September 25, 2007 - Cheney - Went out to Cheney (9/22) and drifted for catfish again. Once we caught our bait had no problem finding the fish, didn't start fishing until after 4pm. They were staged around 14-16 ft deep on the flats. Had good wind for about 2 hours and caught 8. Four of them went over 5lbs. Took the 5yr old nephew out and let him reel in the smaller ones. He did have the Snoopy pole go down and the line broke when he set the hook. It was fun; hopefully we can get out once or twice more before hunting season rolls in.

Chad Maness

September 25, 2007 - Butler SFL - Took the boat out Sunday to Butler. The sun was high and clouds only started to move in closer to noon time. The bass were holding very tight to cover. I was side casting a lake fork tube under the brush and letting it fall. I baoted three bass with the heaviest being around three pounds. Put the boat up and tried the back creek really quick and had one bass on a square billed crank, but lost it before I got it on shore.

Went to a farm pond later that day and bought some shiners. Caught plenty of bass on the live minnows with the biggest being five pounds.
Cooler weather should help bring the bass out of hiding. I was surprised that Butler got very little vegetation growing this year in the back areas.


September 24, 2007 - Marion - (9/21)
Ran up for a little evening fishing. It had been 4 weeks since we had been able to get out. Started fishing at 5:00 and quit at 7:15 with 25 in the icebox. The summer pattern is still holding with the strong south winds and warm weather we have been having. We ended up with a couple of nice size wipers and the whites were good size also (around 1-1 <#). We caught a couple sets of doubles and several times had multiple rods down at the same time.

Royce H.

September 22, 2007 - Cheney - Here a pic of a 37# flathead caught at Cheney Lake on Sept. 1 2007. It was caught on a shad rap while trolling with a bass rod with 12# test line.

Jim Lair

September 21, 2007 - Thanks for answer to question for Mike or Mark on three-way rig - Many thanks to Mark and Mr. Wiper your suggestions will be put to the test soon. Mr. Wiper I to would like to find time to get to Cheney, It's seems a crime to let Mark have all those hogs to himself. Good luck and please let us know how you do. One more question, how far into fall have you guys found this presentation to be effective? Thanks again Jason

September 20, 2007 - Answer to question for Mike or Mark on three-way rig - I've ran the 3-way swivel rig for many years now and found it best to keep the deep diving lure length of line apprx 18-24 inches with the trailer being about 36 inches. The deep diving lure has to be shorter than the trailer length. A lighter weight for the jig head helps also but for striper and wipers you still need a sturdy hook. With a 3-5" squirum worm you can use a hook only with no lead head, the lure pulls it down.

Ive also found that 3-5" squirum grubs work better then sassy shads for line twisting and will catch as many fish.. If you have to use sassy shads use the ones with jig head built into the body.You also should place a swivel on each the deep diving lure and the trailer this will eliminate any line twist. I hope this helps, like ive said ive ran this rig for many years at Texoma and many local lakes. You can also run a silver spoon on the trailer which is excellent choice but a swivel on spoon is needed.

Guys Ive heard all I can take about Chenney good wiper fishing I will be heading that way this weekend....lol

c ya there,

Mr Wiper

September 16, 2007 - Answer to question for Mike or Mark on three-way rig - Not sure if Mike E. is going to answer. I talked to him, via e-mail a while ago and he is still alive and out fishing, (and doing well fishing). I have same problem with my sassy shad. Your description of the length of line to bait is identical to my length. I don't seem to have that problem as quick as you. I can go about one fishing trip and my line starts to "twist" with the sassy shad. What I do is change my line below my three way swivel, (30lbs. Big Game) after each trip. I do at times continue to fish with it twisting and sill catch fish. The bait is there and they grab it anyway. I also change my sassy shad each trip due to it being shredded up with catching so many Wipers. Hope this helps. Mark.

September 16, 2007 - Question for Mike or Mark on three-way rig - I started using the three way rig with some success on Clinton Lake the wipers are not huge yet but seem to love this rig. The problem I'm having is line twist. I seem to recall the crankbait line being about six feet and the shad line about three. After two or three fish the shad seems to want to twist around the crank line. Am I using the wrong swivels or should lines be different diameters or what? I love fishing this way but any help with this annoying problem would be appreciated. Thanks guys Jason

September 13, 2007 - Cheney - September 13, 2007 Thursday afternoon. Fish are in there fall mode. Fish caught were in 2-5' of water close to shore and submerged humps. Observed at list 4 schools of shad being chased by hundreds of fish. I would troll through them and the action was furious. At times 4 fish on two poles. Summer time hot spot not holding fish for me now. Caught a 5, 6, 7 lb. Walleye and 10 Wipers all but one under 21". Lots of action. Had to move around LOTS to find the shad being chased. Look for seagulls. Mark

September 8, 2007 - Cheney - September 08, 2007 Saturday afternoon. The fish just keep biting. And there huge. Had a wonderful time with my son and a friend and his son. It was hot. 92 degrees in the boat with very little wind. Started at 4:15pm. Right off the bat fish on. Funny, seen very little fish on the electronics but the bait fish was there and the fish were feeding on them. Like they were on the outside perimeter of the bait fish just waiting to attack. And they did. My boy would set up front with his favorite pole along with our two downriggers. And he just killed them up front with his fire tiger deep diver and just loved it. All poles seen action. At times doubles on two poles. Both boys out fished the "dad's". Two of the big ones were a 10.8 lb. Wiper and a 11.7 lb. Striper. Total was 16 to 18 Wipers. That included one 10 lb. Flathead, the one Striper. Surface temp. 81. At 8pm. dropped back to 78 degrees. With the forecast ahead, that will change. Mark.

September 4, 2007 - Cheney - September 04, 2007 Tuesday evening. Did real good. Got to the lake at 5:30pm. fished till 8pm. At first very windy. Storms in area. Then they passed and wind came down some. No one on the lake. Had all by ourselfs. That's a first. All fish, Wipers, very large. This young man his biggest Wiper ever of 10.1 lbs. His dad had to help him hold it up. The Wiper darn near took the pole out of his hands. He barely could get it out of the downrigger rod holder. It was a blast watching him do it all himself. Then he pulled in another one of 9.5 lbs. right after that one. Total was 8 with 4 getting off. It just does not get any better. We all had a blast. Mark.

September 4, 2007 - Cheney - Sept 3, 2007 - Went out to Cheney and decided to do some summer time drifting for catfish. Went up to the north end of the lake and drifted in 12-14ft. Finished with 23 and took home our 20. Another good day at Cheney.



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